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24 Safar 1433 – 19 January 2012

The conflagration which has erupted as a sequel of the discovery that the Orion Cold Storage in collusion with the carrion-pork halaalizers of the MJC (so-called ‘Muslim Judicial’ Council), far from smouldering into oblivion, as the MJC wishes, hopes and prays for, has gained in the intensity of its heat.  We are pleased and thank Allah Azza Wa Jal for the realization which He has bestowed to the masses by way of  exploding the ‘halaal’ myth of the ‘halaal’ carrion industry  which the MJC and SANHA have been conducting for decades. These villains who have fed the Muslim community with real VARK – SWINE –PORK, have netted tens of millions of rands over the years in their  certification of carrion and pork which Muslims have devoured like vultures.
All those who have devoured the filth of  the MJC’s excretion in the form of halaalized swine-flesh, are also blameworthy. They have no valid arguments for the acquisition of exculpation from their criminal ingestion of VARK VLEIS –filthy pig meat. How is it conceivable for Muslims to purchase and consume meat sold by non-Muslims, and halaalized by  treacherous sheikhs and molvis doling out haraam scrap ‘halaal’ certificates to market the carrion and pork which they excrete for no reason other than to fill their pockets with haraam riba boodle?
We also thank Allah Ta’ala for having vindicated clearly, decisively and vociferously the stance which The Majlis had adopted and steadfastly clung to over the decades. When every devil ‘sheikh’ and ‘molvi’ masquerading as ‘Ulama’  were propagating wildly and garrulously the validity of their  fake ‘halaal’ certificates and their  vilest lie of supervision, The Majlis, called out to the Muslim community to beware and take stock of what they are ingesting. Just imagine, Muslims who perform Salaat and proudly  project themselves as Muslims consuming  pork and carrion for decades!

We fully agree with Councillor Ganief Hendricks of Al-Jama-ah Political Party that stern – very stern action must necessarily be implemented  to bring to book the MJC and SANHA culprits. In addition to having fed the Muslim community pork and carrion for decades, these pork and carrion entities have guzzled up tens of millions of rands of haraam boodle which this confounded, accursed ‘halaal’ certificate industry has netted for their  pockets. They should account for all the tens of millions of rands  which they have acquired from this mal-oon industry at the cost of feeding the Muslim community pork and carrion.

Decades after we have persistently and consistently apprized the Ummah of  the pork and  carrion they are consuming on the basis of MJC and SANHA certification, there are now numerous voices raising our clarion call. One such voice is of Ganief Hendricks of Al-Jama-ah Political Party, who has been constrained to state: “Muslims must also resign themselves to the fact that there is no halaal meat or  chicken in the country……It is clear to me and the Party that Muslims all over South Africa have been fed with pork and this is a blot against every halaal certifying authority in the country and every Muslim butcher in the country.”
It has been conveyed to us that the MJC president, Ighsaan Hendricks is in hiding. We believe that the Muslim masses in the Cape  are anxious to flay him for having condoned the pork and carrion industry. It was on the strength of these miscreant sheikhs and molvis that Muslims had consumed  pork and carrion. The anger and hurt  which  Muslims now feel  are understandable.

We are also informed that Ighsaan Hendricks of the MJC is hiding from the non-Muslim female  who has exposed the ‘halaal’ pork racket. He is unprepared now to meet and answer her interrogation on a medium which has always been his favourite, viz. shaitaani-haraam television. If we of The Majlis refuse to participate in a Radio Shaitaan and Television Shaitaan programme, it is understandable, and every Muslim will accept the validity of our refusal. But, when the likes of these swine-halaalizing sheikhs and molvis shy away from such an important issue and  go underground as a consequence of their mortal fear of a non-Muslim woman who has some incisive  questions to fire at the MJC for its the pork debacle, then it speaks volumes for the satanism and cowardice of  Ighsaan Hendricks and the MJC clique. They had certified VARK VLEIS. They must now be fried in VARK VET. They must be roasted alive in pork-oil.
It is indeed surprising that  molvi-cum-sheikh Ighsaan Hendricks of the MJC has suddenly recalled the virtues and incumbency of Purdah (Hijaab). Discretion dictated that adoption of Purdah for the non-Muslim lady doing the exposure of the MJC’s VARK scandal on television, is expediently ‘waajib’, hence he sought refuge in underground purdah to hide himself from the non-Muslim lady set to interrogate him on the deplorable Pork scandal of the MJC whose president he happens to be. We trust that henceforth he will champion the cause of Purdah.  The cowardice of these MJC  PORK morons is entirely expected.
Adding salt to the pork wounds caused by the MJC in the hearts of the pork-consuming Muslim public, are the taunts of Orion’s staff. Commenting on these taunts, Ganief Hendricks of Jama-ah Political Party says: “What has aggravated many Muslims is that  employees of the Cold Storage hostile to Islam has joked that they have fed Muslims with PORK for many years.”  Muslims should hang their heads in shame and patiently tolerate these taunts of the kuffaar. The irrefutable fact is that they had devoured MJC certified pork and carrion of their own free, willing choice. They should therefore  castigate themselves and ignore the  stupid taunts of the kuffaar of Orion Cold Storage.

The Muslims in Cape Town are baying for the blood of  the MJC miscreants who had fed them halaalized PORK and CARRION for years. Advising the community to refrain from taking the law into their own hands, Councillor Ganief Hendricks said: “Muslims are advised not to take any private action against the owners and staff  of the Orion Cold Storage…I am very concerned that after the ETV expose, Muslims will take the law into their own hands.”
After the exposure of the filthy stinking Pork and Carrrion rot, is it possible for Muslims to ever again consume the  filth which MJC and SANHA halaalizes? SANHA has tried  to act the holy person and the knight in shining armour in this sordid and  rotten scandal while in reality it does not lag far behind the MJC in halaalizing carrion and pork. We shall deal with SANHA in another article, Insha’Allah.
It is imperative that Muslims understand that all meat and all chickens processed by non-Muslims are HARAAM CARRION. Furthermore,  there is strong reason to believe that PORK is sold as ‘halaal’ on a wider scale than hitherto revealed. In fact,  the shaitaan known as SANHA itself has said that what has been uncovered at Orion is only “the tip of the iceberg”. The actual iceberg  of  PORK AND CARRION consists of all the haraam  filth which MJC, SANHA, NIHT and others of the same ilk have ‘halaalized’ for years.


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