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25 Rabiul Awwal 1433 – 18 February 2012

Punched drunk -  dithering and tottering - and reduced to misery by the Orion Pork & Carrion scandal, the MJC does not know whether it is going forward or backwards. Its speech is slurry and its movement wobbly. In its slubbering, the MJC has lost all perception of  Shar’i reality, hence it is behaving  like a drunken man having lost all bearings  of the Deen.

A panel of Islamically unqualified persons have been formed to investigate the conduct or the shenanigans of the MJC. Firstly there is no need to investigate the shenanigans and haraam misdeeds of the MJC. The entire carrion-halaalizing industry, from A to Z,  is haraam and condemned by the Shariah. Carrion has to be dumped to the vultures, not investigated with a view to salvage  part  and discard part of it. The Islamically unqualified panel of secularists will fabricate  their own brand  of  khuraafaat to sustain the carrion-halaalizing industry. We trust that this new panel will refrain from any act which will have to be classified as shenanigan from the Islamic perspective.

Secondly, the intelligence of the MJC sheikhs and molvis no longer has any semblance of equilibrium since they have meekly submitted and agreed to grovel at the feet of an Islamically incompetent and unqualified panel to investigate a body which professes to be a Council of Ulama. Every single member of the new panel  formed to diagnose and  dissect the MJC, lacks Islamic qualification. Not a single one of  the group of eleven members of the IHRP is an Aalim of the Deen. Their  mundane qualifications and expertise in economics and medicine do not qualify them to investigate the MJC besides the fact that there is nothing to investigate in the MJC. The entire MJC set up is Islamically corrupt – rotten to the core.

Issues pertaining to Haraam and Halaal are strictly of Shar’i concern. Shar’i expertise is the requisite for any panel  to investigate an Ulama body. Whilst men of mundane expertise may assist, they lack the qualifications for Shar’i decision-making. In terms of the Shariah there is no glitter in the mundane qualifications of any of the members of the panel. The panel which  will investigate the MJC’s shenanigans is therefore unauthoritative. Its findings will have no Shar’i status.

It should be noted that all the members of the  newly-formed panel are secularists schooled in western ways and western institutions. They are therefore obviously the victims of mental and cultural colonization by western civilization.  They will be incapable of  viewing any issue in the light of the Shariah, i.e. the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

The MJC has brought  further disrepute to itself by agreeing to be placed in the box and interrogated by  men who are bereft of Islamic qualification.  This itself testifies to the gross incompetence of the MJC, and that this body of  sheikhs and molvis should disband. They are a disgrace to themselves to the community and to Islam.

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