Thursday, June 01 2017 Written by UUCSA  

6 Ramadhaan 1438
1 June 2017 


In its pamphlet on the moon issue, BOGUS uucsa referring to its phantom ‘national’ hilaal committee, includes the two Qabar Pujaari (Grave-worshipping) entities as members of this phantom hilaal committee. The two Qabar Pujaari groupings are Sunni Ulama Council and Sunni Jamiatul Ulama. 

Although these two grave-worshipping bodies have, in an unprincipled move for some worldly agenda, linked up with BOGUS uucsa, they (the Qabar Pujaaris) do not accept the other flotsam members of BOGUS uucsa as Muslims. In the unanimous ‘fatwa’ of all Qabar Pujaari institutions, the Ulama of Deoband, the Salafis and the like are all KAAFIRS. It is precisely for this reason that at meetings of BOGUS uucsa, the members of the two Qabar Pujaari jamiats do not join the other cabal for Salaat. In so doing the Qabar Pujaaris are upholding a principled stance. How can Salaat be valid behind a kaafir? According to the two Qabar Pujaari outfits, Reverend Bham, Kalb Joseph Patel, Poodle Jamiat KZN, Carrion & Pork Halaalizer MJC, etc. are all KAAFIRS. 

In view of the entire BOGUS uucsa being kaafir according to the Qabar Pujaari jamiats, it is a stupid irrationality for the two Grave-Worshipping jamiats to be members of BOGUS uucsa’s phantom ‘national’ hilaal committee. The Qabar Pujaari community, namely, the Barelwi mawlid bid’atis, do not accept the sightings and decisions of ‘kaafirs’ such as the Reverend, the Pundit, the Kalb, the Carrionist & Porker, and the Poodle. Thus, this ‘national’ hilaal committee is just as BOGUS as BOGUS uucsa who is licking up the najis crumbs of the kuffaar court in its scavenging bid for credibility and recognition. On this scavenging bid, Insha-Allah, a detailed explanation shall follow.

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