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A Concerned Brother writes:

“The muftisays forum which is operated by crypto modernists / feminists / salafists, says in refutation of the Shariah’s prohibition of females attending the Musjid:

“When it comes to women attending the Mosques then people need to actually and correctly read the life of Sayyida Atika (RA) the wife of Sayydina Umar (RA) and then Sayyidina Zubair (RA) instead of relying on half a narration in Faazail-e-Amaal. Still waiting for someone to take up the challenge and actually post evidence for their position. I used to be of the same opinion UNTIL I actually read and researched into the matter and realised that the Deobandi position is actually cultural and not based on either the Madhab or Qur’aan and Sunnah.”

(The moron knows very little of the Math-hab, and even less of the Hadith of Aatiqah –radhiyallahu anha – which he has abortively presented as his stupid ‘daleel’ –The Majlis)

Commenting further, the Concerned Brother says:

“Please be advised that this person claims to the highest ‘mufti’, a staunch ‘Hanafi’ and Deobandi. Please comment on the evils of social media, especially on this muftisays forum. Some sincere Muslims believe that this forum in particular is operated by crypto modernists / feminists /  salafists. After reading many threads on this evil website, a concerned brother truly believes that they are pure fitnah-mongers of an extremely deceptive ilk who are trying to ruin, mislead and brainwash the many ignorant but sincere Muslim bloggers who visit this fitnah place for Hanafi / Deobandi fiqh.

These masqueraders spreading fitnah proclaim to be staunch Hanafis / Deobandis but yet, at the same time they attack the very same Ulema whom they proclaim to “love”, under the deceptive disguise of constructive criticism and "difference of opinion or " no proof from Qur’an or Hadith was given". In this deceptive way do they discredit the respected Akaabir Ulema and their fatwas. They are trying to transform the new generation of U.K. Muslims into self-hating antagonist Deobandis.

They allow men and women to chat with each other and say that it is allowed if there is no fitnah and of course, the moderators say that men and women on this website are not allowed to private message each other so as to assure everyone that no fitnah takes place thus making their haraam look as if it is allowed in Shariah because of “education and da’wah” purposes. We agree that all “Islamic” social medias are haraam. We just ask you if you can refute these shaitaani bunch of treacherous men and women running this particular forum that we have mentioned above. Jazakullah khayran”.  (End of the Brother’s letter)

Clearly, this insidious muftisays forum is operated by copro-salafi munaafiqs who masquerade as Hanafis and Deobandis. The Hanafi-Deobandi designation has become a convenient and handy cover for the munaafiq salafis in their plot to wean away from the Math-hab by stealth ignorant and unwary Hanafis. Such munaafiq characters are operating in many places to execute their nefarious plot. Their dishonesty which is akin to nifaaq has indurated their brains and heart to usher them within the purview of the Qur’aanic aayat: “They are deaf, dumb and blind, hence they will not return (to the Path of Hidaayat).” The spiritual faculties of these haraam shaitaani forums grope in the type of blindness about which Allah Ta’ala says:

“Verily, the (physical) eyes are not blind, but the hearts within the breasts are blind.” (Al-Hajj, Aayat 46)

Munaafiqeen of the type who operate so-called “Hanafi-Deobandi” shaitaani media as fronts and guises for propagating Salafi’ism, modernism and satanic feminism are afflicted with divinely-cast filth on their brains. About this type of ‘brain-filth’, the Qur’aan Majeed states: “And, He (Allah) afflicts with RIJS (FILTH) those who lack Aql (healthy Imaani Brains).”

The fact that the copro-salafi munaafiq of this haraam forum labels the Shariah’ prohibition of females attending the Musjid a “cultural Deobandi opinion”, testifies for the dishonesty of the claim of these morons being Hanafis/Deobandis. The moron, by describing the Shariah’s Ruling as “cultural Deobandi opinion”, conspicuously advertises his compound ignorance – jahaalat piled on jahaalat. His contention of the Ruling being a “cultural Deobandi opinion” is the effect of either gross jahaalat (ignorance) or gross dishonesty and nifaaq.

If the copro-salafi munafiq is a total jaahil, then his ignorance of the topic is understandable although he has to be severely rebuked for delving in a subject about which he has displayed glaring stupidity. If his contention is the effect of nifaaq, then too it is understandable. Since he has a subtle, dishonest agenda, his stupid averment about the “cultural opinion” is well understood.

The Ulama of Deoband have arrived only recently on the stage of Shar’i Uloom whilst the Fatwa of Prohibition has been in the Ummah for the past fourteen centuries. We have, Alhamdulillah, published five booklets on the question of women and Musaajid. Any honest person with a little brains, who reads these publication will understand that the Prohibition has been issued by the Sahaabah, the Fuqaha of the Taabieen era, the Fuqaha of the Tab-e-Taabieen age, and by the Fuqaha of every generation centuries prior to the era of Deoband. Was the Prohibition of the past fourteen centuries a “Deobandi cultural opinion”? In which Deobandi Madrasah did Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhyu), the vast majority of the Sahaabah, the Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen and the thousands of Fuqaha down the long corridor of Islam’s history acquire their Knowledge of the Deen? Of which Deobandi Madrasah was Hadhrat Aishah (radhiyallahu anha) the Mufti when she issued her Fatwa of Prohibition?

All the argument which have been presented in substantiation of the Prohibition are the Dalaa-il of the Fuqaha of the Khairul Quroon era, and of those Fuqaha who flourished centuries before the Ulama of Deoband. The names of these Fuqaha have been mentioned in our publications which are available from us. The books may also be acquired from our website,

The attribution of the Prohibition to “Deobandi Culture” is an adequate daleel for confirming the “brain filth” of these copro-salafi munaafiqs who operate the muftisays haraam forum. The spiritual blindness and intellectual fossilization of these fellows whose brains are dank with copro-substances are indeed mind-boggling. They are so darn stupid that they fail to understand that “Deoband Culture” – whatever this creature may mean – did not exist during the golden Khairul Quroon era from whence the Prohibition of females attending the Musjid originates. While there was no Deoband during the ages of the Sahaabah and the Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen, we can safely and proudly affirm that during the era of our recent Deobandi Akaabireen, Deoband in retrospect is an extension of the illustrious Chain of Ulama who had flourished during Khairul Quroon. By “recent” Akaabir we refer to the noble likes of Hadhrat Maulana Qaasim Nanotwi, Hadhrat Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi, Hadhrat Khalil Ahmed Saharanpuri, Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayhim) and their contemporary glittering galaxy of Stars which had emblazoned the firmament of Islamic Uloom, Taqwa and Wara’. The reference is not to present-day Deoband.

Since none of these illustrious Fuqaha of many centuries ago had the slightest relationship with the non-existent Darul Uloom of Deoband, the stupid contention of the Prohibition being the “cultural opinion of Deoband” disgorged by copro-salafi munaafiq morons is laughable. It further confirms the jahaalat of the copro-characters. What they had disgorged is pure bunkum and rubbish.

In our five publications on this subject, every argument of the people of ghabaawah (intellectual density) has been adequately responded and refuted. Hitherto, not a single daleel on which the Prohibition is based has been rationally answered on the basis of Shar’i dalai-il. The only responses forthcoming is rubbish such as the stupidity disgorged by the haraam mufti says forum. The ghabi having totally failed to respond rationally to the dalai-il of the Fuqaha, scrounged an excrescential narration about Hadhrat Aatiqah (radhiyallahu anha) with which the morons of the haraam forum abortively seek to bolster their flotsam of “deobandi cultural position”.

The Fuqaha and Aimmah Mujtahideen many centuries before the appearance of Deobandi Ulama, had explained the application of every Hadith which permitted female attendance at the Musjid. They presented the Shar’i grounds for the Prohibition. But the copro-salafi munaafiqs are clumsily spinning the Hadith of Hadhrat Aatiqah (radhiyallahu anha) to conform to their own copro-narratives. There is nothing in the said narration to upset the Ruling of Prohibition issued fourteen centuries ago by the Sahaabah, led by Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu), and  upheld by the Fuqaha of the Khairul Quroon epoch and of all the Fuqaha and Ulama of all generations right down to the present age. Only morons, modernists, feminists and crypto satanists of this lewd age argue stupidly against the Prohibition.

The narration pertaining to Hadhrat Aatiqah (radhiyallahu anha) is superfluous in entirety in the attempt to deny the Prohibition. She, herself, had abandoned going to Musjid. She had commented that women would attend the Musjid when “people were still human beings”. Furthermore, it is moronic to present this excrescential narration to deny the Fatwa of all Four Math-habs – the Fatwa of Prohibition emanating from the era of the Sahaabah.

The morons would have sounded more credible if they had rather adhered to the authentic Ahaadith in which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself had granted permission to women to attend the Musjid. However, falling from the sublime  to the ridiculous, the haraam forum’s copro-‘muftis’ – frauds and deceits – clutch at the straw for sustaining their flotsam contention. A dumb aunt – the product of a secular kuffaar brothel-university – who had tried her luck at the same game of deception in the abortive attempt to scuttle the fourteen century Prohibition, appears to have better brains than the copro-salafis of the muftisays forum, for she had at least deceptively presented the Ahaadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) as the basis of her apodalic, stupid arguments. But the copro-salafis of the haraam forum could find nothing better than the episode of Hadhrat Aatiqah (radhiyallahu anha) which is in entirety a non-issue in so far as the Prohibition is concerned. In fact, her narration fully supports the Prohibition which she had upheld by means of her own abstention from Musjid attendance.

Any seeker of the Truth who is genuinely interested in this topic should read all five booklets which we have  published in elucidation and confirmation of the Shariah’s Ruling of Prohibition, viz., the Shariah prohibits women  from attending the Musaajid for Salaat or for any purpose whatsoever.




Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had warned the Ummah to save themselves from acquiring knowledge from bogus ‘scholars’ masquerading as Ulama. It is not permissible to lick up the vomit of these juhhaal internet ‘mufti’ maajins – moron so-called ‘muftis who ruin the Akhlaaq of Muslims and rob them of their Imaan.

The internet abounds with deceits, crooks, robbers and debauchers who lie in ambush of unwary and ignorant Muslims. Their main targets are the females. Under ‘deeni’ facade the promoters of satanism seek gratification for their egregiously bestial concupiscence which find free play via the internet. They are seduced by female-chatting and the women are being seduced by these shayaateenul ins (human devils). With rubbish arguments they shamelessly justify their zina attitudes in  the name of Allah’s  Deen. Beware of these thugs who hijack Imaan and Akhlaaq.

The ignorant masses, especially females, are quickly misled and entrapped by any moron who poses as a ‘mufti’ on the internet. Any Deeni-sounding forum is regarded as wahi’ by the ignorant masses.

A sure sign for the satanism and fraud of an internet forum or of an internet ‘mufti’ is the character’s affability towards females. He  stupidly labours to exude copro-charm to gain the attraction of the female. Any forum which indulges in ‘chatting’ with females is a devil’s forum regardless of the ‘chatting’ being deceptively restricted to ‘deeni’ issues. Any chatting with women is immoral dalliance which is haraam and within the scope of zina.

We urge Muslims to beware of the imposter ‘muftis’ of the internet forums. Don’t  seek knowledge of the Deen from just any Tom, Dick and Harry. Imaan is a valuable and also a delicate Treasure. Guard your Imaan. Save this Treasure from the depredations of the religious frauds and deceits – the quack ‘muftis’ who disgorge satanism in the name of the Deen.

18 Zil Qa’dh 1435 – 13 September 2014