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10 Jamadul Ula 1432 – 16 April 2011


The proponents and supporters of the Kufr so-called “Muslim” Marriages bill, bankrupt in logical and rational arguments for propping up their  baseless case, true to form, are  resorting to dishonest stunts to deceive and mislead the unwary and the ignorant, especially women. One such stunt is to highlight  the injustices and oppression of husbands, then to deceive  women with the notion that the Kufr MMB is the panacea and the solution for  their problems and for the oppression which they suffer under the yoke of cruel husbands.
In order to maintain the argument on course, we begin off by conceding that women are suffering under the oppression and injustice of their husbands. We progress further for the purposes of this argument, and say that 100% of the Muslim women population suffer  cruelty and injustice under their husbands. What is the solution for this problem? Whatever it may be, it is NEVER the KUFR MMB.
Modernist women  are supposed to be ‘educated’.  It is indeed surprising that such women with  their secular education and secular degrees lack even a basic understanding of MMB. It appears that most of them have never even studied the kufr bill. Those who have read it, appear not to have understood it.  We are aware of modernist women educated in the secular field who, after having studied the bill, dissociated from it. Among them are  female lawyers, university professors, doctors and women of other professions. They oppose the bill and have understood that  besides it being no panacea for the husband-oppression problem, it is in stark conflict with Allah’s Final Law, the Shariah of Islam.
MMB does not deal with the hardships which women suffer. MMB does not offer any solution to the problem.   MMB does not offer even  the  relief which current secular laws  provide for assisting women who may be brutalized by their husbands. There is not a single clause in  the kufr bill which can assist women who are subjected  to oppression by their husbands.
How will MMB come to the aid of a woman  “who is regularly battered and bashed”? How will MMB  provide relief to a woman whose husband refuses to divorce her? It is vital for women to understand that an annulment/divorce decree of a secular court is not valid in the Shariah. So, it matters not   that a secular court issues a baatil faskh decree a thousand times. The Nikah will remain intact and endure until death as long as a proper, valid Faskh decree has not been issued by a proper Committee of Ulama.
The proponents and supporters of MMB, for the sake of their ulterior motives and dark monetary agenda are prepared to see Muslims spend their lifetime in adulterous relationships. Despite the Shariah’s rejection of the wilaayat (jurisdiction) of a secular court, the proponents of the kufr bill are prepared to accept such invalid jurisdiction. Thus, they mislead Muslims and  with their skulduggery and humbug trick them into believing that the annulment decree of a secular  court is valid. The woman should  understand that she is NEVER released from the Nikah by the invalid decree of the secular court. Should she  enter into a ‘nikah’ – a farcical nikah –  a mock nikah - with another man, she will be spending her days in adultery and the resultant offspring will be illegitimate.  Thus, MMB has absolutely no solution and no answer for the injustices which  husbands commit. The  issue is a moral problem. As long as the husband and the woman  do not morally reform themselves, these problems will be incremental.
Another myth which the KUFR MMB proponents endeavour to sustain is their contention that since the Ulama lack the coercive power of the State, they can do nothing to assist a woman who is languishing  in oppression. Neither does the husband fulfil her marital rights nor is he prepared to release her from the Nikah. This myth has been exploded by reality and facts. For issuing Faskh decrees, the Ulama are not reliant on the support and power of the State. A husband who refuses to respond to the summons of the Ulama Committee hearing the Faskh application of his wife, simply makes the task of the Ulama easier. If the recalcitrant husband refuses to co-operate, the Nikah will be forthwith annulled in his absence. In fact such cases have already occurred.
While the decree of annulment issued by a secular court is invalid and baatil, and which cannot release the woman from her husband’s yoke of oppression, the decree issued by the Ulama is valid and forthwith  solves her problem.
The evil, dishonest and cowardly  proponents of the kufr bill perennially labour to create the idea that the Ulama are responsible for husbands bashing their wives, and that the Qur’aan issues them a licence to batter and bash their wives. However, because these munaafiq proponents of the Kufr Bill lack  courage, they are unable to  openly deny and criticize the Qur’aan Majeed.  Thus, when an Aalim cites the Qur’aanic verse in which Allah Ta’ala permits husbands, as a last resort, to lightly beat  their wives in order to save the marriage, they (the munaafiqeen) accuse the Aalim of  encouraging husbands to bash and batter their wives. Well, the Aalim feels honoured by such criticism because he is acting as a Shield for the Qur’aan in the same way as Hadhrat Talhah (radhiyallahu anhu) acted as a Shield for Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) on the battlefield where he covered Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) with his body to take the barrage of the incoming arrows. Instead of directly rubbishing the Qur’aan of Allah Azza Wa Jal as is the practice of the  American Dajjaalah, Wadud, the South African munaafiq proponents of the bill and other modernists miscreants  unload their rubbish on the Ulama.
Since the kufr bill provides absolutely no relief for oppressed women, they should not be misled with the false and baseless arguments of the supporters of the bill. Women should  intelligently study the bill.  If they intelligently study the bill with  sincerity  for understanding the truth, then despite their natural nuqs fil aql, we promise that they will understand the reality that:  (1)  There is no relief in the bill from husband oppression, and (2) The bill tampers with and mutilates the Shariah -  that the bill is KUFR – such Kufr which expels a Muslim from the fold of Islam.
If a wife is battered and bashed, and her husband fails to provide for her, and also  refuses to release her from the Nikah despite her desire to end the marriage, she has the following options:
•    Make Sabr  or report the husband to the police for bashing her up.
•    Apply to the Ulama to annul the marriage.  
Today too, if the wife refuses the Sabr option, she can  enlist the aid of the police. And, today too without MMB, she can obtain a Faskh decree, but tomorrow, assuming the kufr bill is legislated, she will NOT gain a valid annulment.  There is therefore absolutely no benefit for women in the Kufr MMB.

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Send us a copy of your letter of objection for our records.  May Allah Ta’ala reward you for standing up in defence of His Deen. Your Jihad  at this moment is to fight the KUFR SO-CALLED ‘Muslim’ Marriages Bill.   Jazaakallaah


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