Friday, May 30 2014 Written by Administrator  



NIHT, the so-called NATIONAL INDEPENDENT HALAAL TRUST, has announced the withdrawal of its HARAAM so-called ‘halaal’ certificates from the following haraam-selling ‘food’ establishments: ASHOKA FAST FOODS CATERING (KYALAMI), AND DIAMOND L. ABATTOIR & CUTS (BRONKHORSPRUIT).

Without informing the Muslim community of the reasons or the malpractices and violations committed by these haraam  junk food entities, the NIHT, to save its ugly haraam  carrion face, deems it appropriate to issue the terse, dubious statement:

“Kindly be advised that the below companies Halaal certification has been revoked with immediate effect due to breach of Shariah requirements.”

What are the breaches committed by these companies? When did the breaches commence? When were they discovered? By whom were they discovered? From the time of discovery to the time of this silly announcement, how many days/weeks had lapsed? What did NIHT do when it first learnt of the “breach of Shariah requirements”? 

Whatever the answers NIHT can manage to extravasate from its carrion brain, it will serve to debunk its motto: “The mark you can Trust”. There is absolutely nothing trustworthy in all of these carrion-halaalizing outfits fleecing traders  to gratify their pecuniary lusts. 

Although these junk food  outlets were Haraam  even before NIHT had withdrawn its scrap certificates,  let us examine the scenario on the assumption that when  the certificates were doled out, all the products of these aforementioned two entities were halaal.  On this basis, the following issues should be understood by the application of the mind: 

(1)  Whatever breach of Shariah requirements NIHT had learnt of, had necessarily existed prior to the discovery. It is illogic and downright stupid to even hallucinate that, NIHT had withdrawn its confounded certificate the very second the breach had developed. The breach must have existed for a considerable time prior to detection. Thus, long before the carrion outfit heard of it, Muslims were consuming the haraam junk on the basis of the NIHT’s carrion certificate. 

(2)  When NIHT learnt of the breach, its carrion cabal must have engaged in ‘desperate’ dialogue with the managements of the recalcitrant companies in a bid to rectify the breaches in order to save its carrion face. A rectification would have enabled NIHT to sweep the haraam rot under the carpet. During the time of dialogue, Muslims were continuing to purchase and devour the NIHT haraam products. 

(3)  If the NIHT  has any  Islamic conscience, which we believe it  is bereft of, it has presently lulled such conscience into a soothing slumber on the corrupt understanding that it has fully discharged its obligation of forewarning the Muslim public by posting a silly announcement on its website and perhaps by pasting up notices on some Musjid  notice boards. 

Muslims should now apply their minds and try to understand the  vile consequence of the scenario created by the withdrawal of a haraam certificate on the basis of which a carrion outfit  halaalizes  the haraam products. Anyhow we are still assuming for this argument that when the certificate was granted, all the products were halaal. Now despite the announcement appearing on the website, how long will it take  for this news to filter through and reach  every Muslim who  buys junk ‘food’ from the two entities?  Only people who are either  soft in their brains or  who suffer extreme density of brains will believe that every Muslim in the community has been informed with the simultaneous appearance of the  announcement on NIHT’s website. People are still patronizing the two business entities and will continue for a long while until they ultimately learn of the withdrawal of the certificate. 

Thus, NIHT and all other carrion-halaalizing cliques, even in terms of their own corrupt understanding, will have to concede that Muslims will continue to consume the haraam products long after the announcement just as they were devouring these haraam products prior to the announcement at the juncture of the breach when  NIHT was yet unaware. 

For the safety of their Imaan and for the healthy development of their Akhlaaq (moral character) it is Waajib for Muslims to abstain from all the carrion meat and chicken products which the haraam carrion-halaalizing outfits such as NIHT, SANHA, MJC, ICSA, etc.  pass off as ‘halaal’ with their confounded haraam ‘halaal’ certificates. At the peril of the ruin of the Imaan of the community, the ‘halaal’ certificate vendors and vultures are halaalizing carrion to fill their evil monetary coffers with the haraam boodle.

30 Rajab 1435 (30 May 2014)