ITV & The Jamiat & Our Heartfelt Appeal To The Silent Ulama

Friday, May 11 2012 Written by Administrator  

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11 May 2012

Decades ago The Majlis had declared with certitude that the NNB Jamiat’s evil appendage known as Radio Shaitaan will be the forerunner to TELEVISION SHAITAAN. This prediction which we had made is now  attaining materialization. A very senior Aalim who is also a  member of the NNB Jamiat (The Fordsburg Jamiatul Ulama), writes:
“I have to inform you that the news on facebook from ITV (so-called Islamic tv)
will be commencing end of this month on DSTV. All this is 100% confirmed. The
following Moulanas will be appearing:
Zaheer Ragie (official of Jamiat NNB)
Sulaiman Rawat (radio shaitaan)
Sulaiman Moolla (darul uloom zakariyya)
Khalid Pandor (LMA)
Ismail Menk (Zimbabwe)
Reverend Ebrahim Bum (NNB Jamiat)

Further information is available on the VOC:  The article is titled

“Islam TV on DStv”. Without a shadow of doubt the modernist molvis within the
Jamiat are steering the Jamiat on to the path of Shaytan. Do inform the public not
To contribute to Jamiat and Radio Shaitaan as they are deviating from the Right
Path. The senior Ulama must protest at what is happening at the Jamiat. May Allah
Ta’ala protect us from all types of fitnah.”

Not only the senior Ulama, but also the Junior Ulama and the ordinary members of the Muslim public should protest and raise a howl for the Sake of Allah Ta’ala to curb the headlong plunge of the hijacked NNB Jamiat into the abyss of fisq and  fujoor  which will become the forerunner for flagrant kufr proffered under guise of Islam.
These Munaafiq molvis wallowing in fisq and fujoor have in entirety lost all Imaani bearings. The dozens of scantily dressed females, the music and the liquor in which these immoral Devils had indulged  in at the Wine and Dine Awards event have  fossilized their brains into a permanent state of janaabat. They are therefore absolutely blind having totally extinguished whatever  shred of spirituality they had by virtue of Imaan. Since they have eliminated their very Imaan by having legalized what Allah Ta’ala has made haraam they are no longer members of Islam regardless of the beards and deceptive long  ‘traditional’ cloaks they sport to dupe the stupid, the ignorant and the unwary. The only reason why these  devils are still adopting  the beard and Islamic attire is their awareness  that  the Muslim community of Transvaal and Natal is still welded to the Sunnah regardless of their partial modernity. The attitude of our community remains orthodox to a great degree. Hence, these devil molvis do understand that should they slip into western suits, ties and tuxedos as do the MJC’s miscreant sheikhs, they (i.e. molvis) will be stripped of their molwiyat in the eyes of our community.  Nevertheless, the time will still dawn when these faasiq and faajir shayaateen of the NNB Jamiat and Radio Shaitaan will be sporting clean-shaven faces resembling the skins of pigs, suits and ties. The fate which has overtaken the MJC sheikhs and the  Arab sheikhs  in general will, as sure as night follows day, overtake and smite  the Ulama of Deoband as well.
This  vile development  whilst heart-breaking and lamentable,  should not come as any surprise. What can now be surprising  when personnel professing to be Ulama, and that too Ulama of Deoband, have  fully and wholeheartedly participated in a wine and dine event amongst a host of half-naked women with rock music blaring, liquor being served all around and pictures being taken. In fact, there is information that the rubbish old man with the long white beard prancing and tripudiating like a baboon with clenched fist in the air and holding an object resembling a bottle of wine, had to take a shower (ghusl-e-janaabat) after the Zina Show. The scantily dressed, semi-nude women around him, proved too much for his sexual lust. He therefore, we are told, suffered the calamity of janaabat  whilst fully awake.  When this  is the condition of the molvis of the NNB Jamiat, nothing and nothing should  surprise anyone. Any filth, rubbish and treachery can be expected from these  traitors. They will sell their mothers and their Imaan for money and cheap name and  rotten fame.


Honourable Ulama! Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “He who remains silent about the Haqq is a Dumb Shaitaan.” Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) did not say that he is ‘like’ a dumb shaitaan. Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that he is in fact a veritable “DUMB SHAITAAN”. We appeal to you from the innermost recesses of our hearts to stand up for the Haqq. Your Jamiat has been hijacked by a small group of fussaaq and fujjaar who we are convinced are munaafiqeen.

Look at their vile misdeeds, and understand that by your silence you are condoning and giving impetus to the villainy which these notorious devils among you are perpetrating. Tomorrow on the Day of Qiyaamah, you will have to answer for having deserted the Deen and for having abandoned your posts in Allah’s Department of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar.
We know and we are convinced that the  vast majority of the silent Ulama who constitute the Jamiat are sincere and they abhor the fisq and fujoor which these Faasiq and Faajir hijackers with their Radio Shaitaan perpetrate.  Numerous Ulama of the Jamiat are writing and complaining to us. Our hearts ache to observe that they are not standing up  for the Haqq.
For Allah’s Sake and for the Sake of His Deen and for the Sake of the Ummah, we remind you of your obligation in this issue. It is Waajib on you to boot out from the Jamiat the group of filthy rubbishes who have hijacked the leadership posts and are utilizing the Jamiat’s name to purvey their villainy, their fisq, their fujoor and their treachery. If you lack the courage to kick out this filth from the Jamiat, at least ensure their resignation from their leadershop positions. Appoint sincere Ulama to lead the Jamiat. Them, Wallaah! We shall be the first to submit to you and be your ‘mureeds’ and assist you to hold aloft the Standard of Islam which is today lying in the mud, having  been ripped down, sullied and soiled by the evil devils in your midst.
We have  discharged the duty of offering you this Naseehat. Tomorrow, on the Day of Qiyaamah, so-called hikmat will not be a mitigating factor to bail you out from the misfortunes of that Day. Don’t you remember and understand that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:
“Islam  began ghareeb. Soon will it return to being ghareeb. Therefore Tooba (Glad
Tidings –Congratulations) for the Ghuraba.”
Those who today stand up and struggle to hold aloft the Flag of Islam are the Ghuraba. Join the ranks of the Ghuraba and tomorrow you will, Insha’Allah benefit of the treasures  intrinsic  in the Glad Tidings announced by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).  “Proclaim the Haqq even if it is bitter”, said our Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).  

WAS-SALAAM – May  Allah Ta’ala keep you all, O Ulama-e-Kiraam, with aafiyat.

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