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The following is a verbatim reproduction of the letter a confused and concerned Brother wrote: 

AssalamuAlaikum Dearest Moulana 

The following is a message i received from a Halqa whatsapp group i am following. I am abit confused because as far as i know is that "Haraam sports has no place in Islam, especially when played professionally". This is people focused on the work of Dawah, but they posting about a "Football Star" as if its a good thing to be one. What i would like to know Moulana, is it ok to be a Football star and through the fame use it to bring people to Islam? I mean Hashim Amla, we all know Castle Lager is a sponsor to S.A Cricket team, but yet he plays cricket amongst all that liqour and Nasaarah half naked women cheering them on, music playing, that too while in the month of Ramadhan he plays cricket amongst all of this Haraam activities, is,that earning Halaal? Is his Earnings Halaal? Is earnings from Kufaar sports played professionally Halaal earnings? I am confused because Aalims give Bayaans as to what a good Muslim Hashim Amla is, i heard one where a Moulana said that Hashim Amla is very humble, he is the first for Jumah and last to leave, "something like that". Please advise. Jazaakallah


Transcript of a portion of a lecture by Moulana Muhammad Vanker saheb after meeting Liverpool footballer Mo Salah in UK recently:

“He said number one, I don’t have a Facebook account. I got no Twitter account. I said what were you doing well. He said there are two things that Allah has blessed me with. It is because of that Allah has given me such fame that people are desirous of this. I said what is it my brother? He said it’s Salah and number two is the tilawat of Quran. He said number one is Salah, tilawat of Quran. So I asked him how many people have you spoken to? He said I made it my life’s goal you know to, speak about Allah, to give dawah, I seen it with my own eyes, these youngsters gather around him. I mean hundreds of them have become Muslim. Hundreds of them have become Muslim. Perhaps you and I look at that individual as an amazing sporting star but wallahi you know he looked at me and said sheikh you’ll find it amazing you know that lots of people want to meet me, want to take selfies. That’s the new selfie culture that we speak about. (Moulana then digresses about the ills of taking selfies in the Haramain Shareefain). Subhanallah, I said my brother, I don’t look at you as a footballer. I look at an impeccable character. You said it is Salah and it is Quran that took me to where I am today. And this is what the Quran teaches us. Innassalaata tanha anil fahshaai wal munkar. That your Salah will stop you from doing a lot of wrong.”

(End of letter)



There is no reason for confusion. When you are aware that sports are haraam, then it should pose no conundrum to understand that all things related to haraam are also haraam. This is a simple principle of the Shariah which is quite logical.


The ‘benefit’ and the ‘da’wah’ stunts on the basis of which stupid sportsmen and moron molvis justify and halaalize haraam are tools of Iblees. Iblees hands these tools to his Agents – the stupid sportsmen and the moron molvis – to lay his snares for the entrapment of the juhala laypeople.


The ‘football star’ is one such agent of Iblees who engages in the filthy work of Shaitaan who has inspired him to justify  his haraam sporting activities by dragging Salaat and the Qur’aan into the mess of his baseless haraam arguments. The molvi who lauds the football star agent of Iblees is a greater Agent of Iblees. Shaitaan uses such moron molvis to issue ‘halaal’ certificates for haraam activities such as kuffaar sport in the same way as Iblees is using the likes of SANHA and the MJC to halaalize rotten, diseased carrion chickens and meat.


Understand well that Allah Ta’ala does not accept immoral and haraam methodologies for any of His Deeni institutions. Propagation of Islam is not acceptable and not tolerable in haraam ways. Just prior to his demise, Hadhrat Maulana Yusuf Binnuri (Rahmatullah alayh) proffered the following advice on the issue of using haraam ways for propagating the Deen:

If we, by adopting the permissible methods and means of propagating Deen, achieve our goals and objectives, then well and good. But, suppose if we adopt the permissible means and methods, we do not achieve our goals, then we are not obliged and responsible to adopt such methods and means declared impermissible by Shari'ah for the sake of propagating the message of Deen and winning people over to our side.

If by adopting those methods and means which Shari'ah has permitted, together with the aadaab of propagation, only one person is brought on to the Deen, then too, our propagation efforts have been successful. (And even if not a single person heeds our call, we shall still be successful by Allah Ta’ala. – The Majlis)

(End of Hadhrat Binnuri’s naseehat)

The football agent of Iblees has been inspired by Shaitaan to present the Qur’aan and Salaat’ as the smokescreen and trap for his haraam  sport. The ‘fame’ which the moron boasts of is vastly less than the ‘fame’ enjoyed by Iblees on earth and in the heavens. Ibleesi fame is the logical effect of kuffaar sport and Ibleesi activity. But the moron is firmly in the tentacles of Shaitaan, and so is the moron, mudhil molvi who lauds praise on the agent of Iblees.


A greater haraam ‘da’wah’ attraction is zina (fornication). Assuming that there is certitude on  converting prostitutes to Islam on condition that  the so-called ‘daa-ee’ – or the  devotee of Iblees – fornicates  with the prostitutes,  will any Muslim  whose Imaan has not been  corroded with crass kufr  accept that  fornication  will be a valid methods of gaining converts to Islam? Just as this type of fornication is a tool of Iblees, so too is haraam sport. It is a tool of Iblees used by the Agents of Iblees.


The ‘da’wah’ which the moron footballer speaks of is the ‘da’wah’ of shaitaan. The brains of the moron molvi are so satanically convoluted that he understands a shaitaani immoral character to be ‘impeccable’. The moron molvi is palpably unable to distinguish between honey and faeces. For him faeces tastes like honey hence he disgorges pure trash and nafsaani effluvium in total conflict with the Shariah.


These characters of kuffaar sport are among the worse fussaaq and fujjaar – worse than habitual fornicators and liquor consumers – for they are Agents of Shaitaan who rebelliously indulge in their kabeerah acts of sins by justifying these in the name of the Deen while the fornicator suffers the pangs of remorse and regret which impel him to Taubah. The La’nat of Allah on all these agents of Iblees who utilize the Name of the Deen to justify and sell their filth and contamination.

8 Rajab 1439  (26 March 2018)