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A news report states: “UK Halal authority forbids machine-killed poultry”. The report is dated 27 February 2014, however, it came to our attention only today (10 September 2015). 

Apparently the SANHA Carrion Halaalizer-type body in the U.K. called HAB (Halal Authority Body, has decided that it was time to decry  the flagrantly haraam-killed carrion chickens which it had hitherto been certifying  as ‘halaal’, and which Muslim in the U.K. had been devouring like vultures relishing on carrion. 

HAB has woken up from its evil slumber and has decided to proclaim as ‘haraam’ the previously ‘halaal’ certified carrion chickens. While HAB has merely acted  correctly, its belated correction does not detract from the fact that it was responsible for feeding U.K.Muslims with haraam carrion chickens for years. And, the  reality is that  even after having proclaimed the chickens haraam, the  haraam carrion-consumption imbroglio has not suddently and simultaneously  ceased with the  announcement. It will take considerable time for the news to filter through and reach every Muslim who has been consuming the halaalized carrion – halaalized by HAB. Furthermore, it is not a simple issue for  the masses  bereft of Taqwa to  abandon the carrion addiction which is like drug addiction.  It is too traumatic an experience for people addicted to daily devouring  rotten, stinking, diseased  haraam carrion  chickens to suddenly give up what has all along been not only  delicious ‘food’, but which has become their staple diet. 

The report mentions:  “The decision, since no  certifiers will accept machine slaughter, will mean that 1.8 million machine-killed poultry will be taken  out of the halal supply chain each week.” Previously all these millions of carrion chickens were  marketed as ‘halaal’, and HAB was fully aware of the situation, but had not notified the Muslim community. Confirming this fact, HAB states: 

“It was explained  that under Islamic law, mechanical slaughter is haram, as per a consensus already signed by the HAB in June 2012. The conference played a video showing poultry being killed by machine with no pronouncement of Allah’s name. It showed only  a sign stating ‘halal’ along with Allah’s name. This according to HAB, depicted the deception and fraud that can and does occur in machine slaughter.

The signed statement reads: ‘We the undersigned, formally declare that the slaughter of animals by mechanical means (including sacred blade) is not permissible and considered haram (forbidden) for Muslims.” 

The ‘sacred blade’ is the devils blade which he (Iblees) uses to  ‘slaughter’, and which ‘slaughtering’ the carrion cabal halaalizes. The slaughter of Iblees was termed Shareetatush Shaitaan by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). All slaughter systems in all halaalized  commercial carrion  killing facilities,  even   the hand-killing systems, are all Shareetatush Shaitaan. Thus the carrion chickens which  HAB, HAF, SANHA, MJC, NIHT and other  miserable carrion vendors halaalize are all the effects of Shareetatush Shaitaan. 

Continuing, the report states: “This effectively means that 40% of chickens previously certified halal will  no longer be allowed to be labelled as such......Naved Syed, halal adviser to the Yorkshire Association of Asian Businesses, said: ‘There will be no ambiguous situation regarding machine slaughter any more, as all the certifiers have banned this practice.”

But in the very recent past the situation was flagrantly halaal. Yet despite the  glaringly haraam situation  pertaining to the carrion chickens, Muslims were still fed the rotten, diseased haraam carrion chickens halaalized by  all these agents of Iblees. 

HAB and other carrion vendors had  “adopted and signed  the motion at a conference on 22 February 2014”, yet they (HAB and the others) were aware for years of the  chickens being  converted into carrion by the process of machine-killing, i.e. the Devil’s Slaughtering system. The “consensus” on this issue was signed in June 2012. However, the announcement  was made  almost two years later.  How did these carrion halaalizers manage to sleep  with the full knowledge that the Muslims in U.K. were devouring the rotten, diseased, haraam carrion chickens on the basis of  their satanic certification?  It is difficult to believe that carrion halaalizers have Imaan. 

For these carrion pirates and bootleggers Muslims devouring carrion is not a big issue. The big or the biggest issue for them is the haraam boodle  filling their coffers and their pockets. Their villainy in this field is adequately depicted in the following statement: 

“In December 2013 the Halal Food Authority (HFA) made a statement saying  that it no longer accepted mechanical slaughtering of poultry. It said that poultry slaughterhouses that employ a mechanical  fixed blade would no longer be accredited by the HFA for halal status with effect from 3 March 2014.

Syed therefore believes that suppliers have had enough time to prepare for a move to hand-slaughter. He Said: ‘Suppliers have had three months to get their affairs in order.”


These people should drown themselves in the blood of  the carrion chickens they had been all along certifying and feeding to Muslims. Despite being fully aware of the machine-killing, they had continued certifying the filth (RIJS) mentioned in the Qur’aan Majeed. Whilst they were aware for years of the haraam killing, they allowed the killing facilities  leeway until 3 March 2014 to continue  marketing the carrion as ‘halaal’. 

These vile creatures who halaalize carrion have no qualms – no conscience – no Imaani feelings, hence they proclaimed the carrion to be haraam despite their awareness of the ‘deception and the fraud’. Rather, they engage in dialogue and grant leeway and continue feeding the community haraam carrion marketed as ‘halaal’. 

The conduct of these carrion vendors is Islamically speaking, absolutely horrible and akin to kufr. Sounding a veiled warning to SANHA and others of SANHA’s ilk such as the MJC and NIHT, who may attempt to fill the carrion vacuum with their  carrion stamp, Mr.Naved Syed said:

“I expect some companies will try to get round this by getting overseas certifiers to approve the machine slaughter. Unfortunately this will not work as overseas halal certifiers have no bearing on the UK industry.....” 

This warning should stop the watering mouths of SANHA and MJC. The MJC has a track record of swiftly filling a  carrion  vacuum created by a withdrawing carrion certifier as  it (the MJC) had demonstrated when  due to public pressure SANHA was compelled to withdraw and cancel the carrion certificate it had granted  to ANCA Chickens a couple of years ago. The MJC, as swift as lightening, jumped into the vacuum from the dark shadows where it was waiting in expectation of SANHA cancelling its carrion certificate. It promptly issued ANCA a stinking haraam ‘halaal’ certificate. The haraam boodle is always the determinant in the carrion industry. 

It is long overdue for Muslims to have realized what they are gluttonously gobbling and devouring. Muslims have ruined their Imaan and utterly destroyed their Islamic morality with the addiction of halaalized diseased carrion chickens. They have, in addition destroyed their physical health, hence cancer, heart problems and a host of other diseases have reached epidemic proportions in the community.

25 Zil Qa’dh 1436   - 10 September 2015