Wednesday, August 12 2015
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25 Shawwaal 1436 – 11 August 2015



We reproduce the letter of an English Muslim convert whom the British government persecutes for having embraced  Islam. The Brother is a practising Muslims. His orthodox  Islamic stance and his inviting  non-Muslims to Islam run counter to the evil, oppressive, anti-Islam attitude and laws of the British government, hence he was arrested and is being persecuted. The Brother writes:


“Asalaam Alaikam Warahmatullahi Wabarakautuh

Shaykh. I am writing to you about a trial that has befallen me.  Allah is sufficient as a helper.

On Thursday last week I was arrested in the morning by the British police. They caused panic and terror and arrested me on "suspicion of belonging to a proscribed organisation". I was very confused as to why I was being treated like a criminal, they took me to the station. My parents ( they are not muslims ) were very upset at what happened.

The police took me to the station and then they took me to the cell which was cold and depressing. I thought why I was arrested and what crime did I do?. A female police officer came in and said they will conduct the interview with me later she offered to shake my hand, but I refused as it is haraam to shake hands with ghair mahrams, and out of obedience to the Rasulullah’s (sall Allahu alayhi wasalam) command, I refused. I was left in the cell and came out for a short while and spoke to my solicitor about the seriousness of the charges which according to the British law means " belonging to a banned organisation or to express support or to propagate their material".

The said group I am accused of belonging to does not exist it was disbanded and banned back in 2010 I never was a member of such a group there is no proof for this either on written record nor is the group around that calls itself by that name.

As a Muslim, I have given dawah that is all I do calling people to Islam and tawhid. This is something very important as Rasulullah (sall Allahu alayhi wasalam) said "Convey from me even if it is just one ayah".  Shaykh, the police interviewed me and the questions they asked showed a hatred for Islam. They asked why I became Muslim; do I pray 5 times a day, fast in Ramadan. These questions made it seem like a crime to even do the basics of Islam, la hawla waa laa quwwata illa billah.

They also exaggerated about the fact that I refused to shake hands with the woman officer treating me as if I am some fanatical extremist despite the fact the Rasulullah (sall Allahu alayhi wasalam) never shook hands with women.

My health is not very good shaykh. I have ADHD ( attention defecit hyperactive disorder) which means I have a habit of being hyperactive and have difficulty paying attention. I have also as mentioned by some close friends traits of autism. ADHD and autism are related there is not one without the other.

I feel this was unjust and cruel to do this to me when I haven't done anything wrong. I feel they did this specifically as I am a white revert who does dawah and in the past I refused to work for the M15/police (i.e I  refused to become an informant). Harassment and being treated like this is not just wrong, it shows that Muslims are second class citizens in the UK.

David Cameron (prime minister of Britain) passed new " anti-terror laws" (in reality anti- Muslim laws targetting all Muslims specifically). That means they can detain up to 2 weeks without evidence, they can have their passports taken away and most likely never given back; held on remand without proof and suspicion; secret trials have been done; snooping laws that are drafted up specifically to target the Muslim community essentially looking at all their private conversations despite the fact even many non-muslims said such laws are contrary to basic human rights and how it violates privacy.

Muslims would be arrested and charged just for "thought crimes" e.g. if someone says he wishes he could do such and such, that’s enough to get him arrested even if he never does it nor does he have the intention of doing that, whereas non-muslims who openly say kill all Muslims and blow up Mosques are never arrested or questioned by police despite the fact that such speech comes under inciting murder and terrorism.

Muslims in the West, especially in the UK are treated like second class citizens even animals have more rights than Muslims in the UK. Not only are we denied basic rights but they try to stop us following our deen. I mention the following examples of what is defined as " extremism" according to the British law.

^  Praying 5 times a day suddenly and becoming more devout

^ Keeping the beard and wearing the thobe/jubbah or if a sister wears niqab and maintains purdah at home

^ Refusing to intermingle with the opposite gender  whether in a school environment or anywhere

^ Condemning the barbaric terrorist actions of the western governments and the tyrant state of Israel

^ Rejecting democracy which is to deny that Allah is the Legislator.  It is mentioned in various papers online by so called counter terrorism that rejecting democracy is a sign of an extremist.

^ Having garments above the ankles

^ Seeing yourself as Muslim first and not your nationality. The prime minister said extremists say this as they reject our " values"

^ To despise homosexuality

^ To reject interfaith or the belief that  all religions are the same and equal

^ Believing that the shariah can never be changed and it is to be applied in all times and places

^ Believing in khilafah. It is specifically mentioned in papers by the British government that one is an extremist if he believes there must be a worldwide khilafah)

^ A school in the north of England run by Tablighi Jamaat was branded extremist and being investigated by police  because they banned tv, radios, newspapers and refuse to teach filthy sex education with which the west pollutes children.

There is many more examples. There are many incidents as verified by many testimonies where muslims have been harassed just for practicing their religion  and refusing to compromise to appease the kuffar. The signs of so called extremism is in reality a attack on Islam itself they are labelling our ibadah as extremism so we should not be surprised especially as the kuffar rulers openly mention this and in the various so called extremist papers they put online.

Shaykh all I want to do is practice my deen and get on with my life I have been learning my deen and increasing my knowledge now the zaalimoon oppress me and treat me like a criminal.  What is your advice to me and Muslims in the UK. I write to you asking for your advice and to inform you of the reality facing us here in Britain as many are unaware of the reality of this country.   May Allah bless you in this life and the next.”  (End of letter)



It is our fervent dua that Allah Ta’ala protects you. May He save you from the oppression of the evil British authorities.

On the basis of  what you have explained regarding the  policy of religious  persecution of the British government against Muslims,  it is best if Muslims migrate from  Britain. Although migration in this era is extremely difficult, Muslims should make  the effort and  supplicate to Allah Ta’ala for guidance and assistance.

Remain firm on the Deen during these trials. Trials and tribulations are part of life for the sincere Believers. Place  much reliance on dua, and increase your Remembrance of Allah Ta’ala.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Your deeds are your rulers.” The kuffaar who are today oppressing us, are in reality  Allah’s punishment for Muslims who have abandoned  the true Deen. The Qur’aan  says that the solution is to turn unto Allah Ta’ala with repentance, and to  implement the Deen in the manner in which the Sahaabah had practised.: “Turn towards  Allah (in repentance) before there comes to you  a punishment, for then you will not be aided (by Allah Ta’ala).” – Qur’aan.