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Two so-called ‘religious’ leaders/personnel – one in Cape Town and one in Durban – are currently under police investigation for alleged perpetration of horrendous sex-crimes on children – boys and girls.

One victim of the Durban Swine has reported the matter to the police. He has also issued a detailed statement in lurid detail of the obnoxious devilish sex-treatment the Devil-Incarnate perpetrated on him. An arrest is expected. The other Swine was already arrested and is out on bail. Both these illegitimate sons of Iblees utilized their ‘religious’ positions to trap and rape their child victims. The details of the Satanism committed by the Swines are available in the local press and in the statement issued by the Durban victim.

The Mashaaikh say that when Allah Ta’ala wills to disgrace people who profess to be Deeni, then He entraps them with females and lads. Islam has its strict code of morality to prevent sex-crimes, concupiscence and immorality of all kinds. But, Muslims nowadays – the bogus ‘religious’ leaders, parents who entrust their children to satanic swines, and  miscreant molvis and sheikhs, are all complicit in the crimes of moral turpitude, immorality, sexual, molestation of children, rape of children, homosexuality, etc., which are being committed as a ‘norm’ in religious institutions.

These vile sex-crimes are diseases afflicting religious personnel of all religions. The ground is made fertile for these horror satanic sex-crimes by abandonment of the precautionary measures decreed by Allah Ta’ala for the prevention of the concupiscence filth of the nafs. The Qur’aan Majeed commands: ‘Do not approach even near to zina.’

The consequence of the abandonment or relaxation of Islam’s very strict Code of Hijaab is zina, rape, sexual molestation of children and the like. Let it be known that every male teacher, every molvi and every sheikh who teaches girls, even 6 year olds, is a potential ‘rapist’, sex-villain, and paedophile. Parents who entrust their girls to male ustaadhs are satanic villains who prepare the ground for the sexual abuse of their little daughters.

A male Ustaadh who teaches girls is a SWINE. While he teaches the Qur’aan Majeed even in Ramadhaan, his shaitaani lust overwhelms him. Intoxicated with carnal lust he becomes an atheist, hence he is capable of committing the worst acts of sexual villainy on the girls he teaches. A molvi/sheikh who teaches girls is a shaitaani scoundrel. His adaalat is eliminated, and he becomes a faasiq/faajir.

To relieve themselves of the Amaanat of their children, the scoundrel parents entrust their little girls to molvis and sheikhs without understanding that these molvis and sheikhs are agents of Iblees and the slaves of their lusts, especially when they teach the girls. They ruin the hayaa and morality of the girls. But the selfish parents refuse to understand. They deliberately opt for blindness and present implausible and haraam arguments to soothe their conscience and to justify their gross dereliction of duty and responsibility by casting their children to devils and wolves in sheep’s skin.

The cases which surface are the tip of the iceberg. Numerous cases are not reported and are merely swept under the carpet. Girls who attend madrasahs, whether they are baaligh or nabaaligh, are not safe from the lustful prowling of their male teachers. This evil I more acute at so-called ‘darul ulooms’ established for girls. These are actually darul devils. The outer religious façade is deceptive. It conceals the devil inside these institutions, molvis and sheikhs who love to teach girls. The community reeks with the foul stench of these rotten devils and swines who perpetrate these horrendous crimes on the children entrusted to their care.

When a girl is six years old, purdah becomes imperative. While this is the age mentioned by Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh), the fitnah and fasaad of these times  demand  that even four year old girls should be kept away from ghair mahram males, even of the family. Too many cases of sexual molestation occur when such purdah is not observed.

All such Swines who wallow in this type of Satanism use religion as a camouflage for their villainous sex-crimes. It applies to the devils in all religious groups. Christian priests, Buddhist monks, etc. are notorious for acts of moral turpitude and sex-crimes. But while such satansim is expected of them, it is expected of Muslims only when they throw overboard the Ahkaam of the Shariah. Members of other religions are in reality atheists. They have no valid conception of Allah’s Presence, hence their misdemeanours are entirely expected and are the natural consequences of their atheism.

However, such satanic misbehaviour is not expected from Muslims. It is only when the strict Moral Code of Islam is abandoned that Muslims too become ensnared in the Satanism of the nafs. Even Auliya had fallen prey to the nafs when they relaxed their guard and relied on their hallucinatory ‘will-power’ and ‘taqwa’. The ahkaam of the Shariah are applicable to all and sundry – to laymen and to Auliya alike. No one is exempted from observing the laws and etiquettes of the Shariah on the basis of Taqwa. In fact, the greater the degree of Taqwa, the greater will be the degree of caution and observance of the laws of the Shariah.

Parents who value their daughters, should keep then at home and understand that it is haraam to send them to madrasahs and to a daarul jahl.

19 Muharram 1441 – 19 September 2019

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