Shaari Ruling on Tabligh and Masturaat

Saturday, May 20 2017 Written by Mufti M. Kifaayatullaah Dehlawi  


Hadhrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Kifaayatullaah Dehlawi

The Grand Mufti Of Un-divided India


1. Is it correct for women to go for a Tabligh journey with a Mahram?

2. To what extent is it correct for males to go on a Tabligh journey without arranging for maintenance for their families and dependants?

3. is it obligatory upon every Muslim male and female to do Tabligh, or is it compulsory or Sunnah?


Tabligh of Deen is binding upon every Muslim in accordance to the level of knowledge he has. However, it is not obligatory upon every Muslim to undertake a journey for Tabligh, but it is upon those who have the ability and are of the status to do so. They should also be free from the responsibility of earning. It is permissible to travel for the sake of Tabligh. Every Muslim is not bound and it is not obligatory upon him/her. Women leaving the home for the sake of Tabligh was not practised in the best of eras, nor do we find permission for women travelling alone for the sake of Tabligh. Women are not permitted to travel without a Mahram. Even for a Fard Hajj, it is not permissible for a woman to travel without a Mahram, so how can she go only for Tabligh? And Allaah knows best.


Muhammad Kifaayatullaah

Kifaayatul Mufti vol.2 p.10

Matabah Imdadia-Multan Print

23 Sha’baan 1438 (20 May 2017)

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