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In an article, dated 12 Zil Haj 1436 – 26 September 2015, The Majlis criticized Channel Islam for the programme conducted by Zahida Khotu and Safia Kaka. You had reproduced letters of Zehir Omar Attorneys in which the lawyer had alleged that Zahida  Khotu was parading herself as a medical doctor. In other words she is guilty of fraud. For your information, she is a professional nurse registered with the South African Tibb Association. Please comment on the allegation of Mr. Zehir Omar.


Brother  Zehir Omar is capable of commenting on the claims he has made. Insha-Allah, his comments should be forthcoming. We, do however, understand that there is a vast difference between a nurse and a medical doctor. Perhaps you are unaware of this difference.  As far as we are concerned, the position remains unchanged. Whether she is guilty of parading herself as a medical doctor or not, does not affect the validity of the Shariah’s stance and ruling.

The programme which Channel Shaitaan conducts, and in which the two women feature, is Islamically unacceptable. It is a lewd, obscene, immoral and haraam programme. It is destructive of the morals of Muslims from the Islamic perspective. Any violations of the secular laws committed by the women and Channel Shaitaan, are issues entirely apart from the Shariah.

According to the Shariah the management of Channel Shaitaan and the two women involved in the obscene programme are fussaaq and fujjaar who are destroying the Akhlaaq of Muslims with their  be-haya, be-sharam (shameless) obscene broadcasting. It is totally unacceptable that a medium which dubs itself ‘Channel Islam’ engaging in the ruin of the morality of the Muslim community. Islam never permits the public dissemination of obscenity and lewdism. There are Islamically dignified ways of imparting education on sexuality. The public venue is never a permissible medium for this type of education. If the culprits have any vestiges of Islamic decency left in them, they should immediately terminate their programmes of obscenity.

“Do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan. Verily, he is your open enemy. He only instructs you with immorality and obscenity, and that you fabricate about Allah what you know not.” (Qur’aan)

16 Zil Hajj 1436 – 30 September 2015