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We have received many complaints from concerned Muslims regarding the maitah (carrion) and pork shenanigans of this latest SANHA-type carrion-halaalizing outfit.

A Concerned Brother wrote:

I received a call from the Halaal Foundation of South Africa to remove the RJ’S post.

Why should the post be removed?

The opening of the Halaal/Haraam RJ’S is this weekend, both restaurants which is on the same premises separated by a “screen” is open to all. Two menus available to cater for all your needs.

Salaah facilities will be available whilst alcohol is consumed on the same premises…. separated by a screen.

Who should be held accountable for misleading the public? The Muslim Owners of the establishment or the Halaal Body?

(End of the Brother’s post)


Both, the owners of the Haraam establishment and the carrion body (HFSA) are equally guilty of misleading the Muslim public and for being in gross and flagrant violation of the Shariah.

Every Single carrion outfit is a haraam Shaitāni enterprise. A Muslim who sells haraam meat, pork and wine is a worse Shaitaan than all of these carrion halaalizing shayaateen put together. It is haraam to consume food, even if only vegetables and fish, from a Muslim who sells pork, haraam meat and wine regardless of there being no hallucinated cross-contamination. The flagrant haraam acts of a Muslim dealing in pork, carrion and wine, renders even the fish and vegetables haraam. It is not permissible to perform Salaat on the satanic premises. This premises is under the la’nat of Allah Ta’ala while these carrion certifiers are engaging in the Shaitaani industry of feeding Muslims haraam carrion, those Muslims who consume of this carrion on the basis of certificates and logos of this satanic cartel are worse than these carrion – halaalizers.

With their devouring of halaalized carrion, the consumers are polluting their Imaan and bestializing their moral character. Carrion is food for only devils and vultures. Even dogs may not be fed with the carrion which the cartel of certifiers halaalize.

The explanation which the so-called ‘Halaal Foundation of S.A.’ proffered to justify its haraam certification has no validity in the Shariah.

It is haraam to consume the carrion which the numerous shaitāni carrion outfits halaalize. It is intolerable from the Islamic perspective for Muslims to devour meat and chicken on the basis of a deceptive ‘halaal’ logo or certificate.

9 Zul Qa’dh 1439 – 23 July 2018