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Reacting to our criticism of the inexperienced junior molvis and office workers who have utterly ruined the reputation and functioning of the former Jamiatul Ulama Natal, molvi Ahmed Mohammedy, the junior ameer of Jamiatul Juhala, in his e-mail to us states: 

“Your latest public attack on me refers. We have worked with the IHH through the Imdaad Foundation this Ramadaan. You are free to verify this with them. For Allah Ta’ala’s sake, spread the truth at least.”


Since our inception, the Haqq (Truth) has been our hallmark and our lifeblood, Al-hamdulillah. We do not understand the strategy of beating about the bush, dubious diplomacy, satanic ‘wisdom’ and dumb shaitaani silence in which you and your ilk of the NNB Jamiat, Darush Shaitaan and the MJC specialize. While concealing the Haqq and creating obfuscation with baatil and deception are the conspicuous hallmarks of your fraternity of Soo’, our principle is the unadulterated, glittering  Haqq which you and the conglomerate of juhala molvies and sheikhs are incapable of digesting. And for Allah’s Sake we have published your childish reaction – a reaction which is the effect of failing to apply the brains correctly. 

If you did indeed work this Ramadhaan with Imdaad Foundation, it does not negate the fact that you did previously link up with the Gulenist movement and you were their handmaid. Your decision to work with Imdaad was obviously the result of strong criticism by some senior Ulama whom you and your miserable clique of juniors had treacherously worked out of the executive to enable you characters to implement your shaitaani shenanigans. In so doing, you followed in the footsteps of the juhala molvis of the NNB Jamiat who had treacherously eliminated the senior Ulama from the then Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal. 

Besides the Gulenist issue, we have criticized you on a range of issues. Our criticism is not restricted to your dalliance with the Gulenists. Read our naseehat again and again, and if you have a semblance of Haqq in your heart, then we urge you to resign and get out of the Jamiat. Let other seniors attend to the Jamiat which you have messed up. But your craving for name and fame, which is an attribute of contemptibility, will not permit you to save your Aakhirat. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“In fact, insaan has baseerat over his nafs even though he puts forth excuses.”


You know that you are power drunk. It is only such an intoxicated person who can manage to act insolently towards his seniors. Only a man who has lost the direction of Haqq is able to behave arrogantly and like a snake, work subtly behind the scenes to have senior members of the Jamiat neutralized. 

Examine your heart.  Reflect with some sincerity and you will not fail to discern the two-tongued, treacherous back-stabber you are. You lack in the essential rudiments of akhlaaq and adab. You work to undermine the Haqq, hence despite having pretended to be on our side, you were quietly digging at the foundations of the Deen, hence you found it comfortable to become a bedfellow with Qabar Pujaaris, modernists, Zindeeqs and the like. You have effectively joined the alliance of shayaateen, namely, the Barelwi Qabar Pujaaris, the modernist devils of the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg and the Zindeeqs of the MJC. All of you miserable agents of Iblees have found a home in the BOGUS ‘uucsa’. You all are a bunch of deceits and frauds operating under Deeni guise. You all are shayaateen in human form. 

Mr. Mohammedy, hang your head in shame! Your conduct has been absolutely treacherous and disgraceful. The silly couple of lines you have written in no way frees you from the many charges levelled at you. But, remember that whoever trifles with Allah’s Deen, and whoever seeks name and fame by mis-manipulating the name of Islam, will rue the day he was born. You will not escape the Divine Lash when it strikes you for your treachery. Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) said: “Whoever deceives a servant (of Allah), Allah will disgrace him.” Be prepared for this Athaab of humiliation for your deceitful conduct. 

What common ground, what Shar’i ground and what Sunnah ground did you find in the camp of grave-worshippers, modernists, zindeeqs, fussaaq and fujjaar? Did your Imaani conscience not agitate in that mal-oon, mabghoodh hall of the Qabar Pujaaris where the medley of miscreants congregated to speak and discuss absolute drivel in the name of Islam? 

Your arraignment is not restricted to your crime of having become a bedfellow of the Gulenists. You are indicted for a variety of crimes, some of which have been mentioned in our previous indictment. It is your lust for rotten name and stupid fame that has constrained you to cast your mouth like a dog in everyone’s plate. You have wooed gulenists, the fussaaq of the MJC, the stupid modernists of the NNB Jamiat, and the mushriks of the Qabar Pujaari sect. You and the couple of poodles in the office have utterly destroyed the Jamiatul Ulama Natal. With you and your mobsters there is now no longer justification for the existence of the Jamiat of which you have ridiculously become the ‘ameer’. You with your miserable fellow conspirators should join Darush Shaitaan. You have become birds of the feather. The Deen and the Haqq are not the Maqaasid of miserable sell-outs of your ilk. Darush Shaitaan is a better home for you. You will feel snug over there because the characters who constitute that Devil’s Abode entertain the same views of Satanism as you. 

We must emphasize for your edification your treachery, and your back-stabbing act. Remember, the recent MMB case in the Cape High Court. The matter is still in progress. You are aware that Genuine UUCSA with whom we are aligned has applied to be accepted as an interested party, not as a mere amicus. What was your miserable, shaitaani act of treachery which you had contemplated in the nefarious bid to thwart our application?  You had developed an insane desire at that time to issue in the name of your Jamiatul Juhala a statement saying that your silly and stupid Jamiat has no relationship with Genuine UUCSA – the UUCSA which is fighting the Cause of Allah’s Deen – the UUCSA which is guarding the Shariah of Allah Azza Wa Jal. 

The one and only vile, treacherous motive for the insane desire was to undermine us – to undermine the Haqq, hence you deemed it appropriate to stab us in the back whilst you displayed humility in our presence. You have descended to an extremely vile level of nifaaq. Although, for some reason, you were thwarted and you could not issue your rubbish, back-stabbing statement, you should be told that you are a munaafiq. You still have the opportunity to proceed with issuing your statement of nifaaq. Carry on! No one is scared of your silliness and nifaaq in which you will hang and destroy yourself.

You are the worst calamity which has afflicted the Jamiatul Ulama of Natal. You have transformed the Jamiat into a dead deficit for the Muslim community. You are resolutely following in the evil footsteps of Darush Shaitaan and the morons of the NNB Jamiat. Just understand and let the understanding register in your convoluted brains, that in the plotting of stratagems to scuttle the Sunnah and the Shariah, in which you and the conglomerate of juhala of BOGUS ‘uucsa’ are engaging, are doomed to failure. Those who trifle with the Deen by projecting their evil nafsaaniyat in the name of Islam are the actual fodder and tinders of Jahannam. 

It is still our fervent dua that Allah Ta’ala guides you and extricates you from the morass of the mess of the shaitaaniyat, baatil, fisq and fujoor in which you have allowed yourself to become entrapped.

20 Zil Hajj 1436 (4 October 2015)