Mufti A.K Hososen Slandered

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Some filthy, cowardly, spineless rats relishing in the filthy sewerage drains of anonymity have issued a scurrilous and slanderous e-mail pamphlet against Mufti A.K.Hoosen. The correct response for filth is silence. However, we depart from our normal rule of silence and issue this clarification in view of the fact that these spineless, modernist, rats who indulge in carrion halaalizing and all the haraam acts of fisq and fujoor, and whose true identities are not shrouded in mystery, are attempting to create the slanderous impression that The Majlis  has engineered the filthy buhtaan against Mufti A.K.Hoosen. Several brothers have  requested us to issue a clarification.
Alhamdulillah,  it is Allah’s fadhl and karam that The Majlis, this Voice of Islam and the Voice of  Haqq proclaims the Haqq from the rooftops. Every Muslim who is aware of The Majlis, even if he differs vigorously with us will understand, if he has any affinity with the Truth, that   The Majlis brims over with Haqq. Haqq glitters from every  page and every word of The Majlis. Glitter and Radiance are integral  attributes of  The Haqq. There is no ambiguity, no cowardice, no anonymity in whatever we proclaim. In submission to Rasulullah’s command, “Proclaim the Haqq even though it be bitter”, The Majlis  states the Truth of Islam regardless of who gets hurt or annoyed  in the process.
All those who have read The Majlis  are aware that we have differences with Mufti A.K.Hoosen regarding certain masaa-il of the Shariah. But differences, there will always be among the Ulama. And, when we say ‘differences’, the meaning is ‘differences’ which are valid and based on Shar’i principles. We are not referring to  differences  such  as the differences we have with the NNB’s Radio Shaitaan, with the NNB’s Reverend, Pundit and Pastor, and with the kufr views of  the miserable outfit called the MJC and similar other  kufr modernist miscreants.
Mufti A.K.Hoosen has become increasingly vocal in proclaiming the Haqq. This is the cause for the umbrage of the  spineless shayaateen who are responsible for the cowardly  and filthy attack against Mufti A.K.Hoosen.

The Majlis condemns every statement from the beginning of the  slanderous diatribe to the end, and dissociates from it. It is our fervent dua that Mufti A.K.Hoosen will incrementally and more vigorously proclaim the Haqq in this sea of Baatil, Kufr, Fisq, Fujoor and Bid’ah in which the Muslim community is floundering and sinking to its destruction.
Our advice to Mufti A.K.Hoosen is that he should not  respond to the  scurrilous rubbish which the spineless rats have written. When  a slandered  Muslim responds  with silence, then Allah Azza Wa Jal, takes up his defence. We assure these rats that Allah will BREAK THEIR NECKS.  

THE FITNAH RATS are  using  the e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to circulate their slander and filth. The genuine e-mail medium which circulates articles of  The Majlis is
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
To mislead, deceive and confuse readers, the FITNAH RATS have forged a similar e-mail. Therefore, readers should check the e-mail from which articles emanate. May Allah Ta’ala save us all from the fitnah and the sharr (evil) of spineless Rats who are the agents of Iblees.

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