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Question:  The Evans Park Mosque in Johannesburg has advertised a “Mosque Open Day”. All and sundry, including kuffaar men and women, are invited to attend the ‘open day’ for a party. Can this ever be permissible in Islam?

ANSWER: How can the commission of sacrilege and the pollution of Allah’s House with the filth of kufr and janaabat ever be permissible? How is it ever possible for a Mosque to be used as a circus and to treat the House of Allah Azza Wa Jal as a kuffaar hall for partying and merrymaking?

Muslims know or are supposed to know that a Musjid is a holy venue dedicated for only the Ibaadat of Allah Ta’ala. As such, the Musjid requires that when a Muslim enters he should observe niyyat for Nafl I’tikaaf and perform two raka’ts Tahyatul Musjid. When it is haraam to recite the Qur’aan Majeed audibly inside the Musjid, what should be inferred from the status of merrymaking and partying? When it is haraam to engage in conversation inside the Musjid, what should be understood from the presence of Naapaak-Najis kuffaar men and women who will be participating in the shaitaaniyat which the trustees – the agents of Iblees – of the Musjid have satanically organized for their despicable nafsaani objectives? 

The Qur’aan Majeed states explicitly that the purpose of the Musaajid is the Ibaadat of Allah Ta’ala. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) prohibited that a man enters the Musjid after having consumed raw garlic and onions. Now what does the intelligence of a sane Muslim dictate regarding the entry of kuffaar in the state of janaabat from who the Malaaikah flee? 

The Musjid firstly curses the trustees who commit this sacrilege, and secondly it curses all those who will be participating in the haraam merrymaking and picnicking in the Musjid and its environs. Such flagrant haraam deeds of immorality must be expected in this era which is not far from Qiyaamah.



QUESTION: Please comment in the light of the Shariah on the invitation extended to women to come and view the new Musjid in Benoni? The name of the Musjid is Abu Bakr Siddique and is located in Mackenzie Park. How can this be permissible when it is not permissible for women to come to the Musjid for Salaat? 

ANSWER: The evil and hurmat of this immoral stunt organized by the fussaaq and fujjaar trustees of the Musjid are readily comprehensible to ordinary Muslims whose intelligence has not be deranged by the urination of Iblees.  But when Iblees urinates into the brains of people, then they behave like kuffaar. 

The degree of desensitization of Imaan caused by the ulama-e-soo’ has emboldened the fussaaq to encourage the females to perform Salaat inside the Musjid. No longer does there remain any inhibition for violating the more than 14 century Prohibition on women from attending the Musaajid. All of this fisq and fujoor is the making of the evil trash (ghuthaa’) molvis who are masquerading as guides of the Ummah when in reality they are the Agents of Iblees. 

This blatancy is not an overnight acquisition. It has taken years of erosion of Imaan and the neglect of the Shariah’s Ahkaam to reach this stage of degeneration that fisq and fujoor are being perpetrated right inside the Musjid. Although Benoni has a galaxy of a score or more of so-called Ulama, they all are “Dumb Shayaateen” for adopting silence when the Haqq of the Deen is being so brutally pillaged and plundered right inside the Musjid by the fussaaq who are in control of the Musaajid. 

The stupid haraam advert calling the women out of their homes to take to the streets, says among other things of stupidity and drivel:

“Finger foods and drinks will be served.” The missing element is the liquor.  Why have the shayaateeni trustees omitted alcohol from this haraam menu? It is indeed incomprehensible for fussaaq and fujjaar who indulge blatantly and flagrantly in haraam inside the Musjid leaving out liquor from the menu for their memorable merry making party of zina. 

Any Muslim who is conscious of Maut and Qiyaamah, and who has some understanding of the purpose of life on earth shall not allow his womenfolk to  participate in the haraam party of fisq and fujoor which the fussaaq/fujjaar trustees (Khaains) of the Mackenzie Park Musjid have organized in obedience to the call of Iblees. 

It has just now been brought to our notice that the Mackenzie Park chaps have cancelled the women’s viewing. Whilst they do not mention on their cancellation notice the reasons for the cancellation, we have been reliably informed that the haraam event has been postponed for a future date due to some silly ‘structural alteration’ to be effected. 

Since the cancellation is not the effect of believing that the event is haraam, our warning and naseehat remain valid.

13 Sha’baan 1439 (30 April 2018)