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Recently it was brought to the notice of the Muslim community that some Pick ‘n Pay stores were fraudulently using SANHA’s ‘halaal’ logo to advertise  their haraam pies. The glaring  truth of this fraud constrained SANHA to sheepishly  whisper:

“Selected Pick ‘n Pay stores have fraudulently used  the SANHA Halaal Logo on their recent ‘Pie Promo’. SANHA does not certify any PnP pies/ bake-offs.”

The gravity of the fraud cannot be  so easily fobbed off by issuing a stupid statement which in no way whatsoever appeases concerned Muslims, nor does it explain the circumstances which allowed the perpetration of the fraud on the basis of which many Muslims  must surely have consumed the haraam, carrion pies  believed to have been certified by SANHA. One  concerned Muslims brother wrote to SANHA:

“How does PnP and other people get to use the SANHA logo? Do they go out and make their own or have  their own printed, or is this given to them ready printed from SANHA with batch numbers for tracking purposes?

Who supervises the PnP stores in house to see that they stick  the labels into proper items? How does SANHA enforce this in all PnP'’, or does SANHA leave it to the individual stores to stick on and  supervise?

I am sure that the above questions can be answered as it only is  asking questions about the procedure followed. I am not a journalist nor am I an Aalim. I am a Muslim who is trying to clear my thoughts  on this issue, then decide  whether to abstain or not.”

Skirting the questions posed, SANHA mumbled some vague/ambiguous response. Commenting on the  ducking and diving attitude of SANHA, the Brother states:

“I have given up asking my questions to SANHA regarding this incident. Surely nobody leaves their cheque book laying around in the hands of strangers without taking serious action if it is  misused… is the halaal stamp.  But here it is being forgive.”

Another Brother asks: “Why is SANHA hiding or keeping  this apology so secretive when this matter affects Muslims?”

The need for being secretive is constrained by the  rotten carrion stench which would be released should  the truth be revealed. The whole haraam carrion ‘halaal’ certificate  fraudulent  business  reeks of  haraam RIJS (filth), hence  SANHA deems it imperative to sweep the facts of truth under the carpet.  Fobbing off this grave issue only further confirms the illegitimacy of these haraam carrion halaalizers whose lives are spent in  haraam shenanigans  to sustain their haraam ‘halaal’  certificate industry.


The irrefutable facts of the carrion  saga are:

Muslim  should understand that  they are not supposed to be like  beasts which gratify their  emotional instincts in whatever  way is available to them.  The Muslim is not supposed to devour just any rot advertised as ‘halaal’ food. The Akhlaaq (moral attributes of excellence) of Muslims are completed destroyed by the consumption of carrion. Imaan is corroded and eroded drastically by  constant consumption of  the rotten haraam carrion chickens and other meat products which SANHA halaalizes for the sake of  the haraam boodle.  While SANHA is concerned with the boodle, Muslims are supposed to be concerned with the development of their Imaan and Akhlaaq-e-Hamedah (attributes of moral excellence.).

The vital importance of halaal food for the  development and safety of Imaan is well borne out by the Qur’aanic command: “O Rusul (Messengers): “Eat Tayyibaat (Halaal and Wholesome food), and practise virtuous deeds.” This aayat illustrates the absolute importance of  consuming  pure and halaal foods. Such food is a prerequisite for the development of Taqwa. It was a requisite for   even the missions of the Ambiya (alayhimus salaam), hence Allah’s command to them to be meticulous in the food they consume. The halaalized muck and junk which SANHA extolls in its  satanic magazine in total conflict with the Qur’aan and Ahaadith, destroy both physical  health and the spirituality of the Mu’min.

11 Shawwaal 1436 – 28 July 2015