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Shamelessly the NNB ‘jamiat’ of Fordsburg, masquerading as ‘jamiatul ulama south africa’, the HATER of the Musaajid is now running around cap in hand begging for donations for the upkeep of the Lenasia Eidgah.

The Munaafiq Reverend Bham was the very first agent of Iblees to oppose the opening of the Musaajid. His NNB ‘jamiat’ and the other illegitimate clique, bogus uucsa, had become the ‘friend of the court’ in his shaitaani effort to argue against the opening of the Musaajid. For him and similar other Munaafiqeen such as Pongo Menk and Tony Karaan. Criticizing most disgustingly the Houses of Allah Ta’ala and the Salaat, the miserable Munaafiq Bham said in his statement issued in vindication of having acted as the ‘friend’ of the court and the ENEMY of Allah Ta’ala:

“As a matter of perspective, Muslims are strongly encouraged to perform their obligatory prayers at the mosque. This means a congregant could be at the mosque as much as 35 times a week. That frequency of congregational interaction increases risk among Muslims more than in any other faith community.”

In similar satanic vein, Munaafiq Reverend Bham’s friend, Pongo Menk said:

“We are telling you from now, you know the musjid is one of the super spreaders (of the covid disease) simply because we go down in sujood. When you are down in sujood, you breathe in the carpet. That carpet for the next nine to fourteen days anyone who comes down there when you are gone, in the sense that the chances of you catching it up are almost 80 percent. Look at that.”

Although the grammatical construction of this filthy diatribe against Allah’s Houses is atrocious, the message conveyed by the Pongo is quite clear, namely, the Musaajid are super spreaders of the disease, and that the best loved position, viz. the Sajdah, is the worst spreader of the disease. These rats and munaafiqeen believe in this satanism of the atheists despite the fact that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that Allah Ta’ala diverts calamities from the Musaajid.

Allah Ta’ala has commanded this 35 times a week frequency to the Musjid for every Muslim male. Despite conceding this Fardh fact, the miserable agent of Iblees damns the Houses of Allah Ta’ala by describing it as the worst spreader of the disease, more than even the idolatrous temples of the Hindus.

The Munaafiq had openly displayed his aversion for the Musaajid opening, but now he and his cohorts are begging the community for money. It is not permissible to contribute funds to these fiends of Allah Ta’ala who had acted as the friend of the court in their satanic endeavour to have the ban on Musjid closure retained.

The Bham munaafiq is drawing tens of thousands of rands monthly from public charitable funds as ‘salary’, and so are the other members of this cartel. Just as they have abandoned the Musaajid and the Deen so too should they abandon and abstain from fattening their Jahannami bodies   from the donations of the public. Their haraam ‘salaries’ must come to an end. Such haraam ‘salaries’ can be used to pay the municipality the R5,200 monthly rental for the Lenasia Eidgah as well as for other bogus expenditure for which these munaafiqeen are appealing for funds.

Remember that it is haraam to aid and abet the enemies of Allaah Ta’ala – those who are monotonously clamouring for the closure of the Musaajid. Those who contribute funds to these enemies of the Musjaajid, are aiding in the destruction of the Deen.

29 Zul Qa’dh 1441 – 21 July 2020