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“I SWEAR THAT NOTHING IN THIS KITCHEN IS HALAAL” -- Says even the Christian worker

Provided by African Technology and Media Holdings (Pty) Ltd Cape Town - Staff at a food company that caters for the national airline claim their food is not halaal.

Employees at Air Chefs, based at the Cape Town International Airport, allege that the kitchen where the halaal food is prepared is being contaminated with pork by negligent co-workers.

Three staff members, who don’t want to be named, told the Daily Voice they have notified management that non-halaal meats and utensils were being used in the halaal kitchen.

Air Chefs is a division of South African Airlines and caters for the airline, as well as SA Express and all SAA corporate functions, according to the employees.

One staffer says she’d had enough and decided to spill the beans as passengers needed to know what is happening with their food.

“I swear nothing in this kitchen is halaal,” she says, referring to the halaal kitchen.

“It is not right. I am a Christian and it is not fair for this to go on. Ek is nou jammer om dit so te stel, but hulle loop met daai bain maries met varke net so deur die halaal kombuis en plak die goedenigeplekneer. (I am so sorry for putting it like this, but they put pork in the bain maries, walk through the halaal kitchen and then leave it there.)

“The company has strict rules about this, but the process is not followed.”

The workers reported the matter to the Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust, which certifies Air Chefs, but say the inspectors were misled.

“On Monday the MJC was here after we called them, toe is allesreg en op syplek (but then everyrhing was in its place), but this place is foul,” said another concerned worker.

(End of press report)

Hard on the heels of the very recent MJC VARK-PORK sandwiches in Johannesburg, comes this shocking VARK report. Muslim passengers on planes have been devouring haraam, even pork on a regular basis due to their shocking carelessness and indifference towards the Deen. They devour just anything – even faeces if presented with a foul ‘halaal’ logo of one of the carrion halaalizers such as this horrid MJC and evil SANHA.

This latest VARK revelation is merely one item in a litany of PORK and CARRION debacles which have been reported in the very recent past. It is an on-going satanic saga to which the stupid Muslim haraam-eaters have become utterly desensitized. It is indeed difficult to believe that people who devour the halaalized filth, carrion and VARK are even Muslims. If Imaan is intact, it will act as a natural barrier to save the Muslim from willingly consuming MJC VARK and SANHA CARRION.

Regardless of the ‘assurances’ which the MJC and the cartel of carrionists proffer to vindicate their satanic position for defending their halaalization of kuffaar produced carrion and VARK-PORK  products which are food  for only the shayaateen, the very bottom line which stands out conspicuous as the  sun’s light at midday, are  the facts:

(a) There is ABSOLUTELY no supervision

(b) Supervision is an IMPOSSIBILITY

(c) Massive cover-up of the haraam VARK-CARRION in the ‘halaal’ carrion industry is a norm

(d) The inspectors and supervisors of these CARRION cliques are inveterate LIARS, SCOUNDRELS and agents of Iblees.

(e) Muslims have been devouring CARRION and VARK for decades on the basis of the VARK and CARRION certificates which the evil carrion-halaalization gang issues.

On the occasion of the expulsion of Iblees from the heavens, Allah Ta’ala said to him: “Your food will be that on which the Name of Allah is not recited”. This is the CARRION which MJC, SANHA, NIHT and the cartel of halaalizers certify for Muslims. We conclude that only scoundrel ‘Muslims’ will have the satanic stamina to devour the CARRION and VARK which are the rizq of the devils. It is eternally lamentable that Muslims have joined the shayaateen in the consumption of VARK and CARRION – halaalized by people who have the hearts of swines – by devils in human form – SHAYAATEENUL INS in Qur’aanic terminology.

The deluge of serious diseases – cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc., etc. – and the spiritual diseases of zina and immorality which are destroying Muslims physically and spiritually can be attributed to the unrestrained consumption of CARRION, including PORK and the plethora of other haraam junk ‘foods’, i.e. processed ‘foods’ laced with poisons and filth camouflaged with unpronounceable chemical jargon and deceptive e-numbers. In the Hadith it is mentioned that the headquarters of disease is the stomach.

All of these CARRION halaalizers are in league with Shaitaan. Warning us to be on guard against Iblees and his league, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“O People! Eat from the earth that which is HALAAL and TAYYIB, and do not follow in the footsteps of Shaitaan. Verily, he is you open enemy. He instructs you with only immorality and evil, and that you fabricate on Allah that what you know not.”

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