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A brother from Lusaka, Zambia makes the following sanguine observations:

We pray to ALLAH  SWT that you are in good health , in a state of Aafiya and may ALLAH SWT preserve you for the upliftment of His Deen.

I am a resident of Lusaka, Zambia. The country is currently facing difficult economic conditions. The dollar/kwacha rate has adversely affected an economy entirely dependent on imports. Many parts of the country particularly Lusaka, undergo daily power cuts for up to 8 hours a day. Traffic has become a nightmare, consuming our time.

Alhamdullilah ALLAH SWT has favoured the Asian muslims with weath, peace and many bounties for many years. Alhamdullilah, there does exist a deeni environment where 5 times salaah is established in many masjids around the country. Our childrens maktab system is relatively strong. An environment of keeping the beard, wearing sunnah clothing is prevalent. We have a darul uloom and prominent scholars frequently visit our country.

However, the transgression of ALLAH's SWT commands is on the rise. We have become  very materialistic, competing for material wealth and affluence. The need to acquire flashy cars, homes, electronic gadgets has consumed our minds and hearts. Business practices are corrupt. Muslim factories are using music and pictures and television to market their products. The continued increase and presence of Western style malls has aided our materialistic outlook and increased immorality encouraging our women folk to leave their homes. There is disunity in the homes, disunity amongst families. Immorality and zina are on the rise. Sunnats are leaving the homes, and the number of five times musallis is slowly deceasing. More worrying is the lack of youth who are frequenting the masaajid and involved in the various efforts of deen.

My fear is that if we do not adequately address these harms and take lesson from our current economic conditions, and nip new transgressions in the bud, the different fitna's will  spiral out of control and then we will find ourselves in desperate circumstances.

My request is for Hadhrat's fervent duas, and advices in his publications




Our advice is what the Qur’aan says:

“And, turn to your Rabb with Repentance and Obedience (Inaabat), and fully Submit to Him before there comes to you the Athaab (Punishment) whilst then you will not be helped.

And follow that Most Beuatiful (Shariah) which has been revealed to you before there comes to you the Athaab suddenly whilst you do not understand.”

It is with wanton recklessness and rebellious audacity that sin and transgression is spiralling incrementally in the Muslim Ummah, not only in Zambia, but all over the world. In South Africa, it is the same scenario. The only difference is that in South Africa, Muslims are on a course of head-on collision with Allah’s Athaab at a faster rate than what prevails in Zambia. And, the worst culprits are the ulama-e-soo’ who are rotten to the core. Just imagine, whole Jamiats have become transformed into organizations of shayaateen. 

These vile molvis and sheikhs, including the mock khaanqah ones, have surpassed the villainy of the ulama of Bani Israaeel of bygone times in the perpetration of fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and dhalaal. They are the worst mis-leaders, leading the ignorant masses into the dregs of Jahannam. All of them will be piled on top of one another and flung into Hell-Fire as fodder which Jahannam so desperately yearns for. About these scoundrels who are destined to be piled on one another and cast into Jahannam, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Those who perpetrate kufr shall be gathered (and driven) to Jahannam so that Allah separates the khabeeth (the filth) from the Tayyib (the Wholesome), and so that He piles some of them (the filth) on one another. Then He will bundle them up all of them and cast them into Jahannam. Verily, they are the losers.” (Surah Anfaal)


Whilst these Verses of the Qur’aan were initially revealed for the kuffaar, they apply equally to the kuffaar-type molvis and sheikhs who rape, pillage and plunder the Shariah of Allah Ta’ala to gratify their bestial lusts. Jahannam is not exclusive for the kuffaar. Punishments ordained for the kuffaar will also be meted out to Muslims who embrace the filth of the kuffaar, albeit in different degrees of intensity and severity. 

From their evil conduct of life, it appears that Muslims have resolved  not to reform. Why would they reform when they do not believe in the  lifestyle which Allah Ta’ala has ordained for them? The beliefs of Muslims all over the world are dead – lifeless. Muslims will waken from their stupor of evil and immorality only when it is too late. Only when the final blow of Divine Punishment is struck will they realize their villainy. But, alas, it will be too late. Allah Ta’ala warns in the Qur’aan Majeed: 

“Beware of such a punishment which will overtake not only the transgressors among you.”


Even the sincere, so-called pious Ulama will be swept into destruction by Allah’s universal punishment due to their silent collaboration with the vile and flagrant transgressors. These Ulama – those who are not openly in the camp of the ulama-e-soo’ – with their silence aid and abet the evil ones who are mutilating and destroying the Deen, hence they all will be lumped together for ignominious perdition. All the signs for Allah’s Impending Athaab are in conspicuous manifestation. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on those who are struggling to keep aloft the Standard of Islam in this age in which Islam is forlorn and friendless.

27 Muharram 1437 – 10 November 2015

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