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Someone sent us the following information:

Hafiz Jassat completed the entire Quraan Shareef last night in Taraweeh Salaah

Devotion Dedication Love for Quraan Kareem

Alhamdilillah only through the grace mercy kindness of Allah the Quraan Khatam was completed in the 1st Rakaat in the 1st Taraweeh Salaah 1438 led by Hfz Yusuf Jassat at Darul Uloom Azaadville Madrasah classroom

Started Taraweeh @ 7.30pm

Completed @ 5am

30 paras completed in 1 Rakaat

Balance of 19 Rakaats completed with recitation from various surahs.

Allah grant acceptance with sincerity.

All Praise is only for Allah.

Request for duas.

(End of letter)


Advertising ibaadat is an evil of far reaching consequences. The person should fear that his Tareeweeh may be flung into his face, and be dragged by the hair into Jahannam according to the Hadith. Why is this person’s khatam publicized? For who did he make the khatam? Is it riya or ikhlaas? Ikhlaas abhors such cheap advertising.  Do not convert the ibaadat of Taraaweeh into a nafsaani stunt. 

Is the performance of this Hafiz Sahib Sunnah or in conflict with the Sunnah? From whence did he acquire this gimmick? If the niyyat is Allah’s Pleasure, then he should perform his khatam after Taraaweeh in the seclusion of his home without this cheap and despicable publicity. 

Fear Allah!

4 Ramadhaan 1438 (30 May 2017)


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