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It is our supplication (Dua) that the Ambassador of the Saudi King, the Honourable Shaikh Maahir will convey to the king the important Messages, Advices and Requests which we have presented, among which are the following:


The Honourable Imaam of Musjidun Nabawi, Shaikh Huzaify who has been unjustly dismissed by the king from the Imaamate post of Musjidun Nabawi must be reinstated.  Imaam Huzaify was dismissed for having proclaimed the Haqq  regarding the Shiah menace in Saudi Arabia. It is the  heartfelt wish of the entire Muslim community of South Africa that the Honourable Shaikh Huzaify be reinstated to his rightful position.
We, furthermore emphasize that  the king should not place any reins on  Shaikh Huzaify. As the Imaam of Islam's most important Musjid after Musjidul Haraam, and as an Aalim of the Deen, Shaikh Huzaify is firstly the Representative of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). As such, the king has no entitlement to muzzle him. It is the Waajib obligation of the king to:
•    Reinstate Shaikh Huzaify as the Imaam of Musjidun Nabawi.
•    To unmuzzle the Honourable Imaam of Musjidun Nabawi.
•    To refrain from  interfering with his Amr Bil Ma'roof Nahy Anil Munkah.

(2) In the year 2008, we had  written letters to the king and to the Ulama Council of Saudi Arabia. These letters were sabotaged by the South African poodle  attached to the Saudi Embassy, and were not handed to the Saudi Shaikh who had visited the country at that time, nor were the letters  delivered to the king.  This act of sabotage is an act of gross khiyaanat perpetrated by the poodle. We are again making an attempt to have these letters delivered via the agency of the Honourable Shaikh Maahir Maiqily.
The letters of 2008  were a request to deny  the  application of Christian NGO's to build churches in Saudi Arabia. In view of the king's headlong plunge into the kufr interfaith movement,  there is the strong likelihood of  kufr permission being granted to construct temples of kufr worship in the Holy Land of Islam.  It is therefore the Waajib obligation of the Honourable Imaam Maahir to proffer  naseehat to the king on this exceptionally grave matter. In this regard, we urge the Honourable Shaikh Maahir to stress to the king that:
•    It was the dying command of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to the Sahaabah to expel the Yahood and Nasaara from the Arabian Peninsula.
•    Since  the inception of Islam to this day churches were not allowed in the Land of Islam, Jazeeratul Arab.
•    Since  Islam prohibits even the presence of the Yahood, Nasaara and Mushrikeen in Arabia, the construction of churches  in Hejaaz is  unimaginable by the Muslims of the World.

(3)  We reiterate the demand of the Ummah that the king  should  fulfil Rasulullah's command to expel the Yahood and Nasaara from the Holy Land of Islam. In this regard, the Honourable Shaikh Maahir must incumbently draw the king's attention to the following facts:
•    In  submission to the dying wish and command of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the noble Sahaabah had expelled  the Yahood and Nasaara from Jazeeratul Arab, leaving not a single mushrik in the Holy Land of Islam.
•    For almost fourteen centuries, from the inception of Islam to the final demise of the Islamic Khilaafat in about 1914,  the Yahood and Nasaara had not  been allowed into the Arabian Peninsula. For them it was always the "Forbidden Land  of a Thousand Mysteries".
•    The Saudi regime had  treacherously violated this sacred Command  by opening up  Arabia for the Yahood and Nasaara. It therefore devolves on the king to institute measures to reinstate the Command of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

We respectfully remind the Honourable Shaikh to discharge his Waajib obligation of Amr Bil Ma'roof Nahy Anil Munkar by delivering our messages and advice to the king, and by proffering the aged king such naseehat which could induce in him the realization that Maut is hovering over his head, and  the final strike by Malakul Maut is imminent. The king's age and failing health should be his greatest and constant reminders of Maut. His last act  on the threshold  of his Maut should be  a deed to gain Allah's Pleasure. To redeem all his failings committed during his reign, perhaps his best deed by Allah Ta'ala  would be the  initiation of the sacred process of expelling the Yahood and Nasaara from Jazeeratul Arab as commanded by Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

We also urge the Honourable Imaam of Musjidul Haraam to  fulfil his duty of Amr Bil Ma'roof regardless of  any  rejection  by the king. The duty of the  Honourable Imaam is only to deliver the Message. All the Ambiya would proclaim: "On us is only to deliver the Clear Message (of Allah Azza Wa Jal)." – Qur'aan

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