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Question: A dentist issued an advert for his practice which was distributed  via social media. The dentist who studied in America made a video which starts with  him and his two sisters singing the Salaam accompanied by music. Thereafter he describes his practice, expertise, etc.

A statement purportedly emanating from The Majlis severely condemned the dentist and his advert. The full  text of the  statement attributed to The Majlis is as follows:

It has come to our attention that so called muslim professionals have now resorted to indulging their baboon neurons with totally haraam music videos to advertise their haraam practices. This is the consequences of a putrid and absolutely contaminated education system mixing with a hollow skull.

These so called smile straighteners dance and sing to promote their absence of talent like promotional prostitutes.  They think that a abracadabra magic moment will bring them rozi and fulfillment.  They are deluded dental delinquents who need to be rescued from the devil. We have released this statement with urgency to nip these shaytaani acts in the bud.
Soon this will escalate to wives parading their bodies to solicit business for their partners. These so called muslims worship nothing but money. Already,  we have heard of incidents in the wealthiest community of Johannesburg where wives are sold at gyms. They exercise everything but their miniscule brains.

We are no longer shocked at how depraved people have become. The so called imaams and ulema in these areas are pop stars so obviously their flock will follow.

We can only hope that these professionals whose family we know and respect will straighten their brain first before they straighten other people's teeth.

From the desk of The Majlis.

Did The Majlis issue this statement?

ANSWER: Undoubtedly, the coonarey of the dentist is most despicable. It is a haraam act akin to kufr. In fact, the dentist and his sisters may have lost their Imaan. It appears obvious that they believe that their haraam coonarey is halaal. If this is their belief, then they have to repent and renew their Imaan. 

While we agree with the sentiments expressed in the aforementioned statement, we categorically deny authorship. We did not issue the statement. Whoever is responsible for the statement has committed a grave injustice for attributing it to us. The author/s should have made bold their identity.

28 Shawwaal 1436 – 14 August