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21 Jamadul Ula 1432 – 26 April 2011


In its pamphlet of fiction designed to mislead the community, the MJC states: “The vast majority of
representative, mainstream ulama organizations in South Africa have studied the Bill and are
supportive of engaging the government in negotiations over the bill in order to secure the best possible
law for Muslims. Only a threadbare minority are opposing the process and using tactics that border
on scaremongering and sensationalism.”
This is the MJC’s deliberate attempt to mislead Muslims with blatant falsehood. Momentarily
should we assume that the lie of the ‘vast majority’ is true, then too, is devoid of substance. In Islam
there is no principle of ‘vast majority’ for legalizing haraam and kufr. If the entire Ummah should
unite in the kufr attempt to change the Law of Allah Ta’ala, it will remain satanic, baatil and invalid.
A measure is weighed on the scale of the Shariah, not in terms of the ‘vast majority’. This ‘vast
majority’ (fleeting assumption) is bereft of Islamic credibility in that it is a majority of a breed known
as Ulama-e-Soo’ (evil scholars) who have betrayed the Deen for money and name.
The provisions of the Kufr bill have to be studied in the light of the Shariah, not on the basis of the
whims and fancies of men who come within the purview of the following Hadith of Rasulullah
(sallallahu alayhi wasallam): “There will dawn a time when …..the worst of people under the canopy
of the sky will be their ulama. From them will emanate fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them.”
This is the description of the so-called ‘vast majority’ of vile so-called ‘ulama’ of this era who commit
massive plunder of the Shariah. Their salient feature is betrayal of the Deen.
Further, the claim that the ‘vast majority’ supports the bill of kufr is a blatant lie gorged out by men
who are clutching at straws for credibility. They are bankrupt of any Shar’i proofs for bolstering the
Kufr Bill, hence they resort to stunts, lies and deceit to lure and trap the unwary and unsuspecting
Muslims into supporting the kufr bill which they are promoting for achieving nefarious objectives. The
vast majority of both the Ulama and Muslim public in South Africa are vigourously opposed to the
Kufr bill. The MJC should ask the Ministry of Justice for the extent of the opposition which have
flooded into their office..
Muslims of all walks of life – Ulama, secular lawyers, advocates, hundreds of organizations,
thousands of individuals, women’s organizations, professionals of all sorts, laymen, orthodox and
modernists have protested and objected, and are still doing so. A list of 300 organizations has just
now been forwarded to the Minister of Justice & Constitutional Development. On the other hand, a
handful of deviant sheikhs and molvis under the subterfuge of a fictitious paper body called UUCSA
are desperately panting and puffing for the haraam ‘jobs’ which they believe the Kufr bill will reserve
for them. One stupid, money-drunk molvi very recently rold a group of cronies at an MMB meeting in
Port Elizabeth: “There will be jobs for you all.”
One lawyer character who has laid his life and Imaan on the Kufr Bill expects to be the first fellow to
be appointed as a ‘Muslim’ judge to adjudicate Muslim marital disputes should the Kufr MMB be
enacted into law. One lost sheikh in Cape Town claimed: “We will be appointing the assessors….”
Another miserable ‘sheikh’ character has rushed off to Singapore to acquire a scrap degree in
‘Muslim’ marriage law (sic). Their entire motivation of support for the KUFR MMB is satanic – most
contemptible in the extreme.

The MJC in its pamphlet of fiction avers that they are attempting to “secure the best possible law
for Muslims” with Kufr MMB They should examine their Imaan and their brains as well. What better
law is there for Muslims than the Divine Shariah which Allah Ta’ala perfected and finalized more
than fourteen centuries ago? Declaring this BEST LAW FOR MUSLIMS, Allah Ta’ala states in the
Qur’aan Majeed:
“This Day have I perfected for you your Deen, completed for you My Favour and chosen for you
Islam as your Deen.”
No Kufr MMB or any other concept or device can supplement the Shariah to present a better or a
‘best law for Muslims’. In begging the government to legislate the Kufr bill, this miscreant clique of
ulama-e-soo’ comes in the glare of the Qur’aanic aayat:
“What! Do you search for the law of jaahiliyyah?” Kufr MMB is part of the law of jaahiliyyah
which the MJC and the NNB Jamiat are seeking, using the misleading and deceptive designation,
‘United Ulama Council of South Africa’. This title which the miscreants are waving is a big and a
deplorable LIE coined specifically to deceive. They never are the united Ulama of South Africa. They
are a group of misguided, evil so-called ulama who lack rectitude in the ‘knowledge’ which they are
flaunting. Men who are unable to understand the Kufr of such a flagrantly Kufr measure as MMB are
either jaahils or munaafiqs. Dhalaal (deviation from Siraatul Mustaqeem) , the effect of nafsaani lust
has transmogrified their Aql, hence they are blind to the KUFR they are peddling and supporting.
They speak with glib forked tongues to mislead their folk from the Path Allah Ta’ala has ordained for
The Law for Muslims is the self-same Islam which the Sahaabah had transmitted to the Ummah.
This sacrosanct, inviolable Shariah does not tolerate regulation, interpretation, waxing and waning -
all exercises of Kufr – whispered into the hearts of the miscreants by Ibleesh, Shaitaan-in-Chief.
Hitherto, neither the MJC nor its other miserable consort, the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg has been
able to answer even one of the numerous objections which the anti-Kufr MMB camp has presented.
While we have responded to and neutralized their every argument, they have miserably failed to
respond to any of the kufr charges we have pointed out. In fact, their meetings and stupid workshops
are sinister and secret gatherings at which nothing but dark strategies to get the Kufr bill accepted are
discussed. The numerous conflicts with the Shariah are not discussed and explained. If anyone at
their meetings questions the provisions of the KUFR bill, they descend to even physical violemce to
silence the interlocutor. At a recent such meeting in Cape Town, a molvi-cum-sheikh character who
was defeated academically in argument, displayed his crude behaviour by physically mishandling a
Maulana and even an elderly member of the public who had happened to be present. He demonstrated
that he was a skolly, not a scholar, leave alone being an Aalim of the Deen.
The MJC’s pamphlet is replete with deceitful fiction which is evidence for their desperation. Since
they have no Shariah grounds for responding to the many points of conflict between the Shariah and
the Kufr bill – points which we repeatedly highlight – the MJC has no option but to issue pamphlets of
fiction which are nothing but advertising stunts to promote MMB Kufr. The MJC’s paper father,
UUCSA is on record for saying that some of the provisions of MMB are “in conflict with Islamic Law
and un-Islamic”. To date, despite repeated requests by members of the public, they have
‘intransigently’ refused to spell out precisely which provisions of the Kufr bill are in “conflict with
Islamic Law and un-Islamic”. Their silence on this issue is calculated. There is a simister motive which
has constrained their stony silence. So while their silence on this issue appears ostensibly
intransigent, it is in reality an imposition on themselves by their haraam sinister motive. It is essential
for this miscreant MMB clique to explain which provisions of Kufr MMB in their opinion are “ in
conflict with Islamic Law and un-Islamic”?
In defence of the Shariah of Allah Ta’ala, it is the obligation of every Muslim to object to the
Kufr so-called ‘Muslim’ Marriages Bill. Send your objection by e-mail, fax or post to:
Mr. T. N. Matibe, Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Development, Private Bag X81,
Pretoria 0001.
Fax 086 648 7766; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Send us a copy of your letter of objection for our records. Jazaakallaah.


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