Friday, March 27 2015
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“I wish to know why is so much attention and effort placed on advertising Palestine and showing solidarity? Why is Palestine singled out from the numerous countries where Muslims are suffering, being persecuted, tortured and slaughtered? We tend to ignore the Muslims of Central African Republic, Somalia, Burma, China, DRC, Iraq, Kashmir, Syria Afghanistan, etc. The same concern is not shown for these millions of suffering Muslims, whilst Muslims here are going overboard in their solidarity performances for Palestine. What is the mystery for this?


There is no mystery. All the performances mentioned by you are the effects of insincerity, opportunism, greed for publicity, and downright theft and looting of monies collected in the name of Palestine. The stupid public, and more stupid females are roped in by the hypocritical opportunists to give impetus and to enhance the brisance of the hypocritical and dishonest nafsaani, merrymaking, money-collecting, fanfare parties and functions organized in the name of Palestine. Palestine has become a handy slogan for the nafs and pockets of the Palestine campaigners.

The Palestinian issue is being manipulated by unscrupulous, jaahil opportunists and publicity seekers. The motives underlying all pro-Palestinian protests in the form of talks, stupid walks, safaris from here to Palestine, satanic bike rides, selling Palestinian memorabilia, and the other kinds of merrymaking, silly and shaitaani acts, events and functions, are nafsaani, haraam and despicable. Some motives are downright dishonest and crookery, the boodle being the objective. A prime boot-legging operation was the joy ride from Johannesburg to Palestine, ostensibly to deliver aid to the Palestinians.

These unscrupulous bootleggers are adept in the art of manipulating the stupidity of the moron public. Pockets were well-lined with haraam boodle sucked from ignorant people in the name of Palestine.

Some people have formed organizations to collect funds for Palestine. The men who operate these bodies are vile mercenaries. The funds are ill-gotten boodle for their pockets. They steal, fraud and loot the money. They squander the money buying vehicles, etc., bamboozling an ignorant public with their sweet, hypocritical talks and false cries and slogans of solidarity with the Palestinians. They are crooks and thieves who loot the stupid public’s money in the name of Palestine.

Then, we have some politician type molvis and sheikhs who have jumped on the stupid Palestinian bandwagon for some cheap publicity and self-aggrandizement. These dishonest devils capitalize on the pro-Palestinian stance which the government displays. The ANC is under moral obligation to express solidarity with Palestine because of PLO assistance to ANC exiles during the apartheid era,. Capitalizing on this governmental stance, these spineless molvis and sheikhs and the unscrupulous fundraisers in the name of Palestine, give full expression to their respective nafsaani objectives.

But you will never find these same hypocritical morons opening even their mouths in support of the Taliban, for example. That is because their boss, the U.S. and its poodle, the United Nations, have labelled the Taliban a ‘terrorist’ organization, and the South African government, also like a poodle, toes this line. Thus, the same juhala and munafiqeen who make stupid, loud noises for Palestine, do not squeal even like mice when the U.S. is slaughtering their Muslim brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The U.S. and the United Nations set the tone and the tune for all these ostensibly pro-Palestinian chancers, opportunists and ignoramuses. They are bereft of even an iota of sincerity. All have jumped on the bandwagon for their own selfish, dishonest and hypocritical motives. This is the secret underlying your conundrum.

Never be fooled by the antics and false slogans of the conglomerate of morons who organize events and stage functions which are in total conflict with the Shariah. One of their favourite haraam stunts is to lure stupid women into the streets to aid them in their nefarious efforts to milk ignorant people. The boodle is for the pockets. Women being Habaailush Shaitaan (Traps of the Devil), according to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), are handy tools for the unscrupulous organizers of these hypocritical ‘solidarity’ haraam functions, shameless, zina street marches with women prancing like monkeys, silly talk-shops, stupid, rodomontade bike rides and other paraphernalia of the inordinate demands of lust and carnality.

All acts and affairs of Muslims should be compulsorily measured on the Standard of the Shariah. Never be duped by the arguments of ‘benefit’ and the hollow, insincere acts of ‘solidarity’ which the juhala opportunists present in justification of their haraam, bootlegging functions graced and bedevilled with the zina dimension of the Habaaiulush Shaitaan. All these effects of jahaalat have gained prominence and mass-acceptance because of the condonation and support of the ulama-e-soo’ (the evil molvis and sheikhs) who have sold the Deen down the sewage drain for the miserable gains of the nafs and dunya. Worldly and nafsaani motives have welded their lips, hence they have abandoned the FARDH obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar.

4 Jamadiyuth Thaani 1436 – 24 March 2015