Bulletin No.7

Written by MUSA  


27 JULY 2020

Bulletin No.7


Question:  Wifaaqul Ulama has not accepted the Eid announcement of the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. What is their reason for this?


We are not affiliated to Wifaaqul Ulama. You should refer your question to the Wifaaq, not to us. We are not aware of their reason for their stance. Further, do understand that it is valid and permissible for those Ulama not associated with us, and who lack confidence in us, to reject our announcement.

However, for such rejection it is necessary that they have a valid Shar’i reason. If they have such a reason, then they are under no obligation to accept our view and announcement. They are perfectly correct in differing with us. There is no problem in terms of the Shariah regarding differences based on valid Shar’i grounds.

But, if the Wifaaq had rejected our announcement on the basis of what the Munaafiq Reverend Abraham Bham had disgorged in the name of bogus uccsa and  the NNB jamiat clique, then such conduct by the Wifaaq is disgusting and in total  conflict with the Shariah. Even the word/testimony of a Muslim faasiq is inadmissible. What should be said about the word of a man whose nifaaq, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr have been conspicuously displayed and exposed by this unfortunate character himself?


The Bham character is notorious for causing dissension in the community in pursuit of his nafsaani politics. Suppression of the Shariah to suit his nafsaani agenda is his trademark. Compounding his shaitaaniyat, he seeks to justify his Shar’i infractions and kufr villainy by means of corrupt interpretation of Fiqhi factors with which he has no practical affinity. 

Recently, that is at the end of Ramadhaan1441, he had perpetrated the very same shaitaani stunt of suppressing the truth of the sighting and confirmation of the Eidul Fitr hilaal in the town of Brits. And this villainy was solely to comply with his Munaafiq accomplices, the MJC and the bid’ati molvi outfits who happen to be members of bogus uucsa. Since none of these affiliates of bogus uucsa would accept an Eid announcement made unilaterally by the NNB jamiat, Reverend Bham was satanically constrained to reject the sighting in Brits by people affiliated to the NNB jamiat.

The reality of the confirmed hilaal sighting by 13 persons in Brits was satanically and in total conflict with the Shariah rejected and suppressed by the Munaafiq Bham. Furthermore, he pressurized the Brits weaklings to retract their testimony. Bear in mind that the Brits group is affiliated to the NNB clique. Now when the Reverend Munaafiq chap deemed it necessary and appropriate to suppress the Haq emanating from his own group / affiliates, then what can be expected of his satanic attitude towards those Muslims who are not only not affiliated with the bogus cartel, but are vociferously anti-bogus uucsa and anti NNB clique such as Molvi Mas’ood Parker and ourselves?

The following is the reality of the Brits sighting which was suppressed and a false ‘eid’ was announced for Monday while the true Eid was on Sunday. These facts were provided by some of those who had seen the moon in Brits, and some had spoken personally to us:

The moon was sighted in Brits, UUCSA just messed up.

The following are facts about the events that transpired last night in chronological order:

Around 20-30min after maghrib, the skies cleared up and the family in Brits of 13 people went up to a really high roof to sight the moon.

Of these people one was an aalim, two were huffadh and one was a senior trustee on the masjid committee.

The moon was sighted in exactly the spot it usually is, with a reddish tint and they watched it set at the time it was supposed to set. Photos and videos were taken.

After it set they called a Mufti from Jamiat that was in Brits and told him what had happened. He called UUCSA to confirm that the moon was sighted.

UUCSA called two ulema in Brits. The first person they called has a son (an aalim) who seen the moon. The second person seen the moon himself.

For some unknown reason UUCSA and MI Bham did not take and accept this moon sighting. They announced Eid is on Monday.

After this, messages started circulating that the moon was sighted in Brits by a reputable family. This had a lot of people deliberating on whether it was Eid or not.

The family as well as the ulema did not want the nation to be divided. The widespread message that was sent out by a Mufti at 10:10pm was written with the sole intention of not dividing the community. The mufti consulted the family before sending it and they approved. The message fulfilled the purpose of what it was written for, to keep the nation united after UUCSA's announcement. Eid was today, but we will celebrate tomorrow.

This discussion is not for the purpose of examining and criticizing the dastardly kufr committed by the ‘respectable’ family who had buckled under the haraam pressure of the Munaafiq Bham, hence ignoring Allah Ta’ala, these moon-sighters retracted their testimony.

Meanwhile the  jaahil Munaafiq  baselessly utilized the Jamm-e-Ghafeer rule as a cover for his haraam shenanigans in the same way as he has satanically  employed this rule to create the shaitaani dispute and controversy regarding the Grobblershoop  sighting of the Zul Hajj hilaal and Eid.

The members of bogus uucsa and Reverend Munaafiq Bham and his close associates of the NNB cartel are thorough thugs. There is no semblance of the Shariah in their activities and conclusions. Whatever they embark on is in pursuit of attaining worldly and nafsaani objectives. Whatever they put their hands in is satanic excrement. An explanation of their evil procedure regarding the hilaal will be an eye-opener for the unwary Muslim community.

Bogus uucsa consists of a medley of moron so-called ulama bodies. Since they lay claim to be the “united” ulama council of South Africa, they are committed to have a unified Eid – Eid on the same day – throughout South Africa regardless of Shar’i imperatives denying the validity of their falsely forged ‘unity’ scam. However, to gain this unity of Eid, it is necessary for the Zindeeq Jaahil MJC and the two Bid’ati Qabar Pujaari molvi entities to concur and give their approval since they are members of bogus uucsa. This is one of the greatest stumbling blocks the NNB clique is confronted with. Nevertheless, in order to gain the pleasure of all the hoodlum entities and to achieve their stated goal, they have collaborated to set the Shariah aside because submission to the Shariah denies fulfilment of this goal.

The MJC purports to be Shaafi’ although this is a massive LIE. While according to the Shaafi Math-hab, sightings beyond a radius of 48 miles are not valid. Therefore, in terms of the Shaafi’ Math-hab the Shaafi’ Muslims of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, etc. are not allowed by the Shariah to celebrate Ramadhaan and Eid on the basis of even confirmed sightings of these places.

The sun sets in Cape Town about an hour later than in Gauteng. The agreement of Bogus uucsa is that none of its members may make an Eid / Ramadhaan announcement unilaterally regardless of the sighting being confirmed by Jamm-e-Ghafeer of even a thousand persons and even if sighted in a hundred towns. Thus, if the Reverend Cross-Worshipper and dozens of other molvis sight the moon in Johannesburg or a sighting from another Gauteng or Natal town is confirmed, they are not  permitted by their bogus outfit, mainly by the MJC, to announce this information. They have to wait for the morons and zindeeqs of the MJC.

The first kufr in this satanic scenario is that despite the month of Ramadhaan and Eid having been confirmed by their own sightings, the devils constrain them to become dumb and conceal and suppress the truth of the Shariah and pretend that the hilaal was not sighted until the Zindeeq morons of the MJC issue their stupid command.

Now, if the MJC does not confirm any sighting of the Cape Town region, then while it will have no problem accepting the NNB clique’s  sighting,  since they do not follow the Shaafi’ Math-hab as they claim, they have another huge problem on their hands. This problem is insurmountable. Two of the members of bogus uucsa are the Qabar Pujari molvi groups. According to both Bid’ati molvi groups, the MJC, NNB jamiat, Jamiat KZN and all others are kaafir, hence these Bid’atis do not accept moon information from anyone other than their own kind. They accept news of sightings from only other Bid’atis and Qabar Pujaaris.

The belief of the other members of uucsa being kaafir is not hidden from these moron members. When these members (NNB clique, Jamiat KZN, MJC, etc.) are in a meeting with the Bid’ati members, they (the Bid’ati molvis) do not join the others in Salaat since it is their belief that Salaat behind Deobandis, etc. is not valid. This is valid on the basis of their principle of all the others being kaafir.

Thus, the two Bid’ati molvi groups will not accept sightings confirmed by the MJC, NNB cartel, Jamiat KZN, etc. Only if the Bid’atis have confirmed their own sighting and after they convey it to the uucsa cartel, will this miserable entity be able to make an announcement. The hilaal sighting ends long before Ishaa’. But bogus uucsa’s announcement at times is even at 11 p.m. They sit like dumb dunces and fools deliberating an issue which requires a few minutes. The actual delay in making announcements is the delay by the Qabar Pujaaris.  Bogus uucsa can make the announcement only after having been apprized by the Bid’ati molvis of their decision.

If the Bid’atis have not confirmed a sighting, the NNB jamiat thugs suppress their own confirmed sightings and resort to gangster tactics by bullying their own affiliates to maintain silence, to suppress the truth and to even retract their testimonies as they had demonstrated in the Brits scenario.

It should be clearly understood that the announcements made by Bogus uucsa have no Shar’i validity. The Shariah has no role in the corruption of Bogus uucsa. Therefore, those who are celebrating Eid on Saturday on the basis of the announcement of the Munaafiq Reverend Abraham Bham should understand that they are plodding the path of baatil and dhalaal. They are not following the Shariah.

Since these entities are Munaafiq, no contrition can be expected forthcoming from them for their Mafia conduct. They have demonstrated blithe disregard for the Shariah. Their nifaaq does not permit them to understand the meaning of the Qabar and Hisaab in the Aakhirat. Thus they are unable to expurgate their villainy by means of sincere Taubah.

This Shariah of Allah Ta’ala is immitigable and may not be utilized as a toy in pursuit of sinister and nafsaani objectives as these Bogus uucsa members are guilty of. They endeavour to assuage their conscience – if  some among them still have any Imaani conscience – by presenting corrupt interpretations to justify their shenanigans such as the ‘jamm ghafeer’ argument which the moron Reverend does not understand. Imaan is necrotized by nifaaq and by even blatant fisq and fujoor. When Imaan becomes putrefied, the brains will fail to understand the logic of the Shariah. They will fail to understand the evil of their misdeeds. In fact they will acquit themselves like atheists.

May Allah Ta’ala guide and protect us all from the villainy of these evil molvis about whom Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“A time will dawn when….the ulama will be the worst of the people under the canopy of the sky. Fitnah will emerge from them, and the fitnah will rebound on them.

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