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Concerned and irate Musallis of a Musjid have justifiably lodged the following complaint:

“We have a problem in our little town where the Masjid is built right next to the madrasah and its courtyard.  Almost daily after Asar Salaat, adults, including a hafiz with four children and others, varsity and high school students play soccer here, much to the disgust of the Musallis who engage in  Zikrullaah and Qur’aan Tilaawat in the Masjid.

There have been complaints from neighbours, and also damage has been caused to the trelli gates protecting the Masjid windows as well as the garage door.

Although this has been pointed out by the Imam from the Mimbar, the elder persons are encouraging the young ones to continue defiantly with their haraam sport. Almost everyday, once  or twice in three minutes, the ball inevitably lands on the Masjid roof and the boys will clamber and  run on the roof to retrieve the ball.

We require Moulana’s advice on this matter urgently. Jazakallah

Was – salaam,      MUSALLIS OF THE MASJID


It is the Waajib obligation of the Trustees of the Musjid to put a stop to all this haraam sporting activity perpetrated by Muslims adjacent to the Musjid. The Trustees are grossly failing in their Waajib duty of  guarding the sanctity of the Musjid and the peace of the Musallis.

According to the Shariah, it is HARAAM to disturb the peace and concentration of the Musallis by reciting audibly even the Qur’aan Majeed.  What then should the Aql and Imaan of Muslims dictate when the peace of the Musallis is  ruined and the sanctity of the Musjid is violated  with the raucous conduct of those involved in Haraam kuffaar sport?

The Musjid and the hearts of the disturbed Musallis  will bear testimony on the Day of Qiyaamah to the evil of those who indulge in kuffaar hooliganism (soccer) in the very precincts of the Musjid. Disturbing a Musalli who is engaging in Thikrullah or Tilaawat is a Kabeerah sin.  It invites the Wrath of Allah Ta’ala.

The elders who are encouraging the evil soccer games to be played adjacent to the Musjid should hang their heads in shame. They should  reflect on their Maut which is not in the too distant future. They will have no valid response for the Takleef they are causing the Musallis and for aiding and abetting in the violation of the sanctity of the Musjid.

The Trustees are guilty of abuse of Amaanat – their sacred position as trustees of a Musjid – for failing to institute action to  bring about a cessation of the evil conduct of those indulging audaciously in kuffaar sport  within the precincts of the Musjid thereby  causing great  inconvenience and annoyance to the Musallis who are  engaging in communion with Allah Ta’ala.

The Musallis are entitled to register their strong protest and to even physically prevent the hoodlums from their vile conduct.  May Allah Ta’ala guide all Muslims and give them the taufeeq  to understand their folly.


Q. A friend send me the following message: “A humble request is made to all to join our group in sending 100 million Duroods upon our Beloved Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) a month. All you have to do is send your Durood counts tomorrow after Asr, Insha-Allah, and weekly – Saturday to Thursday – or daily counts by Thursday Maghrib. ...Target is 6,000,000 for tomorrow, Insha-Allah. Please send this message to all your contacts to help us reach our target.” Is this allowed?

A. Inform  the ‘friend’ to make Taubah and not be the victim of shaitaan’s trap.  Shaitaan approaches people via ‘deeni’ avenues and destroys them with riya. It is haraam to advertise and publicize one’s acts of ibaadat. Never be a party to  this satanic ploy. Recite Durood Shareef  in privacy, and never inform others. The ‘counts’ and  the attitude underlying ibaadat are for only Allah’s knowledge, not for the information and nafsaani gratification of a stupid group egged on by shaitaan.

The request of this dimwit braggart drips with riya. He and his group are  wallowing in an iniquitous cesspool of show and self-esteem (ujub). This group is making a satanic mess of their time and of the ibaadat of Durood. It seems that they are out to impress shaitaan and gratify their nafs by hallucinating that they are great ‘buzroogs’. Their brains are thoroughly vermiculated by the worms of nafsaaniyat. Never become part of this mockery which this miscreant group is making of  Ibaadat. Ibaadat has to be concealed, not advertised. This snare of shaitaan is termed Talbeesul Iblees.



Q. Please explain  the rules regarding the 60 day Kaffaarah fast for having broken a fast without valid reason. I live in the U.S.A. If I send my Kaffaarah contribution to another country, what value should be considered?

A. (1)  Qadha has to be made for each fast of Ramadhaan which is missed. For one fast missed, one Qadha has to be kept, not 60 days.

(2)  If one breaks a Ramadhaan fast without valid reason, then the Kaffaarah penalty applies. 60 consecutive days  have to  be fasted for breaking  one or more fasts during a single Ramadhaan without valid reason. If  one had broken  even a few fasts in this manner during one Ramadhaan, only one 60 day Kaffaarah applies plus the number of days broken. If the fasts were broken in two  Ramadhaans, then two 60 day penalties will apply. This does not mean 120 consecutive days. After  completion of the  one 60 day kaffaarah, the next one may be initiated at any other time.

(3) If one’s health or old age simply does not allow one to keep the sixty day Kaffaarah, then  sixty poor Muslims should be given  the Sadqah Fitr amount. For each one this amount should be given. It may be given to  only one faqeer, but not on one or a couple days. It should be given to him over sixty days. Every day one Sadqah Fitr amount  should be given to him.  The Sadqah amount is the price of 2 kilograms of flour. Or the full  amount may be given on one day to sixty Fuqara,  each one to be given the Sadqah Fitr amount.

(4) Whatever the price of  2 kilogram of flour is in the U.S., use it to calculate your kaffaarah. But remember that monetary kaffaarah is valid only if you are unable to fast.

4 Sha’baan 1435 – 3 June 2014