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21 Rabiuth Thaani 1433 – 14 March 2012


“Please do not judge the Imaam based on the actions  of the King. Please provide quotations of the Imaam speaking out in support of the United States and its allies; or a quote of the Imaam speaking out against the Madhabs; or a quote of the Imaam speaking out against Imaam Abu Hanifa rahmatullah alayh.”


It will be salubrious for the commentator to subject our pamphlet to an intelligent perusal. It appears that the  writer of the above comment  lacks in the comprehension of the English language, hence his baseless comments.  What obliges us to provide the ‘quotes’ he seeks? Why should we vindicate our Naseehat by deflecting from the Saudi king with indulgence in fiction? Where in our pamphlet of Naseehat did we allege that the Imaam of the Haram had personally:

•    Spoken in support of the U.S.A.
•    Spoken against the Madhabs
•    Spoken against Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullah alayh) ???

No where will it be found that we had levelled these charges against Shaikh Maiqily personally. Germane to the Imaam of the Haram, we had made only one claim:  That he is the ambassador of the Saudi King - that he represents the brutal, Saudi regime - the surrogate state of the U.S.A. – that he represents a brutal, faasiq regime which is in the process of plundering and pillaging Islam. In his official capacity as the representative (Wakeel) and  messenger (rasool)  of the Saudi King, the honourable Imaam Maiqily, must necessarily assume full responsibility for the atrocities of the Saudi regime. The hand of the wakeel (agent) is the hand of the mu-akkil (principal).

Any moron who contends a contradiction to  what we have just said merely flaunts his jahaalat and/or bias. In view of the irrefutable  fact that the Imaam is the King’s ambassador, the  plea: “Please do not judge the Imaam based on the actions of the King”, falls flat and is dismissed with contempt. Most certainly the Imaam will be and must be judged and painted on the basis of the public acts and statements of the Saudi king.

For further edification and elimination of the cobwebs which are hampering the intellectual functioning of the commentator we state unequivocally that all the allegations  made against the Saudi king and his brutal regime apply to the venerable Shaikh Maiqily in his capacity as the ambassador of the Saudi regime.  In acting in the capacity as the ambassador of  the king, the Shaikh has aligned himself with the fraternity of Ulama-e-Soo’. And, in so doing he comes within the full glare of Rasulullah’s condemnation of such scholars:

“Verily, among the most abhorred Qurraa’ by Allah are those who  visit
the rulers.”   (Tirmizi)    

The Imaam’s programme in South African is under the auspices of the Saudi Embassy as is evidenced by the notices and posters  of the Saudi Embassy in Pretoria:


Our special naseehat for the  chap who has taken umbrage, in the event him being unable to comprehend the simple naseehat which  we had  proffered in our pamphlet, is to go and play marbles with  some street urchins. And, he may do himself  the favour of advising the urchins that  if winnng and losing is a feature of  the  game of marbles, it constitutes  maisar (gambling).  WAS-SALAAM

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