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7 Sha’baan 1433 – 27 June 2012
When the prohibitions of Allah Azza Wal are flagrantly and proudfully flouted and consumption of halaalized, rotten, diseased, carrion chickens and meat becomes accepted in a Muslim community, then Allah Azza Wa Jal inflicts punishment commensurate with the crime. A ‘poetic’ form of punishment for those who relish in SANHA-approved and SANHA-certified ‘halaalized’ carrion poultry and meat, is TOILET-TO-TAP FAECES WATER. It appears that soon Durbanites will be complementing their ingestion of SANHA halaalized carrion with haraam, najis toilet-to-tap water. It remains to be seen who from the carrion-halaalizing organizations will win the race and be awarded the contract to issue a ‘halaal’ certificate for halaalizing the faces-water. In this race SANHA will necessarily win, especially with the exposure which the haraam NNB Jamiat’s Radio Shaitaan will be giving to its illegitimate child, viz., SANHA.
The report on the toilet-to-tap najaasat states:
“Durban plans to become the first SA city to purify and recycle sewage water into drinking-quality tap water and officials are urging residents to comment on the proposal as soon as possible.”  
“EThekwini water and sanitation officials say they have received only 50 comments from the public regarding a proposal to recycle sewage water into drinking water. They had called for residents to have their say in February. Ethekwini’s Water’s Neil MacLeod says people will have another chance to give their opinions.
“Only 50 comments were received. Some were in support, some were just one liners…and some were substantial comments. What now happens is that we take those into consideration, and we’re still waiting for approval from the Department of Water Affairs. The second phase we will obviously publicise – once we know what we are going to do – and people can then comment again.”
Leave alone non-Muslims,  Durban and environs have tens of thousands of Muslims. But it appears that SANHA’s halaalized carrion chickens have totally deadened their Imaan, hence  no complaint and no protest from Durban’s Muslim community. The issue is of utmost importance to Muslims. It strikes at the very roots of Imaan and Islamic Moral Character.  Najaasat ruins both. The Qur’aan emphasizing the utmost importance of  halaal tayyib food, states: “O Rusul (Mesengers)! Consume halaal and tayyib, and practise deeds of virtue.”
Of fundamental importance for the Muslim’s physical, moral and spiritual health and development is the ingestion of halaal tayyib  nourishment. Whilst the current Muslim apathy  regarding the toilet-to-tap water is understandable since their Imaan has become desensitized  by the avalanches of halaalized carrion chickens and other haraam meats and dubious  processed foods they consume, it is still expected that  their brains will be functioning, albeit with some dead cells. But they should have sufficient live cells in their Aql to induce  in them the realization of the  danger of the toilet water they might soon be drinking.
It is the sacred obligation of the Ulama in Natal to embark on an educational programme to alert Muslims to the evil  of the najaasat  which will soon become their staple drinking ‘water’ if they are going to react with complacency and indifference.
Every Musjid should urge the Muslim community to complain and protest. The Jamiatul Ulama KZN and all other Muslim organizations in Natal should raise the strongest objection to the satanic move of compelling people to drink filth – faeces and urine water.  The so-called ‘purification’ of the sewerage waste matter is shaitaani-purification. Just as  SANHA’s halaalized  chicken-killing system has been termed by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)  SHAREETATUSH SHAITAAN (the ABOMINABLE KILLING OF THE DEVIL- SCARIFICATION),   so too can we designate this vile system of so-called ‘purification,  Tat-heerush shaitaan – the devils purification.
Although the deadened Imaan of carrion-consuming Muslims will not understand the imperative importance of registering complaint and protest against the evil move to  pump toilet water into the taps  of residents, they might understand this importance on the basis of  the injury to the brain and body which the filthy sewerage water causes. In the hope they will understand and protest, we  mention known serious effects of the filth:
“Nevertheless, Golder said numerous studies showed that conventional wastewater treatment plants could not remove endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) completely. EDCs are derived from pharmaceutical and personal care products and can cause growth deformities, gender-bending effects and other ecological impacts, even at very low levels.”
(The Golder Report)
Medical experts report that EDC’s are the cause for the escalating Biopolar Disorder which is the consequence of endocrine disrupting chemicals. “It isn’t much of a jump to conclude that EDCs are the primary culprit in the astronomical rise in rates of Bipolar Disorder.”, says an expert report.
The established genetic connection between Bipolar Disorder and those it strikes is important when considering the consequences of continued consumption and exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. In a system that is extremely sensitive, endocrine disruptors can make for serious mayhem, even in very small amounts. Dr. Theo Colborn is the founder of TEDX. He has written and lectured on human health and the threat posed by industrially-produced chemicals at low concentrations in the environment. According to TEDX, "The endocrine system is so fine tuned that it depends upon changes in hormones in concentrations as little as a tenth of a trillion of a gram to control the womb environment (during pregnancy). That's as inconspicuous as one second in 3,169 centuries." Recent advances in research have served to confirm that EDC's can, and do, interfere with the signaling systems which determine fetal development.
Our circadian rhythms  work with our biological clocks to form our sleep patterns. Research  has shown a link between circadian rhythms and endocrine disruptors…..The human endocrine system regulates our body functions such as metabolism and growth. It’s a complex network which communicates with our nervous system, but in order to work properly, certain requirements must be met. Every day we ingest food (and haraam carrion –The Majlis)  laced with (haraam) additives, preservatives and pesticides that disrupt the work assigned (by Allah Ta’ala)  to our endocrine system.”
However, it's believed that much of the cause is an underlying problem of imbalanced brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Three of these chemicals - serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline are involved in the functions of both brain and body. Research has shown a consistent connection between serotonin and noradrenaline to psychiatric mood disorders such as BD, while dopamine is linked to the pleasure system of the brain. A disruption of the dopamine system leads to severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia and psychosis where distortions in reality and illogical thought patterns and behaviors are exhibited. An abnormally high level of dopamine is associated with the development of manic episodes while abnormally low levels of serotonin and norepinephrine are associated with the opposite extreme, that of depression.
Whatever Allah Ta’ala has ordained to be HARAAM causes physical, moral and spiritual diseases. The brain cells are disrupted and imbalanced by carrion chickens. When the brain goes haywire, it exercises  destructive consequences on the body and the soul. We are witnessing these consequences today in the form of immorality, spiritual bankruptcy and physical diseases such as cancer, bipolar disorder,  diabetes, heart problems and other diseases which baffle the medical establishment.
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