Thursday, February 26 2015
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Any person who has not by this time realized the falsity, treachery and satanism of the ISIS American surrogate movement with its puppet, Abu Bakr Bagdadi masquerading as a ‘caliph’, is indeed a moron of exceptionally dense intellectual capacity. 

Ignorant and unwary Muslims from some countries have gone over to Iraq being stupidly lured by ISIS agents with promises of a genuine Islamic haven awaiting them. We are sure that many have been disillusioned on arrival in that land of murder and strife – the land of Muslims killing and murdering Muslims. It is a land of cannibalism where ISIS murdered thousands of its own breed and kind. 

ISIS is not a genuine Jihad movement. There is no true Jihad in Iraq and Syria. It is only a frenzied state of anarchy in which Muslims kill Muslims. The fight over there is not with the Yahood and Nasaara. It is nothing but Muslims killing Muslims, with the killing being the exclusive product of ISIS. 

Muslims should not labour under deception about the devilish ISIS movement. To get to that sad land of misery, the first requisite is to commit the haraam act of shaving one’s beard or cutting it into a microscopic beard. The second requisite which is the greatest danger to Muslims of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, is to adopt a kind of Irtidaad, i.e. to abandon the Deen which has reached us from the Sahaabah. 

The ISIS Wahhabis have a seven day indoctrination programme. Usually it is a forty day course in Aqeedah (Belief). However, we have heard that they have a seven day crash course to which every one has to incumbently submit. Refusal is at the peril of your neck being smitten. This indoctrination programme ensures the renunciation of the four Math-habs, especially the Hanafi Math-hab. It is compulsory to subscribe to Wahhaabi beliefs. All the beliefs of the Ahlus Sunnah have to be renounced and Wahhaabi’ism has to be incumbently adopted. 

One of their beliefs of kufr is the attribution of anthropomorphism to Allah Azza Wa Jal. Everyone has to believe that Allah Ta’ala is a physical being sitting on a physical throne. Divergence from this and every other Wahhaabi belief is NOT condoned. Once in Iraq under the jurisdiction of ISIS, it is goodbye to your Deen. You have to become a murtad by adopting the Wahhaabi deen. Refusal is to sign your death warrant. 

It is exceptionally reckless and stupid to take the family (women and children) with into this cauldron of murder and anarchy. Just remember, that once there, there is no turning back. You are in a trap from which extrication is an almost impossibility. It is not easy to sneak out. Those who have tried, were brutally executed. A family man who becomes disillusioned and attempts to leave is branded a murtad. His womenfolk are enslaved and become the property of ISIS. They will be apportioned out to the so-called ‘mujahideen’ as baandis (female slaves). All non-Wahhaabis are kuffaar according to the Wahhabi religion. Thus, the lives and property of Hanafis and others are fair and lawful game and booty for the brutal ISIS murderers. 

Those who leave to join ISIS are securely entrapped between two inimical forces: One: ISIS, and two: Their home government. Firstly, it is almost impossible to escape from ISIS. Any such attempt is fraught with the dire consequences of execution and enslavement of the womenfolk.  Should anyone manage to escape, and return to his home country, he faces arrest and imprisonment. 

But the worse danger and fitnah are the renunciation of the Deen and the compulsory adoption of Wahhaabi’ism. We implore Muslims to utilize their intelligence and not to act rashly. Never be duped by the false picture the agents of ISIS are painting to lure Muslims into their evil clutches.

6 Jamadiyul Awwal 1436 – 26 February 2015

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