If people reach Mars

Tuesday, March 14 2017 Written by Administrator  

Q.   Hypothetically, if people reach Mars and begin living there, will they also die when it is Qiyaamah?

A.   Most certainly all people  will perish when the Trumpet for Qiyaamah is sounded even if they are living on Mars or Pluto or trillions and zillions of lightyears  further away in space. No one will escape death. All creation will perish when Hadhrat Israafeel (Alayhis salaam) sounds the Trumpet. The Qur’aan Majeed  explicitly mentions the destruction of  even the stars, and the stars  according to the atheist scientists are billions of miles further than Mars into space. The heavens which are solid structures whose existence is denied by the atheists, will also be destroyed. “Verily Allah is All Powerful over all things.” “When He wills anything, He says: ‘Be!, and it occurs (as He willed).”