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1) The KZN Jamiat is inviting the Muslim community of Durban to participate in Salaat ul Istisqaa which will be performed at the Orient School (either on the school sports ground or in the school hall - there is no Musjid at the school). A poster issued by the KZN Jamiat explaining the method of performing this Salaat states: "The  method  of  performing  this  Salaah  is  for  the  Imaam  to  lead  the people  to  the  outskirts  of  the  town  for  this  Salaah. In places where this is not possible, the Masjid will suffice."

(I have attached the posters which were issued by the KZN Jamiat). The KZN Jamiat appears to be contradicting itself by inviting the Muslim community of Durban to participate in the performance of Salaat ul Istisqaa at the Orient School thereby bypassing the Musjid.

2) Should the Muslim community of Durban participate in the Salaat ul Istisqaa which will be performed at the Orient School?

3) Another poster issued by the Jamiat KZN states the following: "At  times  when  there  is  a  severe  shortage  of  water  and  people  do not  have  enough  water  to  sustain  their  basic  needs  of  life, there  is  a special  Salaah  to  be  performed  which  is  called  Salaatul  Istisqaa.". Currently there is municipal water available in Durban - normal supply which is above the basic needs of life (other areas in KZN are affected by municipal water restrictions). Should Salaat ul Istisqaa be performed now in apprehension of the fear that a drought will occur in the near future or should each city/ town only perform Salaat ul Istisqaa after the onset of the drought in each respective city/ town - i.e. after all the dams and rivers supplying the city/ town have dried up?

(4) Is it permissible for a city/ town to perform Salaat ul Istisqaa on behalf of other cities/ towns? It appears that the Salaat ul Istisqaa which will be performed at the Orient School will be performed on behalf of all the areas in KZN which are facing water shortages.



(1) The ‘salaatul istisqa’ being organized at the Orient Kaafir school, is one of the worst mockeries being enacted. It is not permissible to participate in this mockery of the Deen.

It is a despicable publicity stunt which the Jamiat is enacting in the name of Islam. Among the signs of Qiyaamah according to the Hadith is that the ‘amal of the Aakhirah will be used for the acquisition of the dunya’.

(2)  The Muslim community of Durban should not participate in this mockery perpetrated in the name of the Deen. This is NEVER the occasion for Salaatul Istisqa nor is the Orient Kaafir School a halaal venue for Salaat. It is not permissible to perform even Jumuah Salaat in that venue.

(3) It is sad that the Jamiat has miserably failed to understand the meanings of water shortage and suffering. It is sadder that they display such a conspectus lack of the basic requisites for the permissibility of Salaatul Istisqa. If ever there is a dire need for Salaatul istisqa, it will be HARAAM to perform it in the Orient Kaafir School grounds.

(4) Currently there is no need for this Salaat in any area of Natal. It is stupid and bid’ah for Durban to perform Salaatul Istisqa if there is a drought in Kalahari Desert or in Stanger.

9 Ramadhaan 1436 (26 June 2015)