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My personal experience today the 16th December 2014. 

I called Steers North Beach (Durban) on the beachfront. I spoke to a youngster by the name of Mohamed who is the manager, and asked: Who certifies the franchise? He told me SANHA. I then placed my order. When I went down to collect my order, I found a different certificate, not the one of SANHA, but one which stated ICSA.

I questioned the manager as to why did he lie. He told me that SANHA was the certifying body and he did not know that it was changed. I asked him when did the certificate change. He told me that it changed a few days ago. (Yet he said  that he did not know when  the carrion certificate had changed). I went to see the certificate and the date reflected January 2014. I asked him as to why did he (again) lie to me? The certificate is dated Jan 2014. He started fumbling and the story changed again. I asked for the owner’s name and cell number which he refused to give me. I found this to be very strange. All I'm asking for the name and number. He refused and would not cooperate with me. I found this to be very suspicious and very unethical.

I thought of bringing this to the notice of all my friends who are conscious of consuming halàal, to be careful. Jazakallah!  Later I learnt that the restaurant is owned by 2 Hindus and 1 Muslim

The store was owned by a Muslim person some years back and was certified by SANHA at the time. Subsequently, Hindu persons purchased the shop and were not willing to fulfil the SANHA requirement of SANHA supervisors on site daily ... thus the SANHA cert was removed. It is shocking that the store continues to mislead the public in this manner ...”   (End of letter)



Nothing is any more shocking in the carrion trade and the satanic carrion halaalizing enterprise conducted by the Carrion Halaalizers such as SANHA, MJC, NIHT, ICSA, etc. They have no concept of ethics. The only concept they understand is ‘BOODLE’. The element of shock has long ago disappeared from the hearts of the Muslim public. The gluttonous ingestion of diseased, rotten, haraam halaalized carrion chickens and meats has completely desensitized and paralysed the hearts and brains of Muslims. As long as any non-Muslim displays a scrap piece of paper called ‘halaal’ certificate, it will soothe the conscience of the Muslims addicted to haraam carrion. On the basis of the haraam scrap paper, Muslims devour carrion which may not be given to even dogs according to the Shariah. 

The competition among the carrion halaalizers conspicuously illustrate the boodle objective. As soon as one  carrion-halaalizing entity is constrained to withdraw its certificate, the other entity waiting in the shadows, gleefully leaps to fill the ‘vacuum’ by promptly  halaalizing the haraam outlet. In the current example mentioned by the complainant in the above letter, the miserable ICSA entity quickly occupied the space left by SANHA. In a past episode, the MJC, with much delight, tripudiated with joy when the glaring state of haraam shenanigans compelled SANHA to withdraw its carrion certificate from ANCA Chickens in Stutterheirm, Cape. The very next day the MJC issue the kuffaar plant with a haraam carrion certificate to continue advertising its carrion ‘halaal’. 

While 25% of the blame for carrion addiction lies with the miserable halaalizing agencies, 75% must be attributed to the carrion-consuming Muslim public. On the Day of Qiyaamah, Muslims will not be able to offer the excuse of ‘halaal’ certificates for their crime of carrion-addiction. Allah Ta’ala has bestowed sufficient intelligence to all Muslims to enable them to understand reality and the truth with only slight cadging of the brains. 

The fact is that these haraam carrion purveyors are hauling into their coffers millions of rands, hence they cannot be concerned with the ruin of the Imaan of Akhlaaq of Muslims. Without the slightest fear of contradiction it can be said that even if 100% of the Muslim community boycotts the halaalized carrion products, the carrion-halaalizing purveyors will not close shop. Their haraam certificate trade will not suffer, and the millions will continue to flow into their coffers. The Muslim traders who sell the carrion chickens, etc. need the certificates to justify their haraam trade, and the overseas importers also require these scraps of paper to befool and deceive the ignorant and gluttonous Muslims in their respective countries. 

While it is our obligation to criticize and crucify the Carrion-Halaalizers, Muslims who devour the halaalized carrion have no right to crtitize these illegitimate entities when a glaring malpractice is discovered. They devour the carrion of their own free will. Therefore, they should not make SANHA, MJC, etc. the scapegoats for their own drug and carrion addiction. You will carry your own burden of carrion sins on the Day of Qiyaamah while SANHA, MJC, NIHT, ICSA and other elements of Satanism will carry their own sins plus the sins of all those who had devoured their halaalized carrion.


“…..So that they may carry their own total burden (of sins) on the

Day of Qiyaamah (as well) as the burdens of sins of those whom

they mislead without knowledge. Indeed, vile is that (burden)

which they will carry.” (Aayat 25, An-Nahl)

29 Safar 1436 – 22 December 2014