Wednesday, February 24 2016
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Assalamu Alaikum, Respected Ulema.

Yesterday at Masjid-e-Noor in Roshnee, we had an Aalim who spoke very nicely and was very well dressed, Masha Allah. The topic was on 'Jihad'. In his talk he mentioned a few things amongst them were:

1. The call to jihad has been made by a few people and we should respond.
2. The country and government that we live in cannot tell us what to do in our religion and our lives and our Masajid.

3. He quoted an aayah from Surah Taubah, and explained that if your parents etc stop you from going then you shouldn't listen to them. You should go.

4. The Palestinians are being punished because they cursed Allah and His Rasool (saw).
5.True mujahideen are being bred in Shaam, Iraq, Syria and Palestine.
6. Most of the Ulema don't know what's the meaning of jihad and have misinterpreted it.

The outcome: Most people are saying that they are getting ready to join Isis.
What can be done? To whom can we address the issue with?"

The above are what the Aalim said in his talk. My question:  Are those points fine to mention in a jumua  bayaan especially about Palestine being cursed and the ulama not knowing the meaning about jihad?   Jazakallahu khairan


Whether in a Jumuah Bayaan or in a  private talk with one person, what the molvi spoke is largely  bunkum. He has only displayed his   gross  jahaalat regarding Islam’s Institution of Jihad.

Firstly it is essential to understand that Jihad, i.e. war to raise the Word of Allah, Jihad to establish Islam throughout the world,  is  a valid and a Fardh institution of Islam. Deniers of Jihad are murtad. Modernists bootlickers of the West are generally at  pains to  argue into oblivion this Fardh Jihad by ignoring  the Shar’i meaning and forming their own corrupt, convoluted  concepts in terms of the literal meaning of the term. They are just as ignorant and  guilty of kufr  as the one who rips the term Salaat from its Shar’i  context, and  assigns to it  some stupid ‘prayer’ concept  on the basis of the literal meaning of the word.

In the Qur’aan which is the Book of Principles for the Ahkaam whose details are located elsewhere, are to be found words such as Salaat, Saum, Zakaat, Sadqaat, Imaan,  Tijaarat, Riba, Jihad, etc., etc.  Only modernist juhala and  stupid molvis of these times  brutally rip these terms from their Shar’i contexts and meanings, and assign   such concepts and meanings to these terms which  render these misinterprets  Zindeeqs. Just as it is haraam to subject   these terms to one’s  own  understanding and interpretation, so too  is it with the word Jihad which appears in the Qur’aan.

Just as Salaat, etc. have detailed ahkaam, so too has Jihad. The molvi had stupidly quoted an aayat from Surah Taubah without understanding and without even being aware of the ahkaam pertaining to Jihad. This molvi, in fact all of us, have to  use the Qur’aan Majeed for only Tilaawat. No one has the right in this era to   rip out an Aayat from the Qur’aan Majeed and  mutilate it with a nafsaani interpretation. Whoever desires to understand what Jihad in Islam is, should  incumbently refer to the Kutub of Fiqh. It is haraam for this molvi to extract  and fabricate masaa-il  of Jihad  on the basis of a Qur’aanic Aayat. There is absolutely no permission for his scandalous attitude and stupid ‘istimbaat’.

His statement: “The call of jihad has been made by a few people and we should respond.”, illustrates this molvi’s jahaalat. Who are these ‘few people’? What type of  clandestine, faceless ‘mujahideen’ are these loafers whose desire is to portray their banditry as Jihad? Why did this molvi not mention who these ‘few people’ are? What is their status?  We can safely say that they are juhala and fussaaq. How can one respond to a ‘call’ made by faceless entities whose religion  teaches eloping with young girls  with prostitute tendencies? These faceless juhala  clandestinely recruit  stupid, faasiq youngsters and shameless young girls to  abdicate from their homes, to abandon their parents and to  sneak away like sewer rats, and for the girls to   run off like prostitutes to become  the maids of lust-driven fujjaar portraying themselves as ‘mujahideen’?

Where should we go in response to the call of the  hoodlum so-called ‘mujahideen’? To the Middle East?  In this regard, the moron molvi  said: “The mujahideen are being bred in Shaam, Iraq,  Syria and Palestine.” Why did the jaahiel leave out Afghanistan from his enumeration? The reason is not really a conundrum for those who have intelligence.

This molvi and  similar other recruiters of  foot soldiers for  the Middle eastern arena, have handlers – sinister handlers – hence the ‘brave’ front calling  Muslims to join faceless people to join bandits posing as ‘mujahideen. There is a sinister dimension underlying the calls  which this type of molvi make  in bayaans.

Afghanistan has been deleted from the equation, because in Afghanistan recruits have to fight Americans and  the U.S. installed puppet government. Thus,  the molvi  does not  make a public call  for joining the jihad in Afghanistan. On the contrary, in Shaam and Iraq, the fight is not against the Americans and their Western compatriots. Rather, the  U.S. is the organizer and primary  architect and supporter of the ‘jihad’ in the Middle east.

All countries and all intelligent men are aware what is really happening in the Middle East. Only bandits,  slaves of the nafs and  stupid youngsters and young  prostitute-type girls  are shockingly blind to the reality. Since the U.S. is  in charge of the Middle eastern ‘jihad’ as it was in charge of the Afghan  jihad against the Soviet Union, everyone is free to  recruit ‘mujahideen’ for the U.S. cause, just as  mujaahideen were freely and openly recruited for the Afghan war against the Soviets.

The current rot in the Middle East is under the direct  supervision of the U.S. Everything - the  killings, the conflagration  and all the chaos and misery over there are the effects  of the American ‘jihad’. There is absolutely no Islamic/Shar’i Jihad in the Middle East.   The motley of ‘jihad’ outfits, all operating like bandits,  are under U.S. directives.  Just whom are they fighting?  They kill their own kind and a smattering of Shiahs here and there  in a lamentable, stupid  attempt to pull wool over the eyes of the world, and to  bestow  facade of  credibility to their ‘jihad’.

The Middle east currently is not breeding any Mujaahideen. Far from this, it is  the ground for chaos, anarchy, banditry, conspiracy and aiding and abetting the U.S. in the attainment of its pernicious objectives against Islam and the Ummah – the fallen and disgraced Ummat – disgraced as a consequence of  treachery against Allah Azza Wa Jal.

Recruitment  of foot soldiers for the U.S. ‘jihad’ has been  going on and is still going from U.K., South Africa, Pakistan, and other countries.  The authorities in these countries, especially U.K. and Turkey,  are 100% aware of those travelling to Syria,  of the  destination of these recruits. They have the names of all, and they are aware of their movements right from the airports to their ultimate destination in Syria where they link up with one of the ‘jihaadi’ outfits. Yet they do absolutely nothing to curb and  prevent the flow of recruits. All of these young morons and young prostitutes pass through Turkey to reach  the dens of the marauders. Yet Turkey, ostensibly anti-ISIS, is allowing them all safe passage.

Turkey is in cahoots with the U.S., and Turkey  knows that it is the ‘jihad’ of the U.S. that has to be sustained with foot soldiers, hence none of these  governments  is making any attempt to prevent the young hoodlums from travelling to the Middle East.  It is an American ‘jihad’, and everyone is  in submission to the U.S. That is why the  jaahil molvi  has the ‘courage’ to   speak about this U.S. ‘jihad’ in the Jumuah bayaan.

Who is arming the motley of ‘jihaadi’ outfits? It is no secret that  Saudi Arabia, using Jordan as  the conduit, funnels the arms and ammunition  through this channel. This is all with the full blessing and  gratitude of the U.S.

What are the achievements of these ‘mujahideen’ in Shaam and Iraq? Who are they fighting, and what have they achieved with the  heart-rending misery  of hundreds of thousands of refugees in the background? Muslims are killing Muslims – Salafis killing Salafis.  Assad is merely the bogey who fits well into the puzzle. He is the perfect insulation   for Israel. He serves the American and  Israeli cause.

The moron molvi shamelessly  encourages stupid people to  flagrantly disobey their parents, to  flee like rats from their homes to join the U.S. ‘jihad’.  These U.S. ‘mujahideen’ have no Shar’i goal. They run around like crooks and dacoits. Their leaders in the farce are well insulated and provided for while hundreds of thousands of Muslims uprooted by the banditry of these ‘mujahideen’ are languishing in unimaginable  suffering.  They have no Deen and no morality.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) specifically  turned down the request  for Jihad by a man who had aged parents to look after.  The Fuqaha have clearly issued detailed rulings regarding parental permission  to participate in Jihad. But in the first  instance, there is no Shar’i Jihad in the Midlle East. Why don’t these thugs recruit  from the Syrian refugees.?  There is an almost inexhaustible reservoir of recruits available among the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees to fight for their own country and homes  from which they have been cruelly expelled. In fact, these thugs parading as ‘mujahideen’ are the prime cause for all the misery of the Syrian refugees.

As for the jaahil’s moronic  utterance:

“The country and  the government that we live in cannot tell us what to do in our religion and our lives and our Masajid.”,


has a sinister stench. It  appears that this molvi is under instruction by some sinister handler/s who have  issued him the licence to  utter  what is criminal in this country. Such brazen criminal utterances are usually  at the behest of sinister  elements to whose tune the utterer dances, for he is assured of immunity against prosecution. It is  a simple matter to make  even a criminal utterance in public  when  the  agenda of the U.S. is served.  Most of these governments are under U.S. domination and dictation. A criminal utterance  of this sort is unexpected of  one  dressed like a damned dandy.

If  this utterance is not underlined  with a sinister dimension, then the molvi is too stupid for  adequate description. A genuine Mujahid – a sincere Mujahid – even if he  errs in his understanding of Jihad, will not attract the attention of the authorities to his clandestine activities. If he does, then he will only be exhibiting his stark ignorance. This criminal utterance is either by design and under instruction of sinister handlers, or it is the stupid bravado of a moron.

According to the Shariah, it is not permissible for the Muslim citizens in a non-Muslim state to commit  treachery and treason. Citizenship is a pact with the  government. The Qur’aan forbids violation of a pact with the kuffaar. Emphasizing the importance of  honouring pacts and treaties, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“If they (i.e. Muslims) seek your aid in (matters of ) the Deen, then aiding them is incumbent on you except against a nation with whom you have entered into a pact. And, Allah sees whatever you are doing.” (Aayat 22, Anfaal)

The treaty of Hudaibiyyah with the  mushrikeen oppressors and persecutors  is further evidence  for the impermissibility of violating  the terms of the treaty.

Regarding the punishment  of the Palestinians, this is not exclusive with them. The Divine Punishment has apprehended  many Muslim nations and communities. The Kashmiris, Rohingiyas, Syrians, Iraqis,  Bosnians, Afghans, Chinese Muslims, Indian Muslims, etc. have all been overtaken by Allah’s punishment for  gross and flagrant fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr.

The moron has no proper idea of  the meaning and the ahkaam of Jihad, hence his jahaalat constrained him to  utter the rubbish  that “most of the Ulama do not know the meaning of Jihad.”

A handful of louts, hooligans and prostitutes who are  running  away from their homes and parents like rats to join the American ISIS, are not  “most of the people” in the Muslim community.  It is precisely because  the vast majority of Muslims have  spurned America’s ISIS, that  this  scourge is  scraping the very bottom of the barrel by  luring young girls to commit kufr by  fleeing from their homes without mahrams.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that it is not halaal for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last day to travel without a mahram.  Thus, a woman who behaves like a prostitute, flees from home and travels without a mahram is guilty of kufr.  If her belief in Allah and the Last Day is genuine, never would she  commit such a  ghastly act as fleeing like a prostitute and ending up  thousands of miles from home in the dens of  those who maraud  Islamic morality and who are cogs in the U.S. conspiratorial machinery.