"Pork Noodles"

Monday, August 10 2015 Written by Administrator  




Among the worst curses which have settled on the Ummah in this era are the Halaalizers of Carrion – the haraam ‘halaal’ certificate racketeers.  Due to this CURSE on the Muslim Ummah, pork and donkey meat are being universally consumed by Muslims. Pork and donkey meat are proliferating the meat industry in every country where the satanic curse of carrion halaalizing entities exists. These miserable entities such as SANHA, MJC and NIHT and their illegitimate sister bodies in other countries are responsible for the elimination of inhibition to haraam. This natural propensity in the Imaan of every Muslim has been destroyed by addiction to carrion which is now audaciously devoured on the basis of the satanic deception of halaal certificates and halaal logos.

The following report while lamentable is not surprising, for pork and donkey meat to be sold as ‘halaal’ is simply a logical consequence of issuing halaal certificates to kuffaar.


RIYADH — An importer that allegedly allowed noodles with pork ingredients to enter the Saudi market has been referred to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution (BIP) along with four wholesale traders for questioning before facing a court trial on charges of commercial fraud and breaching the country’s regulations. An official source at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said on Thursday that if convicted, the importer would also face punishments from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) for distributing unhygienic and unlicensed foodstuffs. The department of customs will also blacklist the importer so all his imports are scrutinized closely. The merchants that distributed the noodles among the retailers denied having any knowledge of pork products in the shipment.”

This is not the first time that pork has been imported and sold in Saudi Arabia as well as in other Muslim countries, nor is it the second or the third time. It is a regular occurrence which goes undetected. 

Muslims in Egypt are so addicted to carrion meat, pork and donkey that “food safety officials  say that it is perfectly safe to eat donkey meat”. Yet Allah Ta’ala has  decreed donkey meat Haraam for Muslims. This attitude of officialdom in Egypt is to be expected. The  government in Egypt is kaafir, hence there is no surprise in this carrion attitude. It is the same carrion attitude  of SANHA, MJC, NIHT and of all carrion halaalizers. To them the only concern is the haraam money for which they lust. 

“The  official attempted to downplay public fears, saying the beast of burden – as well as dog meat – had long been eaten by blissfully unaware Egyptians.”

“Two scientific studies have shown that donkey and dog meat have been sold in minced meat and ready-made sandwiches for ages” No wonder Egyptians  behave like donkeys and dogs. SISI is a prime example. The report continues:

 “Local news reported last week that Egyptian police raided a farm in Fayoum, which was found to be raising donkeys for human consumption. A drove of 1500 live and 30 slaughtered donkeys were reportedly seized from the farm.”

It is the accursed ‘halaal’ certificate industry operated by  gangs who have sold their Imaan for the miserable carrion and crumbs of this dunya that has opened the way for carrion meats, carrion chicken, pork and donkey meat  to become ‘food’ for Muslims of this age. While these carrion operators are merciless, at least  Muslims are supposed to have mercy on their own souls.  The consumption of haraam filth utterly ruins Imaan and  destroys  Islamic morality. 

Abstention from not only haraam, but also from mushtabah (doubtful) ‘foods’ can never be over-emphasized, for carrion has been divinely ordained to be the food of the shayaateen.  Haraam  ‘food’  breeds satanism. The satanic  attributes existing today in the  Ummah are not surprising when viewing  what   Muslims are devouring. Carrion and a plethora of poisonous and haraam  ingredients in all processed foods – all halaalized by the unscrupulous agents of Iblees – have destroyed even the physical health of  entire nations. Diseases such as cancer, heart problems,  diabetes, etc, have  attained epidemic proportions. There is no longer  any mystery underlying the massive increase of these diseases. The filth, muck and rot – halaalized muck – which  are being consumed, are the  causes of all the diseases. 

As long as Muslims are indifferent in the matter of what they consume, their physical, moral and spiritual sufferings will be incremental. They will continue to wallow in the moral and physical diseases in which all people of the world are trapped. Allah Ta’ala stresses  repeatedly in the Qur’aan Majeed the imperative importance of Halaal food, and so does the Hadith.  “And, only the people of intelligence derive lesson.” (Qur’aan)

24 Shawwaal 1436 – 10 August 2015