Thursday, July 13 2017
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18 Shawwaal 1438 – 13 July 2017



JAHEZ is the haraam system of the bride and her family having to pay exorbitant ‘dowry’ to the  groom. It is a brutal and murderous opposite of the Shariah’s system of Mahr which the man is required to pay to his bride. Jahez is literally a system  which leads to killing of the bride and in some cases to the bride committing suicide. It is not known  from which Shaitaan have Muslims in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka inherited this barbaric system with regard to which 99.9% of the Ulama in those lands being mute and absolute “DUMB DEVILS”,

This  satanic system is so entrenched in the life fabric of Muslim societies of these lands, that it is  condoned by even the senior Ulama. The suffering of Muslims in these lands at the hands of the idol-worshipping and cow-worshipping Hindus is therefore not surprising. Perhaps here and there may be heard an isolated whisper of criticism  emanating from some Aalim. The  evil  Jahez system is so terribly ingrained in every capillary of the population that even the secular governments are impotent. They have miserably failed to eradicate this abominable system of satanism.

This  barbaric system requires the payment of  assets – property, cash, furniture, appliances, motorbikes, vehicles, jewellery, etc., etc., by the bride’s family to the bridegroom’s family. If the Jahez requirement has not been fulfilled, the bride is subjected to  great physical and mental abuse. Frequently the bride is murdered, and in some cases, the woman commits suicide to escape the torture of her husband and in-laws. Even in  so-called  respectable and cultured families, while the bride  will not be killed, the custom of Jahez is considered ‘waajib’. It exists  even in the homes of Ulama.

Aborting female foetuses is another savage crime and by-product which is perpetrated  by the parents of a woman. If by means  of modern technology the gender of the foetus is ascertained to be female, the  baby is aborted – brutally murdered – to avoid paying the jahez in later years. It is  akin to the pre-Islam  custom of infanticide practised by the Arab mushrikeen who would bury alive their  female babies.

Jahez is the worst form of  savage banditry and extortion which has been accorded acceptability and respectability in the societies of these lands. The  demands  of this system of brutal  banditry continues even after the initial Jahez has been paid.

In NA-Pakistan (the Impure Land) which has a preponderance of ulama-e-soo’, annually 2000 brides are murdered, yet the ulama have deliberately opted to remain deaf, dumb and blind. In India about 8,000 such murders are committed every year.

How is it ever possible for a nation to prosper and lead when the morality of the people is so rotten and savage as to  condone the murderous  custom of Jahez, and even the brutal killing of  brides for their inability  to satisfy in haraam ways the inordinate satanic greed of their in-laws? There are no words which can adequately describe the zulm of these people and the savagery stemming in the wake of this satanic custom.

An occasional whisper by an Aalim  does not discharge the obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar which the  sacred Office of Nubuwwat has placed on the shoulders of the Ulama who are supposed to be the Heirs of the Ambiya (Alayhimus salaam). Both the Ulama  and the  secular government have terribly failed and abandoned their obligation of eradicating this barbaric system.

While the reluctance to  act of the secular kuffaar governments of  NA-Pakistan and Bangladesh is understandable, the silence of the Ulama is intolerable and lamentable. There is no justification for abstention from Amr Bil Ma’roof. The secular authorities deem it prudent to appease the  juhala masses by refraining from embarking on  a policy of  eradicating  the evil. But what has happened to the Ulama. It is their obligation to initiate an educational and da’wat campaign for the elimination of this savagery which  the Ulama are condoning  with their  silence which is interpreted by the masses as acceptance and validity  of the system.

In  NA-Pakistan the government, to appease the demands of  the U.S.A., has embarked on a vicious and cruel programme of  forced-immunization. People in even the remote countryside are forcefully vaccinated. Heavy fines and  jail sentences  are meted out to those who refuse to submit to the haraam vaccination ordered by the U.S. master. Yet, no measures are  introduced to eradicate the  haraam Jahez savagery.

The western enemies of Islam,  are  swift in attributing this barbaric system to Islam despite being fully aware that  there is not the slightest affinity between Islam and this evil custom prevalent in  the tribal societies of these countries since time immemorial. The deafening silence of the Ulama serves as silent support for the propaganda of the West against Islam. The silence and apathy of the Ulama are the effects of their desire to appease the juhala. The Qur’aan commands the Ulama to fear only Allah Ta’ala, and to proclaim the Haqq regardless of the displeasure and annoyance of the people. Allah Ta’ala commands:

“Do not fear the people. Fear ME, and do not trade My Aaayaat (Laws/Shariah) for a miserable price).”