Still Pork Cheese

Saturday, December 04 2010 Written by Administrator  


A month ago, the issue of SANHA certified Ham (Pork) cheese erupted. While SANHA has given silly assurances and tries its best to salvage its carrion image with its fallacious ‘labelling errors’ story acceptable perhaps to only baboons, the situation currently remains unchanged. To this day  (2 December 2010) all supermarkets who stocked the haraam Lancewood PORK cottage cheese certified by SANHA, continue stocking, displaying and selling the SANHA-certified PORK product. We have received calls and letters from different parts of the country  from irate Muslims who are disgusted that Lancewood PORK cheese certified by SANHA continues to be displayed on the supermarket shelves.
As evidence, some people have bought tubs of SANHA certified PORK cottage cheese. The  haraam filth was dumped and the tubs and  till slips showing the price and date are being retained as evidence because carrion and pork halaalizers are always in blind denial of the glaring truth.
In a canned question on Radio Porno-Shaitaan about a month ago, just after the  pork truth erupted, SANHA’s man asked the following question:  “There is a SANHA logo on some products including Smoked Ham. Is this an error?”  The SANHA character, Mr.Noulaki responded as follows:   “Yes, this is one of those errors that we are addressing immediately. Alhamdulillah! So, err, err, err, they  are discontinuing this packaging, err, err, err. All future packaging on this product will be without the SANHA logo.”
A whole month has passed, but the SANHA certified haraam PORK cheese is still on the shelves all over the country. The company has kicked SANHA a sound kick in its hind.  The company has completely ignored SANHA’s  call to discontinue the product – to remove the SANHA-certified VARK cheese from the shelves. But, the company is not interested in SANHA’s  flabby pouting because it has paid  a lot of boodle  for SANHA’s haraam’halaal’ certificate.
The very appearance of SANHA’s ‘halaal’ logo on the PIG cheese,  the defiance of the company, and the total inability of SANHA to do anything  are  a conspicuous demonstration of the myth of  SANHA’s  supervision and inspection. It also emphasizes SANHA’s impotency – its inability to act and compel the offending companies from removing from their shelves the certified PORK  products.
An irate Brother from Newcastle, disgusted with SANHA’s PORK certification, wrote to us, citing the following comments of SANHA regarding the Pig Cheese:
“Indeed, it is an embedded policy of SANHA that any “product name” which has a connotation with Haraam cannot be considered for Halaal certification. This matter has been reported to us and our Cape Town office have addressed the deviation with Lancewood. This has been an error on the part of their printer which we concur is not acceptable.”
Despite these comments of SANHA, and despite the assurance that the so-called ‘error’ deviation has been addressed, the  PORK cheese continues to be sold with SANHA’S   ‘HALAAL’  logo. These comments were made by SANHA just over a month ago. However, the company has totally ignored SANHA’s  flabby, but desperate pleas to remove the ‘halaal’ pork cheese from  the shelves of the supermarkets.

Desperation  has left SANHA with no cogent answer other than to present the red herring of ‘labelling error’. While there is 100% certitude that the repeated pork ‘errors’ are not labelling errors, SANHA has no other exit strategy other than this  straw which it is madly clutching to justify its carrion trade and haraam pork labelling. Even if  it is assumed that such ‘errors’  are genuine,  it in no way whatever mitigates the notoriety of   SANHA’s haraam halaalizing game. Muslims have been fed carrion and pork items for years on the basis of  SANHA’s certification as well as the certification of other munaafiq halaalizers of carrion.
The recurring incidence of so-called ‘labelling errors’  cannot soothe the  raw nerves of those who have ingested the haraam pork and carrion filth halaalized by SANHA’s so-called ‘labelling errors’.  The poison has been administered, error or no error. The murder has already been committed and the butchery of Imaan continues, and no amount of assurances can assuage the spiritual  haemorrhage  caused by SANHA’s PORK labelling ‘errors’, and by SANHA’s  intentional certification of carrion chickens. In this avenue – the carrion chicken avenue – the certification of carrion is intentional. It is known and deliberate. The  millions of rands haraam income has eliminated the Imaani conscience of the carrion halaalizers, hence even Jibraeel (alayhis salaam), if he had to appear and make an announcement pertaining to the certified carrion and halaalized pig items, SANHA will be in denial.  The intoxication  of money is dreadful. It eliminates even Imaan.
SANHA, the carrion halaalizer, concedes that it has certified 45,000 products. This admission  amply demonstrates SANHA’s total inability to inspect and supervise this colossal number of products it certifies. The recurring  so-called ‘errors’, almost always discovered by  Muslim consumers, not by SANHA, testify to SANHA’s impotent inspection and supervision. The fact is that SANHA’s  supervision and inspection  are tantamount to NIL.
SANHA’s claim of   ‘a mere seven instances of labelling errors’ in its 14 years of carrion existence, is a satanic deception to pull wool over the eyes of the Muslim community.  Firstly, these so-called ‘errors’ were discovered by members of the Muslim  public. When SANHA prides itself with its ‘inspection and supervision’ procedures, why did its inspectors and supervisors fail to discover these so-called labelling ‘errors”?  The fact that outsiders had to  expose the carrion-pork corruption is abundant testimony for SANHA’s grossly incompetent inspection and supervision.  In fact,  SANHA’s sister carrion-halaalizer, NIHT had discovered SANHA-certified Anca carrion chickens. But the mess was  covered up and later exposed by us and others. Similarly, SANHA itself has exposed the MJC carrion mess in a secret 223 page report. Despite SANHA’s desperate attempts to conceal the report, one of its executive members made the report available. Thus,  the crucifixion of the MJC by SANHA became exposed. All the haraam, pig and carrion  halaalizers are in cahoots. The one blackmails the other with adverse information which it keeps in reserve to silence any intended exposure by an adversary carrion halaalizer.  All these  pig and carrion halaalizers are sitting on a seesaw eyeing their opponents in the  carrion game for any ‘wrong’ move.
The greed of SANHA for the riba boodle which the carrion industry yields is so intense, that it (SANHA) deemed it appropriate to establish a special committee headed by its Molvi Yusuf Patel, to keep track of its competitors in the carrion trade, viz., MJC, NIHT, ICSA and the Natal Jamiat.  The concern is to ensure that SANHA gains the maximum and the biggest slice of the haraam carrion-pig pie, hence the need  to establish a special committee to keep track of and to spy on its competitors in the filthy carrion game.
Besides the  ‘mere’ seven instances, how many undiscovered  pork and carrion instances were there?  The seven discovered instances are merely the tip of the  carrion iceberg. Furthermore, seven haraam pig and carrion products offered as ‘halaal’ for years are too much for Muslim toleration. Imaan suffers  with the ingestion of just one haraam morsel. SANHA’s attempt to minimize the disastrous effects of consumption of  haraam over a period of years is contemptible and disgusting.
That  “no fraudulent and malicious intent was in play”, is devoid of substance.  Intent or no intent, a Muslim who is not a munaafiq – a Muslim who understands the  spiritual catastrophe of ingesting carrion and pork, will shudder and abstain from halaalizing the meat products of kuffaar, especially on such a massive a scale as these denizens of Jahannum are perpetrating.
Insha’Allah, more  comment on this subject will follow. No amount of cover-up tactics and silly justification will absolve SANHA and the other carrion halaalizers from the disgusting trade of halaalizing carrion.