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In the name of the Deen, unscrupulous persons and shaitaani organizations are polluting the sanctity of the Musaajid with their evil, immoral, haraam  magazines and papers. A Concerned Brother has this to say about one such shaitaani tabloid:


Dear Esteemed Ulema

I am shocked by the latest AL Ummah magazine published by the Al Ansaar Organisation.

It has an advert of SA Home Loans on page 17 , S A Home Loans which is purely a interest institution! Riba promoted in our Masjids!!!!!

It also contains nonsensical stuff which is openly in contravention of Islaam and promotes shamelessness,

What is more shocking is that i picked it up at a Masjid of our Aqeeda. 

As far as the Sunni/Soofie Masjids, any nonsense goes. 

My plea through your organisation is to request Masjid Trustees and Ulemas to stop this absurdity and ban ALL these tabloids and cleanse the Masjids of this free advertising and money racketeering in the name of Islaam. 

I have heard that one if these tabloid owner nets over R40,000,00 per issue and gullible Muslims also donate to them as an Islamic cause and not only for advertising space but as reward.

Please make this plea to all Masjids nation wide, Shukran

(End of letter)

It is the Waajib obligation of the trustees and Imaams of Musaajid to cleanse the Musaajid from all these satanic, scum, trash papers which abuse  the name of Islam, and which  use a smattering of  Islamic content to bamboozle, deceive and mislead people. The sole objective is monetary gain.

13 Muharram 1437 (27 October 2015)

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