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Explaining the villainy of the Ruquah clique and  the satansim  these frauds perpetrate in the name of the Qur’aan, a Brother from Stanger writes:

The Shaytani Quack Ben Halima Exposed!

Assalamu Alykum Respected Ulema of the Mujlisul Ulema SA.

Unfortunately, Ben Halima The Shaytani Quack had graced the small town of Kwa-Dukuza formally known as Stanger with his ibleesi presence.

I present hereunder just A FEW of the shenaganians and shaytani acts prepretated by this agent of iblees, Ben Halima!

As usaul,The public was duped into beleiving that his 'main program' was to spread awareness about Jinnat & Sihr.What Deception? This was a lie! This shaytani program was infact an advertising campaign for his stupid fake 'ruqya treatment & cupping' which comes with a insanely ridiculous price tag!

He has made in profit over one hundred and fifty thousand rands very easily in stanger ALONE! To consult the stupid "Sheikh" who is in fact a shaytan, one must pay five hundred rand OR MORE. That is only 'consultation fees.' What a load of rubbish! 

Using Women To Lure Stupid Morons - The quack and his prostitute of a wife has absolutely NO SHAME! His prostitute wife is used as a "bait for the jinn" is nothing more THAN A SMOKESCREEN!!!! ... Why is she dolled up! Perfume and looking so good? She also talks in rather seductive way to the male 'jin/sihar victims' convincing them on the "urgency" in getting a treatment done! Why? 

Going on to the quacks treatment. Consultation with him was a joke. He makes a mockery of the Quran like it was some kindergarten storie book. No respect for the book of Allah.  Besides manhandling the Quran and other serious sharia violations he instructs his stupid clients to spray water that has certain Quranic verses diluted and read upon it,to spray it around the house and ALSO TO SPRAY it in the TOILET! ASTAGFIRULLAH!!!  Can you believe it? Spray quranic water in the toilet! What mockery! And to add to the insult he instructs his clients to make sure the TOILET LID IS CLOSED! What an idiot this Halima character is? Also in the quack's books he wrote the same thing is mentioned about the TOILET! 

After the consultation with iblees i came to know that cupping was needed and that a certain more amount of cash was needed. The difference in amount was insane. To justify their thuggery they convince you that normal cupping won't help BUT it's necessary for them the so called "experts" to do it because they can remove the jinn from the blood and cure you 100%. 

Anyway, after being robbed or should I say more like conned the amount was paid and then you had to go into another room that was called 'raaqi cupping room'. The people who were in charge of doing cupping were THUGS! They all were Smoking HASEESH as they called it or something that sounded like that. THE WHOLE ROOM STANK LIKE A HASEESH DEN! The thugs while doing cupping are smoking and singing nasheed like  group of monkeys.  

This whole ruqya racket is fake . I can tell you that being a victim of Sihr and Jinnat this never help at all, not even 1%! In fact I felt like I went for a little merry making experience at my expense! 

What was even sadder there no longer really senior Ulema alive in our town. Its a shame to say but in stanger there is only 1 Old Alim of Haq that opened his mouth to do the work of amr bin maroof wa naya anil munkar.  Even his warning fell on deaf ears by the young molvis in our town who took it their duty to make sure he was not heard! 

The young molvis in our community are nothing more than agents of iblees. They refuse and they stubbornly choose to refuse the haq and go to the extreme of belittling our Dear & Senior Ulema who speak the haq.  None of this would have happened and people would not have lost so much money HAD THESE young agents of iblees masquerading as ulema warned the people! 

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