REMEDIES - Kidney Stones, Sprain and pains

Friday, August 17 2018 Written by Administrator  


Kidney Stones

3/4 lemon

One glass fresh orange juice

One and 3/4 bicarbonate of soda

Liquidize and drink at night

Drink a lot of water after 1/4 hour

Inshallah stones will come out in the morning in a crushed form


Strains and Pains from Physical Injuries


Haldi (turmeric/borrie)

Boil in water until it is thick

Apply to the pain area with cotton wool / gauze as hot as possible and bandage.

(These remedies provided by a pious brother.)


Allah Ta’ala is the Creator of sickness and He is also the One Who cures.


“Surah Faatihah is a cure for every sickness.”


Recite Surah Faatihah 7 times and blow on the remedies.

5 Zul Hajj 1439 – 17 August 2018