Friday, January 16 2015
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“And, with Him are the keys of the Unseen. None but He is aware thereof.  He knows whatever is in the land and the ocean. Not a leaf drops (from a tree), but He is aware. And there is not a seed in the darkness of the earth (underground) nor anything moist or dry, but it is (recorded) in a clear Record.” (Al-Anaam, Aayat 59)

“Not a minute grain in the earth nor in the sky, nor anything smaller or bigger than it is hidden from your Rabb, except that it is in a clear Record.”

(Yoonus, Aayat 61)

Twelve Devils have perished by the Decree and Athaab (Punishment) of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Regardless of who and what the material agencies and forces which have executed the Divine Punishment were, the irrefutable and inescapable fact in terms of the Aqeedah (Belief) of Muslims is that the Designer and Creator is only Allah Azza Wa Jal. Not an atom oscillates, not an ant moves and not a leaf drops from the tree without the awareness and command of Allah Azza Wa Jal. There is not an iota of occurrence in entire creation, but it is the consequence of the direct intervention of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Any Muslim who refutes this eternal Truth should renew his Kalimah and Nikah. 

Now that this fact is understood, there is no conundrum underlying the execution of the evil blasphemers whose primary occupation during their evil lifespan was to blaspheme Islam and insult Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Whether the execution was carried out by two loners or by the French regime or by the C.I.A. or Mossad or any other force, it has no interest for Muslims. The only interest for Muslims is the fact that Allah Azza Wa Jal has avenged the honour of His Rasool (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) – that Allah Azza Wa Jal has meted out His Punishment to the vile blasphemers. This is the only line for Muslims to understand. There is no need to traverse beyond this line. 

The renewal of the villainy of the blasphemers as a ‘dare’ is laughable. In their stupid conception of life and its happenings, the kuffaar know not what they are doing because the Qur’aan says about them: “That is so because they are a people who lack understanding.” In another Qur’aanic Verse it is mentioned: “He (Allah) casts Rijs (Filth) on (the brains) of those who do not believe.” Therefore these kuffaar in general, and the blasphemers in particular are, in the words of the Qur’aan, more dumb and more astray than even beasts. 

It is from the Sunnah (Method) of Allah Ta’ala to utilize even kuffaar to execute His Tasks, especially the task of meting out punishment. Allah Ta’ala sometimes uses the kuffaar to inflict punishment on Muslims, and sometimes He employs one group of kuffaar to punish another group of kuffaar, and sometimes He uses Muslims to punish Muslims, and Muslims to punish kuffaar. These are all the mysterious ways of Allah Azza Wa Jal which are unfathomable to our puny minds with their limited scope of comprehension.

In the Charlie Hebdo BLASPHEMY saga, we have certitude only on one issue, namely, Allah Ta’ala has executed His Punishment to the villainous Blasphemers.  Which method has Allah Ta’ala chosen for His Decree is a matter of conjecture. 

If this is a “false flag” operation, then the falsity will be in relation to people who do not recognize the Divine Force controlling the entire universe. Even if the French regime or any other sinister kuffaar force had perpetrated the execution of the 12 Blasphemers, in reality it is Allah’s Decree which He had inspired into the hearts of the kuffaar plotters. 

If the executions were carried out by two loners, whoever they may be, it will also be the Decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Hence, regardless of the medium of the operation, the Ultimate and the Only true Cause and Designer is Allah Azza Wa Jal. 

The current Blasphemers who  are ‘daring’ Allah Azza Wa Jal with their satanic caricaturing of Allah’s Beloved Devotee, Muhammadur Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), should not feel snug nor bask in the support  which the morons of the world are trumpeting.  In the Divine Scheme there is an appointed time for every act and for every villain. When the precise moment arrives, there will be no escape. Allah Ta’ala will harness those of the very same ilk as the Blasphemers to mete out His Punishment to those who had dared Him. 

As for this humiliated Ummah grovelling in the dregs of degradation at the filthy boots of the kuffaar, their hearts will yet be soothed by the Balm of Divine Vengeance.  Despite the abject weakness of this Ummah, we still have the powerful Weapon of Dua (Supplication) and Sabr (Patience).  Dua emanating from the bleeding hearts of the Lovers of Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) will not go unanswered. Such Duas of us Fussaaq and Fujjaar – Duas emerging from bleeding hearts and a forced stance of Sabr, do not miss their mark. They penetrate the Heavens.  The Portals of the Heavens are thrown wide open for such Supplications, and our Great and Powerful Almighty Rabb responds:

“I take oath by My Power and Might! I shall most assuredly come to your aid, even though it be after some time.”

23 Rabiul Awwal 1436 – 15 January 2015