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Describing a major cholera crisis in Zambia, a Brother writes:

As-salaam-u-alaikum Respected Maulana

Zambia, mainly the capital city Lusaka is currently gripped with a cholera crisis, leading the government to take extreme measures including a major clean up operation. Thousands of street vendor stalls along main road in central business districts have been razed to the ground, night curfews have been imposed in cholera hit areas and church gatherings have been banned. 

Shops in selected business areas comprising predominantly Muslim run businesses have been shut indefinitely. The army was brought in to enforce all of the above. 

Our religious freedoms we enjoy is restricted, loud azaan in almost all the masaajid in Lusaka has been temporarily suspended and musallis are advised to pray their fardh salaah and proceed to their homes immediately thereafter. 

Government in partnership with the World Health Organisation, Unesco and other international bodies last week, began a vaccination drive . According to news reports, two million doses of oral cholera vaccine were delivered to the country targeting people aged 1 year and above for those living in outbreak areas. 

An Indian Muslim owned company in conjunction with the Ministry of Health is in the forefront of the cholera fight contributing K2 000 000 (USD 200 000) worth of various cholera fighting material. Their total contribution is expected to reach  USD 400 000 and above. 

The company heavily uses the television media a to market its products. They have launched a TV advert broadcasting over national news, encouraging the masses to get themselves vaccinated. 

Is this permissible? There has been public silence by the Ulama over the activities of the company. 


(End of letter)

The crisis is indeed severe. May Allah Ta’ala save us from His Athaab. Communal, national and universal disasters are all Punishments for the gross and flagrant transgressions of the people. When the point of no return is reached, the Divine Decree of Chastisement is instituted. Nothing will then help to ward it off. Regardless of the measures instituted to combat the crisis- the Punishment – it will run its divinely ordained course. Nothing can ever thwart Allah’s Athaab.

Due to gross deficiency of Imaan being the consequence of the deluge of fisq, fujoor and kufr in which Muslims  are wallowing,  they are a major contributive factor for universal (aam) Athaab. The solution for such calamities, prescribed by Islam is only Istighfaar (Repentance) in abundance.

Istighfaar in this context is not restricted to verbal utterances and professions of repentance. The Shar’i concept of Istighfaar consists of

Since an epidemic/plague is a Divine Punishment, the solution is nothing other than Inaabat ilallaah, i.e. to turn to Allah Ta’ala as explained above.

As long as the authorities do not prohibit Musjid attendances, it will remain Waajib to perform Salaat with Jamaa’t in the Musaajid.

Curtailment of religious freedom is generally the consequence of Muslims themselves not observing the injunctions of the Deen in the way commanded by the Shariah. The consequence of abandonment of the commands of the Shariah or the extreme lethargy of Muslims shown to the Deen is curtailment of religious freedom imposed by the kuffaar authorities. The Musaajid, all over the world, are generally empty for the five daily Fardh Salaat. The few attending the Salaat in the Musaajid do not constitute a barometer for understanding the gross neglect, in fact abandonment, of this   most important fundamental of Islam.

The consequence of leaving the Musaajid empty is the Curses of the Musaajid. This is confirmed in the Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Gross neglect of Salaat is only one facet of gross and flagrant transgression which has become the lifestyle of Muslims. If Muslims do not heed the Signs of Allah Ta’ala, greater Athaab will follow.  In this regard, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“We shall most certainly give them to taste of the lesser punishment, not the greater punishment, for perhaps they will return (to the Path of Rectitude and Obedience).”

Muslims should fill their homes with Ibaadat (worship) and Taa-at (obedience). Get rid of the filth of televisions and cellphone pornography in which the greater segment of the community is involved. Get rid of all pictures of animate objects which pollute the homes. Abandon all merrymaking functions and introduce the simplicity of the Sunnah in all spheres of life.

If the company mentioned in the letter is Muslim, they should understand that their participation in the programme is not permissible. If they are not compelled by the government, they should not participate in the haraam kuffaar programmes. The Islamic programme is only Inaabat Ilallaah.

May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on us. May He guide us towards Him and save us from the ploys of the nafs and the snares of shaitaan.

The Muslim community in South Africa should not be complacent with regard to our haraam lifestyle of fisq, fujoor and kufr.  Do not feel snug in the current ‘safety’ and prosperity being enjoyed. Overnight the scenario can change. The signs and the writing are already conspicuously on the wall for people of intelligence. Calling on us to heed the signs, the Qur’aan Majeed says: “And in the earth there are signs for those who (genuinely) believe, and (also there are signs) in yourselves. What! Have you no intelligence? (To discern and recognize these conspicuous Signs.)”

27 Rabiyuth Thaani 1439 -15 January 2018

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