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A parent, lamenting the destruction of her daughter’s Imaan, writes:


I have adopted and raised my brother's child from birth. She spent most of her life as a sweet, innocent child. She read salaah, used miswaak, kept her rozas and even used to read Salatut Tasbeeh with me voluntarily during the last 10 days of Ramadhan throughout her life. She has been wearing a scarf to school and outside for a few years now voluntarily. Both from an Islamic and academic perspective she excelled. She was always very respectful and dressed modestly. She was not naughty, but very reserved and well mannered. (You had planted the seeds for her Imaani ruin by sending her to school – The Majlis)

However,  just two weeks ago she told me she does not believe in Islam and has decided to be an atheist she was watching youtube videos in her room and hooked to evil books. I changed her schooling and Madressa, I could not find a proper Madressa, so I tried what we had at Sandton Madressa but it is very basic. I recently found an aapa who has started teaching her. (Alas! It is too late – The Majlis)

It was this year, after a month at the school she decided to take off her scarf, she was not baaligh, so I was ok with it even though I was not happy. (You yourself lack proper Deeni understanding, what then do you expect of your daughter? – The Majlis)

Then she started reading books that contained a lot of shirk. I only noticed this because of lockdown. She has no friends and does not physically go anywhere unless I am with.  I had no idea these books were bad. (Your lack of ‘idea’ only facilitated her ruin –The Majlis)

I removed all her books, all internet access, all devices. (Too late! Her satanism and atheism are confirmed. Are brains are satanically convoluted, and her heart is ruined. Now your attempts are futile. You were supposed to have  protected her from  the Satanist media, but you granted her full access to shaitaaniyat, fisq, fujoor and kufr – The Majlis)

I even removed her from the school, even though she was mostly doing online school. The school was promoting these books and sexual ideologies very subtly. (Yet Muslims send their children to these institutions of Iblees – The Majlis)

Now I don’t know what is going on. I feel trapped again but in a different way.

She fights and screams or breaks down and cries. She even talks about suicide.

I have no idea what’s going on and I know this too is a test from Allah but I have reached breaking point. (No! It is not a test. It is an athaab –punishment – for you. You have ruined her Imaan. You have converted her into a Satanist with all the access to filthy books and satanic media – The Majlis)


This child is my life and I can’t see her like this. I have not been this helpless and broken even when I was sick. (You have now to suffer the pangs of grief for your own folly. It is Allah’s decree for you, because you have abused the Amaanat of the child. You must now suffer with patience and bleed inside –The Majlis)

She says she is not just an atheist but she has decided to be bisexual. She did not even know this term before this year. She also just became baaligh a week ago. (She was an expert in such filth a long time ago. You appear to be blind to the filth of the internet to which you had granted her total access – The Majlis)


Please can you advise me on what else I can do to help her. I don’t know if it’s too late. Please make dua for us.





We do make dua for the hidaayat of your daughter. However, it appears too late unless Allah Ta’ala steps in and guides her. There is nothing – absolutely nothing you can do at this late stage to redeem her – to extricate her from the cauldron of filth, vice, kufr, and fujoor, the pathway for which you have paved for her.

You have allowed her access to Satanist media. You should therefore not wonder and be surprised at the logical consequences. From filth nothing but filth should be expected. Millions of Muslims have been ruined by the evil internet media and by porno books. Parents are the prime culprits. Most children attending secular school, university and similar institutions, and those addicted to internet porn and other Satanist platforms have lost their Imaan. They have converted to satanism and atheism as your daughter has.

You and the vast majority of Muslims have chosen the carrion of the world. You are oblivious of the object which you have to pursue in this ephemeral worldly life. You appear not to even know why Allah Ta’ala has despatched us into this dunya. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The world is jeefah (carrion).” We have not been created to pursue jeefah. The Maqsad (the goal) is the Aakhirat where our everlasting abode of Jannat is. But for the acquisition of the rotten crumbs and carrion of this world do Muslims  cast their children to the devils who operate  secular schools, universities and  the media, and the so-called Muslims, including the molvis, who operate  the kuffaar-type secular schools which they falsely dub ‘Muslim’/’Islamic’ schools, are also  devils who ruin the Akhlaaq and  destroy the Imaan of  the pupils.

When parents find that their children have converted to atheism and satanism or have become homosexuals and lesbians, they should not wail in consternation. They should understand that they are the source of the villainous problems which they themselves have created by conducting themselves like atheists. They have cast off the Chains of the Shariah, therefore, they should be satisfied with the consequence – the Athaab of Allah Ta’ala. The greater Athaab for parents who are guilty of gross dereliction of duty will be in Qiyaamah.

“Most certainly, We shall give them a taste of the lesser punishment (here on earth), not the greater punishment so that they may (realize) and return (to the Straight Path).”   (Qur’aan)



On the same note, another parent laments:

Assalaamu Alaikum WarahmatullahiWabarakaathu

I have a 14 year old daughter who is attending a Muslim girls school. Whilst she is a very loving child, she is also quite intelligent and produces the best of results academically. As of recent, I've noticed the following changes which is of great concern:

1. She is becoming very career orientated and talks very strongly about it.

2.  Has developed an ego or sense of pride regarding her intelligence.

3. Displays disregard for deeni aspects of her life.

4. Despite having attended maktab, lacks basic aadaab and shows a great deal of disrespect to her elders with an argumentative sharp tongue.

4. Shows a disinterest in assisting her mother in the house or kitchen.

I would appreciate any advice and would comply with any instruction in this regard.  Jazakallah u Khairan


The child’s Imaan has also been ruined by the school, internet, teachers and ‘friends’.  She has already become a satanist. Allah Ta’ala has created the female for the home. But parents cast them to the wolves and devils by expelling them from the homes. They are cast by parents into the raging storms of fisq, fujoor and kufr in the streets and in the schools. What then can be expected when Imaan has been ruined and even deracinated.

The shaitaaniyat exhibited by your daughter is the consequence of school.  Parents soothe their conscience with the deception of ‘muslim’ school. Young children, especially girls, cannot withstand the immoral onslaught of the deluge of satanism and immorality outside the home, and even inside the home where children are granted free access to the computer.

Brother, the only advice is Dua, Istighfaar and Taubah. Make an attempt which could perhaps be futile, but it is worth a try. Cut her off from the outside world. Ban the cellphone and the computer. Then perhaps Allah Ta’ala will have mercy. Was-salaam

7 Jamaadil Awwal 1442 – 22 December 2020

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