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A Brother from the United Kingdoms writes:

After reading the article titled ‘‘scholars for dollars’’ which was prepared by the Majlisul Ulema South Africa and has benefited a large amount of People in the United Kingdom. I was taken aback by what was written and began making my own investigation and came to the following conclusion.

The Scholar Mr. Saad Nomani (A Pakistani, who resides in Madina) travels around in various countries entertaining people through imitating many scholars and Imams of the Haramain by reciting the Quraan. I do not have a problem when people imitate the Imams of the Haramain however the problem is when it is done for entertainment.

A few recordings clearly show that at times when he is reciting Quran people are clapping hands and entertaining themself through his recitation. The recordings also show that people are sitting in mixed gatherings while he is reciting the Mubarak Quraan. People of the Quran should serve the deen of Allah and not usurp the wealth of the ummah while ‘serving’ the deen. At the same time I am made to understand that Quran is the word of Allah and should not be sold for the Dunya.

He will be coming soon to pollute the shores of South Africa. Although very rarely does he come down to SA may be due to the exchange rate.

I am made to understand through my investigation by speaking to a few charity organisations that he stays in hotels, travels first or business class and receives money from people organising his events. He charges for every event carried out.

In the following clip you can hear people clapping whilst he is reciting the noble Qur'an and he entertains people. In this clip the male and females are sitting in a mix gatherings. How is this ever possible?


My question to the ulema of the Majlisul Ulema are as follows:


1. Can we attend the gatherings where this scholar recites Quraan?

2. Can we sponsor these events?

3. Can we invite this scholar to lead taraweeh in our Masjid?

4. Can we invite him and pay for his travel and accommodation?

5. Can we attend these gatherings where male and females are sitting in one gathering?

We would humbly request a reply as we would like to forward it to other Masajid.

Shukran and please do remember us in your duas

(End of  letter)


We are living in an age in close proximity to Qiyaamah. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had predicted in many Ahaadith, the advent of scholars for dollars who will pillage and plunder the Qur’aan, the Deen and the Ummah in pursuit of their worldly and nafsaani objectives. This scholar mentioned by you is one of the breed described in the Hadith as shayaateen fi juthmaanil ins (devils in the garb of humans). The answers to your questions are as follows:

(1)  It is haraam to attend the concert / entertainment sessions and gatherings of this scholar for dollars and of all scholars for dollars. In fact they are scholars of the devil. 

(2) It is haraam to sponsor the events of these miscreants who use the Qur’aan and manipulate the ignorance of people to fill their pockets with haraam boodle, and to seek cheap fame. 

(3) It is not permissible to invite this and similar other scholars for dollars to lead the Taraaweeh. One other miscreant is a chap called ‘mufti’ Menk from Zimbabwe who has treacherously betrayed the Amaanat of the Qur’aan. 

(4) Inviting him and paying for his accommodation, etc. is like throwing money down the drain. There are millions of destitute Muslims who struggle for their daily bread. Those who desire wasting money on scholars for dollars, should contribute the funds to the Fuqara and Masaakeen. 

(5) The intermingling of sexes and the satanic clapping of hands place the seal on the deviation and shaitaaniyat of the scholar for dollar. Never ever attend the entertainment sessions of these villainous scholars.

1 Rajab 1437 (9 April 2016)