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We have yesterday published our booklet, THE SHAITAANI SPLIT OF THE TABLIGH JAMAAT in which we have proffered advice for all sincere jamaat workers. It is imperative that all sincere and neutral workers to apply pressure on their local leaderships to end the evil shaitaani power struggle which is ruining their dunya and Aakhirat, and this is a terrible loss as Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Loss in the world and loss in the Aakhirat. Indeed, it is  a clear (great) loss.”

If this shaitaaniyat does not end, we fear that the time will come when the Tabligh Jamaat will have to be branded as another BAATIL SECT. In that case both factions will be debarred from the Musaajid of the Ahlus Sunnah. And, it will not be conducive for the attainment of the objective of the Tabligh Jamaat to operate merely in the narrow confines of the Musjids which its members control.

Concerned Tablighi Brothers are informing us of plans by the Nizaamuddin group to build a new Markaz in Durban. This is pure shaitaaniyat. It is a move for the perpetual entrenchment of the evil rift. Whilst all endeavours should be made by men of intelligence to prevent this wasteful, nafsaani plan which is a plot of Iblees, pressure should be applied on the Raiwand leadership situated in Isipingo Beach Madrasah to come to its senses and embrace the Nizaamuddin group as their Brothers.

We reproduce verbatim, without the slightest editing, a letter from a Jamaat worker. We are receiving numerous similar letters. May Allah Ta’ala guide the factions and extricated them from their insane stupid and intoxication of nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat.



To the ulama 

The issue of tabligh in durban refers 

We taught we bring to your attention that the issue in durban was created by isipingo Darul uloom who kicked out nizamudeen crowd from Markaz hilaal in durban.the trio of chohan jeebhai and others influenced the poor mufti salejee however mufti got involved in this matter by appointing a teacher from his institute who knows very little of the work of tabligh.there were approximately 40 people who met at ml yusuf tootla house in stanger and mufti salejee gave guideine to continue and after camperdown jor they will sit and discuss.after camperdown jor no discussion took place and a guy by name of ismail salejee took mike in hilal and announced that shura system operates in hilal. This created split.isipingo has been quiet and sent letters to masjids to stop nizamudeen jamaats .

 The nizamudeen group now I believe is purchasing a property in overport to build their this not a waste of funds.rumours have it that norath is now ameer of South Africa .This is a power struggle between 2 groups. 

The question is 

isipingo created the split ,why don't they now do something to sort out the mess.we ha 

Advice please 

Concerned jamaat worker 


26 Rajab 1439 (13 April 2018)