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20 Jamaadil Ula 1433 – 13 April 2012

Many people who suffer from constant headaches, should abandon their coffee and tea addiction. Insha’Allah, they will find relief. The following appears in the book, HOW TO FIGHT CANCER & WIN which is authored by medical experts:

COFFEE AND TEA - Along with that caffeine boost you think you need, you are ingesting other substances (theo¬bromine, Theine and tannin) completely alien to the blood. These Toxic elements enter the bloodstream and are carried to the brain, heart, pancreas, spleen and other organs and glands. The liver and kidneys try valiantly to cleanse and detoxify the contaminated blood and often end up overtired, overworked and exhausted by their efforts.
If you usually consume a lot of coffee and/or tea but doubt they are addictive, try eliminating them from your diet abruptly. You'll probably experience withdrawal symptoms ranging from violent headaches to nausea or the shakes. If your health is impor¬tant to you, it's worth going through the withdrawal period. Science confirms that simply eliminating coffee and tea (plus cocoa and soft drinks) from one's diet results in a healthy reduc¬tion of blood pressure, reduces the load on the heart and reopens the arteries supplying the brain.
The haraam junk ‘food’ consisting of haraam carrion chickens, haraam carrion meat, and other poisonous substances brutally sold as ‘food’, has attracted the attention of even the non-Muslim Health Department. These are haraam ‘foods’ which the satanic halaal-certificate outfits halaalize for the sake of filling their bellies with haraam riba money. The Herald reported:
“JUNK food companies will soon be forbidden from marketing their unhealthy products on TV between children’s programmes. Free toys handed out with fast food meals as part of a ‘kiddies package’ could also be prohibited as part of the Health Department’s plans to regulate the junk food industry.
Speaking at a summit on non-communicable diseases in Johannesburg, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced that he planned to target marketing campaigns that were making children fat. “Our children are bombarded with adverts to eat potato chips, fizzy drinks, sweets and junk food.” He said……
Currently, 23% of all South African children were classified obese, which he said had disastrous long-term effects on the health of the nation and made the cost of chronic care quite enormous. Overweight children have a higher risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks later on in life. ………
These people selling this junk food are going to find their way into the African market, which is their dumping ground,” he said.    ………….A high salt intake is linked to a high risk of high blood pressure.
In like manner the vile carrion halaalizing outfits are bombarding Muslims with their filthy ‘halaal’ certificates to  devour rotten, diseased carrion chickens  and a variety of haraam, disease-causing junk ‘foods’. These organizations purporting to be rendering the Muslim community a service, should hang their heads in shame and lick the boots of the Minister of Health for the sagacious advice and  vital steps he will be instituting for curbing the ‘disastrous’ health effects of the rotten ‘halaalized’ junk food and carrion.
While the Qur’aan and Sunnah exhort Muslims to be abstemious with regard to even halaal food, these shaitaani ‘halaal’ certificate  frauds, deceits and crooks portraying themselves in Deeni hues, have destroyed the physical and spiritual health of the Muslim community by bombarding  Muslims  with deceptive adverts to induce in them an addiction to haraam carrion and haraam junk foods. These rotten frauds have sold their Imaan for money and in this despicable process they have ruined the Muslim community.

CARCINOMA OF THE STOMACH – When Mr. William Y. (42 years of age, husband and father of three) began suffer¬ing from chronic indigestion, he chalked it up to the stress of his job as a prominent officer of the local bank. He took over-the-¬counter antacid compounds to relieve his distress and ignored the problem. The condition persisted and his wife began urging him to see a doctor, but he stubbornly refused. He soon began vomiting half-digested food after eating and noticed streaks of blood in his stool after a bowel movement. Frightened and wor¬ried by these developments, Mr. Y. visited his doctor, who immediately rushed him to the hospital for tests. His worst fears were realised when his doctor informed him that it appeared he had a malignant tumour growing in his digestive tract. Fortunately, for Mr. Y., there was as yet no involvement of the lymph gland. (Because this gland travels swiftly through the body, any involvement of the lymph nodes means that the malignancy can spread very quickly to other sites. In the case of lymph-gland cancer, prognosis is extremely poor.)
Mr. Y. underwent an operation to surgically remove (excise) the cancerous growth, which appeared to be totally enclosed within its outer membrane. However, because of the possible danger of the bloodstream carrying minute cancer cells to other parts of the body, Mr. Y. was placed on a programme of advanced chemotherapy on an out-patient basis. He suffered all the classic side effects of this toxic treatment, including violent vomiting and retching, progressive physical weakness and almost complete loss of hair. The exhausted and nauseated Mr. Y. complained that the "cure" was almost too terrible to bear.
Finally, a sympathetic friend brought Mrs. Y. some printed material that told in detail of the success of linseed oil and enriched protein in cases similar to that of her husband. The desperate wife and mother purchased some cottage cheese and a vial of raw, cold-processed, unrefined linseed oil and coaxed Mr. Y. to have it as his lunch every day. Beginning by choking down just a few small spoonfuls daily, Mr. Y. progressed to the point where he was able to enjoy the entire amount. At this writ¬ing, Mr. Y. has returned to his employment as a bank officer and is once again able to support his family. He has completely regained his former robust health. As a preventive measure, the entire family now takes a salad of linseed oil and cottage cheese flavoured with a variety of flavourful herbs daily.
(How to Fight Cancer & Win)

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