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Someone by the name, Sayyid Nafeesul Husaini has issued a circular in which he encourages people to recite the following amal:

  • On the 15th Night of Sha’baan after Maghrib recite Surah Yaaseen three times.
  • On the first time make the niyyat for long life. On the second time, the niyyat of warding off calamities, and on the third time for being dependent on only Allah Ta’ala.
  • After every Yaseen recitation, recite the special dua (this is a lengthy dua).

According to Al-Husaini this dua and amal has reached him from the Mashaaikh. Is this a Sunnah amal? Please comment.



It is not a Sunnah amal. While the dua is good and permissible, it has no basis in the Sunnah. Furthermore, in this age of rampant bid’ah, it is not intelligent to promote non-Sunnah a’maal in a manner which will sow the seeds of bid’ah. The personal practices of the Mashaaikh should not be propagated as if these are acts of the Sunnah. The Sahaabah would even discourage acts of the Sunnah when they feared such acts being elevated to a higher status than intended by the Shariah. 

Undoubtedly, the 15th Night of Sha’baan is an auspicious Night of Ibaadat. Allah’s special Tajalli is manifested on the First Sama’ from Maghrib until Subh Saadiq. During this Night, as much time as possible should be devoted to Ibaadat – any kind of Ibaadat. There are no specific Masnoon acts of Ibaadat for this Night. The demand is to devote oneself to Ibaadat, whether Tilaawat, Nafl Salaat, Istighfaar, Tasbeeh, Dua, etc. Fasting on the 15th Day of Sha’baan is Sunnah. 

The moron Salafis reject the significance of the 15th Night and 15th Day of Sha’baan. Just ignore their stupidity, and take maximum advantage of the holiness of this occasion – both the Night and the Day. 

Gathering in the Musaajid for bayaans/lectures on this Night is bid’ah. All activities and programs besides individual acts of ibaadat in the privacy of the home, are baseless and bid’ah.

11 Sha’baan 1438 - 8 May 2017


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