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CII is hosting a hajj programme for the deceased. The programme is about hajje-e-badal for the deceased. The hajj is performed by locals of Makkah who have already performed hajj. Local madrasah students over the age of 20 will perform the hajj on behalf of the marhoom (the deceased). The cost is about R12,500. Please advise of the Shariah’s stance regarding this programme. Is this programme valid in terms of the Shariah?


This ‘hajj-e-badal’ programme is a haraam farce. It is a mockery of Hajj and a mockery of the Deen. It is a money-making racket in which only ignoramuses become trapped.

Those who are sincere in their desire for acts of Thawaab-e Jaariyyah for their deceased relatives should not squander their money in this baatil racket. They should contribute towards worthy projects such as wells, boreholes, genuine Deeni institutions, aiding the poor and the suffering Muslim refugees, etc.

The R12,500 will be money  gushed down the drain. In this current era a man should not undertake a Hajj journey even himself  whether it be for himself or as an act of thawaab for a deceased unless it is his Fardh Hajj. It is not permissible in the present haraam scenario to go for Nafl Hajj and Umrah. This topic shall be explained and discussed in detail in our booklet which shall, Insha-Allah, be published soon. 

Do not become embroiled in this hajj-e-badal money-making racket. It is a mockery of Hajj and of the Deen. This type of programme is among the signs of the Impending Hour of Qiyaamah. The R12,500 is a real rip-off. Money is being leeched from people in this haraam racket. A local moron student will be paid a pittance to go on the five-day merrymaking hike in the name of hajj-e-badal while the organizers of this baatil will retain the bulk of the R12,500. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that among the Signs of the proximity of Qiyaamah is that “the dunya will be pursued with the amal of the Aakhirat”.  With acts of the Deen – with ibaadat people will pursue worldly and nafsaani objectives. Ibaadat and the Deen will be deceptive fronts for the acquisition of monetary gain and for the fulfilment of base nafsaani desires such as name and fame.

This mockery of hajj-e-badal programme is a perfect example of pursuing the dunya with the amal of the Aakhirat. Hajj is an act of ibaadat which is being used and misused for monetary gain. The objective is the haraam boodle which is being pursued in the name of ibaadat.  This programme is a massive deception. There is absolutely no Deeni worth and no thawaab in it.

The organizers of this haraam programme have degenerated to an extremely despicable level of nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat with this mock ‘hajj-e-badal’ programme, the objective of which is nothing other than easy coining of money. Any person who applies his mind correctly can discern the evil of this programme.

25 Shawwaal 1440 – 29 June 2019