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Among the Signs of Qiyaamah according to the Hadith are: 


A Concerned Brother from England writes:

For many years I have been following the Majlis in the England and Alhamdulillah I have learnt so much that I make Shukri to Allah for guiding me and learning from you.

I have a concern regarding the present situation of the Ulema and the Ummah. On many occasions I use to attend lectures by Moulana Sulaiman Mullah which were delivered in Masjids across UK when he use to visit. However recently I am seeing that things have slightly changed with a number of scholars (becoming very money orientated).

It has become a trend in the UK that many charity organisations invite international scholars such as Moulana Sulaiman

After inviting him,

1. Events take place in halls as can be seen in the following poster. The public are requested to register for the event where entrance is free and a three course meal is free. However the catch is that some of these gatherings are mixed where people sit around tables with their families and it results in these events turning out to be a charity collection. The Scholar will address the people and then the organisers will beg from the people to donate money and thousands of pounds are collected from these events for their charity organisations.

The guest speaker is given a business class ticket or at times a first class ticket from these charity organisations. The guest speaker is also provided accommodation in hotels and an envelope with money is given to him before departure. These programmes at times are played live or recorded and played over the Internet (video streaming).

Another scholar is sheikh Saad Nomani (from Pakistan originally staying in Madina and mentioned that he is from the progeny of Imaam Abu Hanifa)  who is given the same treatment,
1. Demands a first class ticket/business class ticket

2. Demands staying in a five star hotel

3. Demands a payment for each event carried out (masjid/hall)

He justifies this three demands by stating that it is payment for his time.

Please do advise us. Please do advise us if I we should attend these gatherings or not. At the same time please do advise us if we should contribute to these charities such as Rahma (Mercy) or Ummah welfare trust or Human appeal who are the host of these events.

(End of letter).


The facts in the letter adequately portray the villainy of these evil scholars for dollars. They are signs of Qiyaamah. They have betrayed Allah Ta’ala, the Rasool, The Ummah and Islam. 

The answers to your questions are:

(1)  It is not permissible to attend these merrymaking haraam gatherings ostensibly organized for purposes of the ‘Deen’ when in reality, the motivation is the dunya. These evil scholars for dollars are candidates for drinking the pus of Jahannamis as mentioned in the Qur’aan Majeed.  Their satanic trading of the Deen is vile in the extreme. They are from among the worst parasites which are destroying the Imaan and morality of Muslims. 

(2) It is not permissible to contribute to these wayward, miscreant organizations which so despicably aid and abet these vile scholars for dollars in pillaging and plundering the Deen and the people.  Their objective is nothing but   worldly gain. They are parasites who leach on the diseased blood and pus of the wounded Muslim community already sick and rotten to the core. These evil scholars for dollars are agents of Iblees – mini dajjals – plying the trade of shaitaan. 

(3) It is not permissible to attend the lectures of these shaitaani scholars for dollars nor the expensive merrymaking functions organized to fleece the public.

19 Jamadul Awwal 1437 (29 February 2016)

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